Hyoga of the Swan, the astonishing 51cm tall statue from Queen Studios

Hyoga of the Swan, the astonishing 51cm tall statue from Queen Studios

Hyoga of the Swan

Queen Studios has recently presented the beautiful and imposing statue of Hyoga Cygnus taken from Saint Seiya better known in Italy as The Knights of the Zodiac.

Hyoga of the Swan, the amazing 51 cm tall statue by Queen Studios

--> The Knights of the Zodiac Hyoga Statue produced by Queen Studios is a massive and detailed figure that perfectly captures the appearance and personality of the character. The static is made to 1/6 scale at 51cm tall and cast in high-quality resin, with a highly detailed finish that captures the textures and nuances in Hyoga's cloth and blonde hair. The statue represents Hyoga while he is launching his "Diamond Dust" attack, with a spectacular trail of ice and snow that is released from his feet. The knight is represented in a dynamic and powerful pose, with great attention to the anatomical details of the body and muscles. Hyoga's facial expression is focused and determined, as if he's engaged in intense combat.

Hyoga (Crystal the Swan) is one of the main characters in the manga and anime “Knights of the Zodiac” (Saint Seiya). He is a boy of Russian origin, who has received training to become a Knight of Athena. He has blond hair and blue eyes. He is a very serious and thoughtful boy, but also very kind and compassionate. His element is ice and snow, and his attacks are based on cold manipulation. In addition, he is very skilled in ranged combat, often using his most famous attack called "Diamond Dust" to strike his opponents from a distance. Hyoga is also known for his strong friendship with his teammates, especially the protagonist Seiya. Together with his friends, Hyoga fights against the enemies of the goddess Athena to protect the Earth and humanity.

The Hyoga Cygnus statue is up for pre-order from March 18 on the Queen Studios official website at a price of $768, with an expected release in late 2023. The statue will be limited to only 499 copies and at the moment distribution is only foreseen in Asia.

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