The future electric Lancia appears to resemble the Stratos

The future electric Lancia appears to resemble the Stratos

The Lancia brand is preparing to return to the market. Because at the moment the brand is present only in Italy and with a single model, the Ypsilon, developed on the 500 platform, whose evolution it has not followed, however, not receiving the same electric propulsion now available on the 500e.

The brand, owned by Stellantis, showed a small preview of a concept that will be presented on April 15, and which should anticipate an upcoming electric model that will be released on the market in 2024.


Very little is known about the new concept; Lancia did not provide any information, but only informed that it will be unveiled at a press event during which the logo, the program for the next ten years will be presented and the brand manifesto, called Pu+Ra Zero, which will guide the design, will also be discussed. of the next models.

But let's go back to the concept. The widespread image shows little, but that little leaves a lot of room for the imagination. A round headlight, a spoiler that seems to wrap around the rear window which features a striped pattern, all completed by the Lancia logo. But even if this weren't there, the image association with the rear of the Stratos would be immediate. On the other hand, its design is almost unique, and it is not strange to think of "exploiting" it again. Born from the pencil of Marcello Gandini, the Italian designer, father among other things of some legendary cars such as the Lamborghini Countach and the Alfa Romeo Montreal, the Stratos was the queen of rallies in the 70s. How not to be impatient to be able to find it again, albeit with modern features and an electric motor, in the lines of a new Lancia?

--> It might seem like a gamble to aim to relaunch a brand starting with a sports car. The nostalgia operation could also have developed with a four-door car, which would have offered a wider customer target; another legend of Italian automotive history could have been brought up, like the Delta. But it seems that Lancia's new path will develop on less beaten ground than other competitors, aiming to become a premium brand right away. That is, it would not rule out the introduction of more “popular” segment models. Indeed, the automaker is already working on the future electric Ypsilon, but probably also on a crossover.

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