Mosquito nets | The best of 2023

Mosquito nets | The best of 2023

Although the summer season brings so much happiness and possibilities for fun, the arrival of mosquitoes, flies and various insects should not be underestimated, since they can create enormous nuisances, reducing the pleasure of a well-deserved relaxation both outdoors and indoors. own home. Furthermore, these insects can also cause disturbance during the night, especially when it will be necessary to keep the doors of the windows open for fresh air to enter. One of the simplest solutions to keep insects out are mosquito nets. Mounted on their windows, these, through a thin mesh, prevent insects from entering without obstructing the air flow.

Read also: Mosquito and repellent devices | The best of 2023 As you know, there are different types of mosquito nets, but we will base our buying guide on the most popular and easy-to-assemble types, so that you can discover and buy the best model for you right away. However, in the second part of this article we will explain how to choose the right insect screen for those who have particular windows, whose measurements may not be compatible with, for example, roller and magnet insect screens, although the latter are produced in multiple sizes.

The best mosquito nets

Cilvani | Sangiorgio vertical roller | Vertical roller Zanzanet | Horizontal roller VERDELOOK | Horizontal roller Apalus | Magnetic LKXHarleya | Magnetic

Cilvani | With vertical roller

The Cilvani mosquito net is one of the best sellers ever and, consequently, we could not fail to include it in our list dedicated to the best mosquito nets. It is a vertical roller model, whose aluminum structure makes it resistant and elegant. Assembly is very simple and, of course, it is shipped with all the necessary bolts and nuts so that you can fix it right away. This specific model has two comfortable handles and a cord that will allow you to close it hermetically, as well as a friction return, useful for preventing the insect screen from suddenly rising. To prevent smaller insects from entering, the felts are located both along the profiles, both above the structure and under the mosquito net. A truly excellent and economical solution, available in different colors and sizes.


Sangiorgio | Vertical roll

Another vertical roll insect screen that we would like to recommend is the one produced by Sangiorgio, a model capable of protecting you from mosquitoes and smaller insects, thanks to the very narrow felts which, over time, they guarantee excellent ventilation inside the house. Robustness is ensured by the aluminum structure, while the two comfortable handles will ensure excellent ease of use. Clearly you will receive the complete fixing kit, accompanied by detailed instructions so that you can assemble it yourself.


Zanzanet | With horizontal roller

If a horizontal roller insect screen is better for your home, the Zanzanet model is the one we suggest. Available in many colors, you can receive it at home already with the exact measurements (if purchased on Amazon), since during the purchase you will have the possibility to insert customized measurements, ranging from 40 to 150cm in width and from 150 to 260cm in height. The mesh is made of fiberglass and it is worth noting the presence of windproof buttons, useful for preventing the insect screen from being damaged during bad weather.


GREENLOOK | Horizontal roller

Another horizontal roller insect screen that you should consider if your home is better suited to this type of product is the model proposed by VERDELOOK. Measuring 120 x 240 cm , this fly screen boasts an aluminum frame and fiberglass mesh , so it goes well with any door or window located on a balcony, veranda or terrace. The weave of the net is really very thin, specifically designed to prevent the passage of even the smallest insects. An article of excellent workmanship therefore which, unfortunately, cannot be customized on the size side, which however reaches up to 160 x 250 cm.


Apalus | Magnetic

Another mosquito net that deserves to be taken into consideration is the one produced by Apalus, which differs from the others in the presence of 2 practical curtain straps included in the package, which will allow you to keep the mosquito net open when you don't feel the need to protect yourself from insects. Excellent for children and animals, especially if positioned at the exit of a balcony, since you will not be forced to leave a part of the mosquito net open to let your puppy in and out. The hook and loop tape is 2cm thick, while the fabric is finished with resistant stitching which guarantees a long life.


LKXHarleya | Magnetic

If you are looking for a magnetic insect screen with a horizontal shape, therefore suitable for windows, the model produced by  LKXHarleya will surely be right for you. With this solution you won't have any size problems, since you can choose an infinity of dimensions, starting from 80 x 100cm up to 150 x 160cm. Furthermore, it is offered in 3 different colors, choosing between the classic black, beige or coffee. The protection against mosquitoes will be effective and, at the same time, will ensure excellent breathability, perfect for those who do not want to rely on chemicals.


How to choose the insect screen

Choosing the insect screen for windows is very simple, since there are not numerous factors to take into consideration, if not the type of mosquito net you are going to buy and obviously the quality of the materials, which should be at least resistant so that any gusts of wind do not damage the mosquito net. However, we could say that the type is the only aspect to take into consideration when you decide to buy and install one or more mosquito nets in your home. So let's find out what types of insect screens are on the market and which one to buy based on your needs, as well as the shape and size of the door/window on which it will be mounted.

Roller insect screen< /h3> Roller mosquito nets are some of those that we have decided to include in our list dedicated to the best mosquito nets, since they are the most popular and among the easiest to install. Furthermore, they are the ones that adapt to most homes, thanks to the fact that they are produced in numerous sizes, with a structure complete with box and side guides that allow sliding on a vast type of doors and windows. Therefore, unless you have special needs, evaluating a roller insect screen can only be a good solution.

Magnetic insect screen

Magnetic insect screens are another very common type of insect screen, that make ease of use their strong point. Assembly takes place using adhesive strips, which can be applied to the aluminum of the door or window. Basically, these are simple panels that are very practical if positioned in a very lively part of the house. The most striking example is the balcony, where a magnetic mosquito net is definitely recommended over the others, because you will avoid raising and lowering it every time. It becomes even more recommended for those who have pets at home, given that with this type of mosquito net you will avoid leaving part or the entire part of the structure open, given that the central closure takes place automatically.

Recessed fly screen

If your goal is to ensure that fly screens play an important role in the design of your home, then opting for a recessed model could be the best solution, since it hides the aluminum profile, integrating into the window block. This type is especially recommended for large windows.

Pleated insect screen

Pleated insect screens have the characteristic of working through a spring which, unlike the others, will allow you to adjust the opening of the panel to the desired point. Usually, these are recommended for small rooms.

Panel insect screens

As it is easy to understand, panel insect screens are recommended for those who tend to open and close the window. They can have up to four doors and boast a variable number of elements that make them suitable for windows of various sizes thanks to their modularity.

Low threshold insect screens

This type of insect screens are ideal for those who want to install a plastic profile on the floor, which facilitates the passage of strollers and prams and does not constitute an obstacle that could be tripped over.

Sliding insect screen

Together with the magnetic ones, sliding mosquito nets are probably the simplest to use, as well as being among the most efficient. A model of this type can cover the entire surface of the window and is also able to give a certain aesthetic value to the room when it is not being used, since it will be almost invisible.

Swing insect screen

Finally, there are the swing screens, ideal for those who want to protect themselves from insects throughout the year. These are mounted inside a door or window, making they open and close simultaneously with the latter.

How to mount the fly screen

Let's start by saying that mounting a fly screen does not it is a complicated operation and, if you have a minimum of manual skills, you can even install it by yourself. However, several factors are worth taking into consideration, which will allow you to perform a more accurate fastening. Ours are more of advice and not fixed rules to be respected with precision. If you live on the higher floors, where the wind tends to be more relevant, risking detaching the mosquito net, it is recommended to rely on fixing with screws. If you don't want to risk damaging the wall by drilling it, then an expansion mechanism could be the wisest choice, especially if the surface is very delicate. From an aesthetic point of view, the interlocking assembly is certainly the most suitable, but it can only be done with extensible insect screens and fixed panels. For those looking for the simplest possible solution, the hook and loop and adhesive models are perfect, as they do not require any kind of holes and you can remove and put them back with ease.

The different types of attachment of a fly screen

Depending on the model, a fly screen should be installed in one way instead of another. If we examine the magnetic models, it turns out that there are 3 types of attachment: with nails, with velcro adhesive and with clip adhesive. Although all are quite simple to assemble, those with nails require a more accurate assembly, since the nails must be fixed to the door / window frame with the aid of a hammer. The Velcro models are instead the simplest to install, since all you need is to make the material adhere to the surface where you intend to put the mosquito net. Similar speech with regard to the models with clip adhesive, which will simply have to be hooked between the net and the door / window. If you are wondering which is the best system for mounting a magnetic insect screen, we can say they are all valid and therefore the choice must be made on the basis of your habits.

How to clean the insect screen< /h2> To clean the fly screen from various dust and dirt, you can use a brush with soft bristles or a damp cloth. The same goes for the structure, perhaps adding a non-aggressive detergent. During cleaning it is advisable to close all the shutters or shutters, in order to have the most rigid support possible. Even if it is not the best method, you can use your vacuum cleaner to clean the mosquito net, taking care however to apply the smallest front brush and not to exert too much pressure.

What size should the mosquito net have ?

The mosquito net must obviously correspond to the dimensions of the window or door in which you want to install it, making sure that the mosquito net is large enough to also cover the edges of the structure, in order to prevent mosquitoes from entering through any lateral cracks . Different manufacturers, even online, allow you to choose customized sizes, but if you can't find a mosquito net of the right size, you can take a larger model than necessary and cut it to adapt it to the opening measurements. In any case, this is an operation that we do not recommend, also because it will be difficult to obtain the desired result, with the risk of leaving holes that could allow mosquitoes to enter.

Most mosquito nets are in any case small standard, which start from a minimum of 90 cm wide and 120 cm high up to 140 cm wide and 240 cm high. The dimensions also depend a lot on the shape of the structure, as there are vertical and horizontal models.

As for the mesh grid, this should be as thin as possible, so as to make the entrance inaccessible to smaller insects.

Why are magnetic mosquito nets preferred over the others?

When evaluating the purchase of a mosquito net, one tends to prefer a magnetic model for simple reasons, which can be summed up in a single word: comfort. With a magnetic mosquito net, in fact, you can go in and out without the need to have your hands free to open the mosquito net, which is very useful if you have a laundry basket in hand or anything else that requires the use of both hands to hold it. These models will also prove to be convenient for pets, who will be able to come in and out (if the mosquito net is mounted on a balcony window) without you having to open the door for them every time. This will be possible thanks to a series of magnets, which allow the insect screen to close immediately after each passage.

What materials are the insect screens made of?

The insect screens are all made with a breathable fabric, thin and strong enough to withstand most wind waves. As far as the structure is concerned, the materials depend on the type of mosquito net you are going to buy, but you will almost always find aluminum.

Do mosquito nets make the room darker?

Being that mosquito nets have a very fine mesh grid, some may wonder whether and how much the brightness of the room can be compromised after installing one. There is no risk of making the room darker, as the holes in the grille are designed to facilitate the passage of the sun's rays, despite the fact that the grille is totally black. Of course, some uniformity will be lost, but nothing that could make you want to remove the mosquito net.

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