Telepass and UnipolMove: how not to queue at the tollbooth

Telepass and UnipolMove: how not to queue at the tollbooth

Telepass and UnipolMove

With the arrival of summer, the possibility of going out of town and crossing the motorway gates becomes more and more concrete, often congested by endless queues of truck drivers and motorists waiting to pay the toll. To pay the amount at the toll booth, it is possible to choose different methods ranging from the classic payment in cash to electronic payment (or viacard), up to the much more practical electronic toll system (Telepass, UnipolMove and soon even MooneyGo). But what is it and how does it work specifically?


If we all had one, queues at toll booths would certainly no longer exist: for those who travel a lot, for business or pleasure, this is a truly definitive solution. The Telepass is an indispensable convenience for all those who don't like waiting precious minutes in line at the toll booth, perhaps under the sun or why not, under the classic summer downpour. While on the one hand it is a pleasure like few others, on the other hand the contract to be stipulated could hold back the less informed people. In this guide we will explain in more detail the services offered, how to get it, how much and above all how it works.

Telepass: what it is

Paraphrasing Wikipedia, Telepass is “ automatic motorway toll collection system ”. Born in 1989, over 30 years ago, and present in all toll booths in Italy, it is physically a device (transponder) available in various colors which is activated, without the need for interaction by the driver, automatically whenever he is to cross a gate. Over the years, the device has been updated and offers a series of decidedly useful ancillary services: from parking with blue lines to the possibility of paying for refueling electronically.

Telepass: how to get it

To obtain Telepass it is simple and there are several ways:

online : by visiting the official Telepass website and following the instructions, in a few steps you can subscribe to the service and comfortably wait for the device at home. Waiting times vary, but it won't take more than a few days; Punto Blu: always identified as a point of reference for those seeking support relating to motorway services, at the Punto Blu it is possible to request the Telepass and carry out the procedures directly in the offices; bank or post office: here too, similarly to the Blue Points, it is possible to request the Telepass. In this regard, however, we always recommend checking availability at the branch, perhaps by checking the official Telepass website; eni Live Station: starting from 2021, it is possible to request the subscription service also at participating Eni centres; Dekra centers: among the numerous possibilities, it is impossible not to mention the Dekra centers which boast over 200 locations available throughout Italy.

Telepass: how much it costs

Telepass fixed costs depend on the type of contract selected; the following activation plans are currently available:

Telepass: 1.26 euros per month + 0.74 euros for Telepass Pay services. The service also provides for the payment of tolls of various kinds, up to washing the car or recharging the electric cars; Telepass Plus: 2.50 euros per month (1.26 euros per month for Telepass Family + 1.24 euros for Telepass Pay services); Telepass Family: the monthly fee is 1.26 euros per month and allows access to some services (Area C, affiliated car parks and Pedemontana); Telepass Pay per Use: no fee. 10 euros for activation and 2.5 per month if the device is used during the calendar month. At an extra cost of 2 euros per month, all profiles can include the Roadside Assistance service (24-hour assistance), transport to the nearest garage and a driver to get you home (throughout Italy). In the event of extended repair times, it is possible, if necessary, you will also receive 2 nights' accommodation in a hotel.

We remind you that starting from July 2022, the basic fee of 1.26 euros per month has increased to 1.83 euros per month .

Telepass: where it works

As mentioned above, the Telepass service works at all toll booths in Italy and beyond. In fact, the European Telepass service has been active for a few months, which allows you to cross the gates even in half of Europe, such as Spain and France for example. The agreement, unfortunately, does not represent an official integration but is the result of an operation between private individuals, more precisely between Atlantia, APRR/AREA (France) and Pagatelia (Portugal).

Telepass: accessory services available

As previously specified, depending on the profile chosen, it is possible to access different or more complete accessory services. To gain access, however, you need to download the application on your device (Android or Apple).

Telepass: plates that can be associated

A maximum of two plates can be associated with Telepass (motorcycle+car, car+car, etc) and to do so it is necessary to connect to your private area or log in on the application. The procedure is immediate and does not require any waiting time. Alternatively, for the less technological, it is possible to go directly to a Punto Blu.

Telepass: common problems

Does Telepass need maintenance? What if it doesn't work? The Telepass transponder does not require routine maintenance. To make it work it is advisable to place it in the upper area of ​​the front glass. The battery has an "infinite" duration and in the event of a low level, the device itself will signal the problem with an acoustic melody. At what speed is it possible to cross the gate? The limit is 30 km/h, but we don't exclude that it can also work at higher speeds; for these of safety and the Highway Code, however, we advise not to exceed the suggested limits.

Telepass: how to get the new version

For some years now, on the occasion of the 2019 Milan Design Week, Telepass has unveiled a drastically reduced-sized device initially available only in black and later also in magenta, fluorescent yellow, fluorescent green, blue, gray and yellow (for those nostalgic for the colors of Telepass).

But how to get it? Simple through the distribution channels (blue points, affiliated banking circuits, post offices, etc.) both for those who request a new activation and for holders of old telepasses who can replace the gray one with the renewed version.

Is the replacement free? There are no service costs if the request is made at one of the affiliated centres; if a shipment is foreseen, it will be necessary to bear the delivery costs.

Telepass and Cashback

Cashback is a form of immediate reimbursement of a percentage of the expense which is re-credited in the App once completed the payment of the Telepass services. The procedure is simple and fast, applicable to a range of all-round services:

fuel: until March 31st, with the Plus or Pay X plan, you can get up to 10% cashback on the third refueling ; electric recharge: with the Plus plan, on a transaction of at least 4 euros (and until March 31st) it is possible to get a free recharge on 3; public transport: in Milan or Rome, only with Plus and until 31 March, you can get one free ticket per day; micromobility: only with Plus, by renting a scooter (or similar) it is possible to receive up to 60 free minutes per month; road tax : valid until 31 March, using the Telepass service it is possible to get a 20 euro discount on fuel; inspection: valid until March 31st, by paying for the inspection with the application, it is possible to receive a refund of 20 euros on fuel. For more information, we suggest you visit the dedicated page.


Starting a few months ago, the Telepass service is not the only one available to motorists; the toll system of the Italian motorways can now be welded, with transponders, also with UnipolMove. It is the first direct competitor of Telepass, developed by UniPolTech, i.e. the technological division of the insurance company.

UnipolMove: what it is

Like Telepass, it is a transponder that communicates with the toll booths, allowing you to pay the toll without stopping.

UnipolMove: how to obtain it

Receiving it is easy and there are three ways:

online: by visiting the official UnipolMove website; via App: using the UnipolSai mobile application; agency: by going to one of the agencies in the area.

UnipolMove: how much it costs

The price of UnipolMove is currently 1 euro a month, with the first 6 months free; by adding 50 cents a month you can get a second device to be combined with another car or motorbike. Unlike Telepass, the device can be associated with a single license plate; by subscribing to the basic contract it is possible to receive up to two devices, while with the business one a maximum of five. The contract can be terminated at any time, via app or agency.

UnipolMove: where is it compatible

As mentioned, UnipolMove is compatible with numerous Italian gates but more precisely only with those bearing the European Telepass symbol. In this regard, Unipol is working to sign important agreements, both in Italy and abroad, such as in Spain, France and Portugal for example.

UnipolMove: ancillary services available

Almost like Telepass, UnipolMove includes a series of ancillary services; at the moment this function is still being defined but it is still possible to pay, for example, for Area C of Milan, the blue lines, supplies and car tax.

Telepass vs UnipolMove: which is better?

Difficult to give a precise answer in this regard, the savings can be mainly linked to the methods of use of the service itself. By purely analyzing the monthly fee, UnipolMove offers 6 months free and starting from 1 euro per month from the seventh month of use. Telepass, on the other hand, even with the basic plan, requires an outlay of 1.26 euros per month + 0.74 euros per month for ancillary services. In other words, UnipolMove is cheaper.

With one year of use, the bill to pay with UnipolMove is 6 euros, while with Telepass you can get to just under 25 euros. As mentioned, the number of services available in favor of Telepass and, above all, the possibility of combining two plates (at no extra cost) with a single device remains to be considered. In any case, we remind you that Telepass provides "for all motorcyclists who have activated the Motorcycle Discount and who are already holders of the Telepass Pay or Telepass Pay "X" offers or who will join them by the end of August 2022". Basically, all motorcyclists who already use Telepass with the Moto Discount, if they join or will join Telepass Pay or Telepass Pay X by August, will have their monthly fee reset.

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