Fans | The best of 2023

Fans | The best of 2023

The high summer temperatures are making themselves felt and to avoid being buried by the heat we decided to offer you our selection of the best fans available on the market, the simplest and most widespread solution for bringing refrigeration and freshness.

Read also: Column fans | The best of 2023 In addition to being a low-cost solution to counteract the heat, the fan is a versatile tool that is well suited to the most varied locations, such as homes, gyms or workplaces. Thanks also to the simple but essential functions, the fans will accompany you for many summer seasons, always being effective. There are clearly models with various extra features and functions, offered at higher prices, but our range of solutions includes all types of fans, from the simplest to the most advanced ones with sophisticated nebulizers and filters.

The proposals reported here, therefore, they will be right for you and will improve your daily life, offering you maximum comfort, always keeping consumption and noise low. Without further ado, let's move on to the product selection and happy shopping!

The best fans

Bestron | Ardes AR5AM35P table fan | Rowenta Vu6670 Eole Infinite stand fan | Duronic FN55 tower fan | Ardes AR5BL1 wall fan | Bladeless fan

Bestron | Table fan

With its simplicity and relatively low price, we could not start this buying guide with the Bestron fan. It is a compact table fan but capable of guaranteeing excellent and pleasant air circulation, thanks to the horizontal oscillation that can be adjusted up to 75° and to the three speeds of the fan, which reach a maximum noise level of 50 dB, proving to be so also quite silent. Despite being in plastic, the structure is very solid and there is a practical non-slip foot that allows the fan to remain stable on a desk or on any other surface. In short, a perfect product to keep cool both at home and in the office at close range.


Ardes AR5AM35P | Pedestal fan

If you are looking for a pedestal fan, our advice is to buy the Ardes AR5AM35P which, with its three 30 cm blades each, will be able to cool an entire room. Unlike the table one, this allows it to be adjusted both in height and in inclination and clearly enjoys the oscillating technology, excellent for ensuring uniform freshness within your environment. The support base is very wide and will be able to keep the fan stable even at maximum power, adjustable on 3 levels. In short, a main ally against the typical summer heat.


Rowenta Vu6670 Eole Infinite | Tower fan

If you prefer a tower fan which is usually the one that fits best with the rest of the room regardless of where you place it, we suggest you buy or at least evaluate the Rowenta Vu6670 Eole Infinite, which combines elegance, convenience and performance. This fan is exactly 1 meter high and weighing less than 4 kg, it is light and easy to move. It also features an electronic control panel that allows you to adjust numerous settings, including oscillation, which is capable of providing a wide coverage of freshness. Finally, we point out the noise level below 45 dB at minimum speed, perfect for not disturbing during the night.


Duronic FN55 | Wall fan

If you don't want the fan to take up space in the places you usually pass, you could opt for a wall model and the Duronic FN55 is undoubtedly one of the best in this regard. As anticipated, its main feature is that it can be mounted on a wall, an easy operation to perform and clearly explained in the instruction manual. As far as performance is concerned, this model boasts 5 blades and 3 different speed levels, each one adapting according to the needs of the room and the ambient temperatures of that particular moment of the day. The functions are different and, among others, we point out the possibility of setting a timer up to 4 hours and the automatic oscillation system.


Ardes AR5BL1 | Bladeless fan

Among bladeless fans, Dyson is obviously the leader in the sector but not everyone is willing to spend several hundred euros, and this is where the Ardes AR5BL1 comes into play, which is proposed as an excellent alternative to the more expensive solutions available on the market, without compromising too much. This model has touch controls and, above all, bladeless cooling technology, which is what made some Dyson products famous. Despite being silent and compact, this fan ensures uniform air distribution and is also quite powerful, with the power adjustable on 3 speed levels, making it an excellent fan for those looking for a modern and technological solution.


How to choose the fan

If you have taken a look at our buying guide, you will certainly have seen that there are various types of fans on the market, which is why it is important to know the strengths and weaknesses of each one, so that you can make a targeted purchase and fully satisfy your needs. In addition to the type, there are other factors to consider before completing the purchase, relating purely to the functions integrated in the device and obviously to the power of the engine. So let's find out below how to be sure of choosing the right model to take home for next summer.

What types of fans exist?

As you will have understood in the course of the article, the fans are produced in different types. We have anticipated the advantages and disadvantages of some of them, but we think it is right to summarize so that readers can quickly understand which type to choose.

Table fans: they have the peculiarity of being very compact, being designed to be placed on top of a table, and offer short-range directional airflow, great for personal cooling but not suitable for cooling medium to large rooms; Pedestal fans: having a large support base that supports them, they are the ones with the largest dimensions but also those that guarantee the best cooling, obviously excluding air conditioners. Most direct the airflow automatically, swinging the blades up to 180°; Tower fans: they are easily recognizable by their tall and thin structure which, almost always, can also be oscillated. These fans are good for cooling an entire room while taking up very little floor space; Wall fans: they are similar to the floor-standing models, with the difference that the support base is guaranteed by a wall installation. They can refresh even very large rooms, but they are especially suitable for those who want to save space; Bladeless Fans: Available for both floors and desks, these next-generation fans work with an electric motor that pulls air through small vents in the base, then blasts it upwards and out at high speed . Perfect for those who want efficient fans with a modern look.

How big should the fans be?

The size factor concerns both the size of the device and the size of the blades, which are among the elements responsible for moving the air mass. The more compact fans, such as table fans, cannot cool an entire room due to their small blades, but they have the advantage of being very light and easy to move, as well as taking up little space. It's up to you to decide which fan is best suited to your needs, keeping the above in mind.

The same goes for the external structure. In fact, if you need a device that can move the air in an entire room, it is advisable to go towards a pedestal or tower fan. For other solutions, such as for example airing a room or bringing pleasant cooling to the office, it is possible to use table fans, small, cheap and handy solutions, but perfectly able to solve heat problems.

What functions must fans have?

Regardless of the type that best suits your needs, a fan should give you the ability to adjust the speed of the blades or the power delivered by the motor. This is essential because you choose the amount of air you intend to move based on the conditions of a specific day, for example by setting the fan to maximum speed during the hottest days. A large number of adjustments allows you to customize the air flow precisely, without having to switch from one extreme to the other. Usually manufacturers implement 3 different speeds, which correspond to the minimum, intermediate and maximum. The presence of these functions also has repercussions at night, when you clearly want to make sure that the appliance is as quiet as possible.

The possibility for a fan to be able to oscillate is equally important, thanks to the fact that if you really want to cool a room, you need to move it with as wide a radius as possible. In fact, to avoid unpleasant surprises, we always invite you to check this factor before completing the purchase. If a fan does not have oscillation, whether manual or automatic, the cold air will not be uniform, but will tend to affect only one part of the room, i.e. the one where the fan is directed.

Range models medium-high should then integrate an automatic mode, sometimes also called "breeze mode", which allows the speed of the blades or the power of the engine to vary its operation, simulating a natural wind. In other cases, however, the automatic mode is based on a sensor integrated in the device, which detects the room temperature and autonomously adjusts the fan speed.

A fan without a remote control is not a problem, but it will force you to get up whenever you need to adjust the fan speed or other settings. If you think about it, that's the same reason all TVs come with a remote, so if you don't want to get up to change the settings on the appliance, make sure it comes with a remote.

With the As technology advances, it would be preferable that a fan, especially if sold at an above-average price, could be controlled remotely via a dedicated application to be installed on smartphones and tablets. The so-called smart models, to be clear, which allow you to use your mobile device instead of the remote control without giving up the functions guaranteed by the latter.

Finally, a good pedestal fan should not be without a timer function, with which to program the shutdown and possibly also the ignition. Most of the functions mentioned above are present on every modern fan, but it is always worth checking their effective presence.

How noisy are fans?

With the summer heat it is sometimes important to find refreshment during the night with the use of a fan and there are no more annoying things than a noisy fan that disturbs you during rest. That's why we consider this element to be fundamental at the time of purchase, even if it must be said that the noise level is very similar from one model to another, with differences of a few decibels less in favor of the most advanced solutions. In any case, setting the minimum mode, the noise level should be around 40-45 dB.

Fans vs air conditioners

Sometimes, rightly, one wonders whether it is better to buy a fan or an air conditioner to beat the summer heat. The answer is actually very simple: both appliances are able to keep the room cool, but the underlying operation is very different. First, fans tend to be much cheaper than air conditioners, but they don't offer as much power as the latter, since the former simply move the air around the room, making you feel cooler. Air conditioners, on the other hand, are designed to actually lower the temperature of the room, which makes them for obvious reasons the logical choice for those in need of a powerful cooling solution.

The price of an air conditioner , as mentioned, is superior to that of a simple fan. If the latter can be easily purchased even for less than 100 euros, an air conditioner requires an expense of at least three or four times greater. The environmental aspect must also be considered, given that air conditioners are very heavy and difficult to install appliances, not to mention their low energy efficiency, which significantly raises the bill if kept on for the whole day. Finally, it is worth mentioning that air conditioners must be cleaned regularly to ensure that the air conditioning remains optimal.

Who makes the best fans?

Fans are produced by various brands, both emerging and industry leaders, and we could almost say that on the performance side they are equivalent. If you want to be on the safe side, having the certainty of also receiving a good after-sales assistance service if needed, we suggest evaluating the proposals of brands such as Rowenta, Ardes and Tristar, which usually produce valid and functional appliances in this category.

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