Build, explore, race – that's LEGO 2K Drive!

Build, explore, race – that's LEGO 2K Drive!


LEGO 2K Drive is available for pre-order today, the new driving adventure game that evolves the iconic LEGO gaming experience and brings it to the world of consoles, PC and mobile devices … which could lead to an issue with in-game microtransactions for paid DLC items. We'll elaborate on this last concept later in the article, read on!

Click here to pre-order the

LEGO 2K Drive video game

(all versions, for all platforms)

--> Anticipated by a teaser published on the LEGO and 2K Twitter profiles, LEGO 2K Drive was developed by the Visual Concepts division of 2K and brings Triple A quality, i.e. depth of gameplay and graphics, to a LEGO driving game at the level of the best multi-platform games.

We are not supposed to say anything but tune in for March 23rd

— LEGO (@LEGO_Group) March 20, 2023

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