Gas BBQ | The best of 2023

Gas BBQ | The best of 2023

If you like barbecues and have the opportunity to organize many in your garden, inviting numerous friends and family during the summer, then you shouldn't give up a gas barbecue, which has become increasingly popular in recent years, thanks to its ease of use. use and the ability to cook delicious food in a short time.

Read also: Barbecue | The best of 2023 Unlike other types of barbecues, the gas models guarantee more precise temperature control, made possible by the presence of one or more adjustable burners and a built-in thermometer. With the help of the latter, you will be more likely that your food will be cooked to perfection. Furthermore, the cooking speed will be much faster, since you will not have to wait for the coal to ignite and reach the right temperature.

However, all this has an impact on the cost, given that gas barbecues tend to be more expensive when compared to other types. Having said that, below we will list some of the most interesting models that can be purchased on the market today and can be easily found on the main e-commerce sites. After our advice on buying, you will find a series of insights relating to this category of barbecues, just like we did with our article dedicated to the best brick barbecues, so that even those approaching this sector for the first time will be able to an idea of ​​what to look for.

The best gas barbecues

Campingaz Adelaide 3 Sochef Mistergusto Char-Broil Advantage Series 225S Sochef Golosone Char-Broil New Performance Series 440S

Campingaz Adelaide 3

Also from Campingaz comes a more performing model than the previous Expert Plus, known as Adelaide 3. This barbecue is characterized by three high performance cast iron burners, which can reach 14 kW. As far as the cooking options are concerned, in addition to the grill, there is an enamelled cast iron plate divided into 2 parts of 60 x 46 cm. The structure, on the other hand, was made entirely of metal and wood. As if that weren't enough, there are two lockable wheels that make this barbecue suitable for any place and need. In short, for just over 200 euros it's really difficult to ask for anything better!

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Sochef Mistergusto

Belonging to the Sochef stable, the barbecue gas Mistergusto comes with a series of functions that should not be underestimated for creating a healthy barbecue with friends and relatives. This article, in fact, has a diffusion cooking system, and manages to deliver 11 kW of power through its three stainless steel burners. The cooking area is a good 64 x 44 cm, divided into three enamelled steel grids. In addition to all this, there is also a steel lid with handle, a temperature indicator and a central pantry with door and space for the cylinder. If you are interested, you can find this BBQ for about 320 euros.

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Char-Broil Advantage Series 225S

Among the best solutions of this market segment, there is the Char-Broil Advantage Series 225S , a high-end barbecue that stands out for its elegant and minimalist structure. The cooking system is based on tru-infrared technology, which allows uniform cooking, with fewer flames, for much better cooked foods and 30% lower gas consumption. There is also an enamelled grill and a cast iron worktop. Finally, three variants of this product are available, with two, three and four burners. The price starts from 360 euros!

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Sochef Golosone

From Sochef comes a barbecue with excellent technical characteristics and a pretty good price. The name of this product is Sochef Golosone, and it has 4 stainless steel burners with a lava stone or Australian cooking system (both supplied). Naturally, being a premium product, the Golosone boasts a large cooking area (72.2 x 43.8 cm), a pair of enamelled iron grids and a cast iron plate. There is also a lid with temperature indicator and a pantry with doors to store all the kitchen utensils. Its price is 449.00 euros, and it benefits from Amazon Prime's fast shipping!

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Char-Broil New Performance Series 440S

As the last product of this guide we find the Char-Broil New Performance Series 440S, a true champion of this sector and, clearly, one of the best currently on the market. It is to all intents and purposes a high-performance barbecue, characterized by a cooking system based on TRU-Infrared technology. Among its technical specifications we find four burners front and side. which allow the heat to be effectively distributed over the entire plate, a factor that makes the food even more succulent. Compared to other solutions, this 440S boasts a food warmer to keep cooked food warm, or ideal for sandwiches, hamburgers or baguettes. There are also side shelves, and there are four wheels, two of which are lockable to ensure maximum stability.

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How to choose the best gas barbecues

How did we choose the products? Nothing simpler! First of all, we filtered those compatible with Amazon Italy's fast shipping, and then we selected the best in the category, i.e. they guarantee a good seal over time and above all have excellent functionality from the point of view of the structure. As far as the technical characteristics are concerned, we list the one to look for below.

Cooking surface and structure Cylinder Solidity Quality/price ratio Accessories

Cooking surface and structure

One of the very first factors to consider the cooking surface before buying, as it is very important to know how to choose the size according to your needs. In fact, there are different types, all characterized by a different diagonal to clearly respond to different requests. Besides that, you also need to take care of several components, namely:

Surface diagonal. As specified, it certainly represents the most important aspect before the purchase. Currently on the market there are different types, in fact a gas barbecue with a minimum surface is able to cook up to 10 hamburgers at the same time, while an average one can accommodate up to 18 and a large one up to 28. Side burner. There are also products that have a side burner, capable of speeding up the cooking of food or even keeping freshly cooked dishes warm, or sauces or other types of food. Grill quality. The grille represents a vitally important accessory, and it is necessary to distinguish it according to the material it is made of. There are mainly two types, those made of cast iron and those made of stainless steel. The former guarantee uniform heat, but are less resistant, while the latter have a great build quality, but are not perfect for cooking. In any case, the ones we recommend are made of stainless steel. Plate. The presence of the plate allows you to increase the possibilities given by a barbecue, with the inclusion of cooking foods such as cheeses, or small pieces of meat and bread. Raised grille. There are also models that have a raised grill, and this allows you to cook all foods that don't necessarily have to be exposed to contact with the flame.


Another important aspect is the cylinder, given that it is a necessary accessory to be able to cook many delicacies. Also in this case, there are two types, namely:

GPL. LPG cylinders are easily transportable and have a high calorific value, and can therefore heat dishes faster than an electric and/or charcoal barbecue. Methane. This material, on the other hand, passes directly through the domestic system, and is cheaper and safer from the point of view of safety.


Before buying a barbecue, whatever it is, one must take into consideration a very important factor, namely its solidity. Solidity dictated by two factors: quality of materials and suitable structure. As far as the first is concerned, the quality of the materials is a very fundamental characteristic since they allow you to increase the chances of keeping a product for several years. The second, however, is a consequence of the first because it is necessary to purchase an impeccably constructed product.

Quality/price ratio

Not all products ensure an optimal quality/price ratio, which is why we have selected the best in the guide starting from the assumption that you are buying a barbecue made from excellent materials, guaranteeing you will save a few tens of euros.


Secondary accessories are very important, especially if contained in the sales package, because they allow for additional savings.

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