Soul of Chogokin, all you need to know about Bandai's robots

Soul of Chogokin, all you need to know about Bandai's robots

Soul of Chogokin

Action figures have always been one of the most loved toys by children and enthusiasts of all ages. In recent years, the passion for robots and mechas of Japanese animation has reached ever higher peaks, leading to the creation of top-level collections such as the S.O.C. Soul of Chogokin. These action figures, produced by Bandai and Tamashii Nations, represent a real excellence in the world of metal models, thanks to the attention to detail and fidelity to the original versions of the characters. In this in-depth article, we'll explore the history of S.O.C. Soul of Chogokin, analyzing the reasons for their success and discovering which are the most iconic and sought-after collections by collectors from all over the world.

S.O.C. Soul of Chogokin are a series of metal action figures produced by Bandai and Tamashii Nations, two of the largest Japanese companies specializing in toys and collectibles. These figures represent some of the most famous robots and mechas of Japanese animation, such as Mazinger Z, Getter Robot, Voltes V, Gundam and many others. The S.O.C. Soul of Chogokin are distinguished from normal action figures thanks to their build quality and attention to detail, which make each model a real work of art.

Soul of Chogokin, all you need to know about Bandai's robots

How was the Soul of Chogokin line born? Complete list of releases Why collect them? Where to buy them?

How did the Soul of Chogokin line come about?

But how did S.O.C. Soul of Chogokin? The story of these action figures begins way back in 1972, when the Japanese manufacturer Popy began to market a series of metal toys called "Chogokin". These toys were distinguished from others by their metal construction and high quality, which made them much stronger and more durable. The Chogokin series achieved great success, so much so that many of the toys produced in that period are still sought after by collectors today. In 1997, Bandai acquired Popy and decided to launch a new series of metal action figures, called "Soul of Chogokin". This new series kept the same spirit of the original toys, but with an even higher build quality and attention to detail that bordered on perfection. The Soul of Chogokin figures were also much more detailed and articulated than previous models, allowing collectors to position them in many different poses and recreate the most iconic scenes from the animated series. Each Soul of Chogokin figure is produced with obsessive attention to detail, trying to reproduce the original design of the characters as faithfully as possible. In addition, each model is articulated in many different parts, allowing you to place it in different poses and explore every corner of it. The quality of the materials used is very high, with parts in metal, plastic and even fabric for the costumes of the characters.

The manufacturing process of a Soul of Chogokin (S.O.C.), Bandai's robotic Action Figure , is a highly specialized process that requires extreme attention to detail and precision. In general, the production process of a S.O.C. can be divided into these stages.

Design and Development: Before starting production of a new Action Figure, the design team develops a 3D computer model. This model is used to create the initial model of the Action Figure. Prototyping: Once the initial model is created, scaled-down prototypes of the Action Figure are produced. These prototypes are used to test the functionality of the Action Figure, to verify the aesthetic aspect and to evaluate the general quality of the product. Metal Model Creation: Once the prototype has been approved, it is used to create a series of metal molds, which are used to produce the action figure parts. These parts include joints, moving parts, details and weapons. Assembly of parts: Once all the parts of the Action Figure have been manufactured, they are assembled using high precision welding techniques. This process requires extreme attention to detail, as even the smallest imperfection could compromise the functionality of the Action Figure. Painting and finishing: after assembly, the action figure is painted with high-strength and high-quality paints. Painting requires a lot of skill, as it must create a realistic and long-lasting color effect. Once painted, the Action Figure undergoes a series of treatments to improve its appearance and durability, such as polishing and protective varnishing. Testing and Packaging: Once the Action Figure has been completed it is tested to ensure it is functional and capable of supporting its own weight. In case of problems, the Action Figure is sent back to the assembly or painting phase. Finally, the figure is packaged and ready for sale. In summary, the manufacturing process of a Soul of Chogokin requires great attention to detail and quality, together with high specialization and the ability to use modern and traditional production techniques. This process ensures that every S.O.C. is unique, long-lasting and able to satisfy the needs of the most demanding collectors.

Complete list of releases

The most iconic and sought-after collections of the S.O.C. Soul of Chogokin are many and vary according to the tastes and preferences of collectors. However, there are some series that stand out for their popularity and historical importance within the universe of robots and mechas of Japanese animation.

Here are some of the most iconic and sought-after lines of the S.O.C. Soul of Chogokin:

Mazinger Z: This series of metal action figures reproduces the characters of the animated series of the same name from the 70s created by the drawings of Go Nagai , who helped make the mechs famous in Japan and in the world. Among the figures most sought after by collectors are the original Mazinger Z, the Great Mazinger and the Mazinkaiser. Getter Robot: This series of metal action figures also reproduces the characters of the animated series of the same name from the 70s, which introduced the concept of combinable mecha. The most sought-after figures are Getter 1, Getter 2 and Getter 3, but there are also newer models such as the Getter Robot Arc. Voltes V: This series of metal action figures reproduces the characters from the 1977 animated series, which was a huge success in Japan and Southeast Asia. The figure of Voltes V is among the most famous and iconic of the S.O.C. Soul of Chogokin. Combattler V: This series of metal action figures reproduces the characters from the 1976 animated series, created by Tadao Nagahama. The Combattler V figure is one of the most famous and loved by robot collectors in Japan and around the world. Evangelion : This series of metal action figures reproduces the characters of the famous animated series of the 90s, which had a huge success in Japan and around the world. The most famous figures are those of EVA-01, EVA-02 and EVA-03. These are just some of the most famous and sought after collections of S.O.C. Soul of Chogokin. Each series features different versions of the action figures, some of which can become very expensive and coveted collector's items.

The complete list is divided into more than 100 regular releases to which are then added special and limited editions.

GX-01 Mazinger Z 1997.12 GX-02 Great Mazinger 1998.11 GX-03 Combattler V 1999.06 GX-04 UFO Robo Grendizer 2000.02 GX-05 Daiku Maryu Gaiking 2001.04 GX-06 Getter Robo 2001.11 GX -07 Mazinger Z OVA 2001.12 GX-08 Aphrodai A 2002.01 GX-09 Minerva X 2002.02 GX-10 Boss Borot 2002.03 GX-11 Dianan A 2002.06 GX-12 Venus A 2002.06 GX-13 Dancouga 2003.02 GX-14 Eva 06 GX2 01 Test Type. -15 Eva 02 Production Model 2003.08 GX-16 Eva 00′ Proto Type 2003.08 GX-17 Eva 00 Proto Type 2003.09 GX-18 Getter Dragon 2003.11 GX-19 Getter Liger 2003.12 GX-20 Getter Poseidon 2003.12 GX-21 Eva 03 Production Model 2004.03 GX-22 Eva 04 Production Model 2004.03 GX-23 Zambot 3 2004.05 GX-24 Tetsujin 28 2004.09 GX-25 Garada K7 2004.11 GX-2 6 Doublas M2 2004.12 GX-27 Gaiking 2005.05 GX-28 Xabungle 2005.09 GX-29 Black Ox 2005.11 GX-30 Battle Fever Robo 2006.03 GX-31 Voltes V 2006.05 GX-32 Gold Lightan 2006.07 GX-33Xon 8 2006.06. -35 Walker Gallia 2007.01 GX-36 Ideon 2007.03 GX-37 King Joe 2007.05 GX-38 Iron Gear 2007.09 GX-39 Baikanfu 2007.11 GX-40 God Mars 2008.03 GX-41 Reideen 2008.04 GX-42 Kotetsushin Jeeg 2008.09 GX024308 GX024308 Dai -44 Tetsujin 28 2008.11 GX-45 Mazinger Z (Shin Mazinger Z Ver.) 2009.05 GX-46 Dygenguar & Au├čenseiter 2009.06 GX-47 Energer Z (Shin Mazinger Z Ver.) 2009.08 GX-48 Big O 2009.09 GX-49 Shin Mazinger Z 2009.09 GX-50 Combattler V (facelift) 2009.12 GX-51 Getter Dragon (From Change! Shin Getter Robo OVA) 2009.11 GX-52 Getter Robo 1 (From Change! Shin Getter Robo OVA) 2010.01 GX-53 Daitarn 3 2010.04 GX-54 Tobikage & Kurojishi 2010.07 GX-55 Tobikage & Houraioh 2010.09 GX-56 Zerokage & Bakuryu 1 GX2010.1 -57 Space Battleship Yamato 2010.11 Gx-58 Space Battleship Andromeda 2011.02 Gx-59 Daltanious 2011.04 GX-60 God Sigma 2011.07 GX-61 Saikyo Robo Daioja 2012.04 GX-62 Danguard Ace 2013.07 GX-63 General Franky 2013.10 GX2-64 Yamato2 0140 -65 Daitarn 3 Recolored 2014.06 GX-66 Trider G7 2014.06 GX-67 Space Pirate Battleship Arcadia (green) 2014.11 GX-68 GaoGaiGar 2014.12 GX-69 Goldymarg 2015.07 GX-70 Mazinger Z “Dynamic Classic” 2017.01 GX-71 Golion 2 72 Daizyujin/Megazord 2017.04 GX-73 Great Mazinger “Dynamic Classic” 2017.06 GX-74 Getter One “Dynamic Classic” 2017.06 GX-75 Mazinkaiser 2017.08 GX-76 Grendizer “Dynamic Classic” 2018.03 GX-77 Gipsy8 Dragon Caesar 2018.02 GX-7 /Dragonzord 2018.07 GX-79 Voltes V “Full Action” 2018.08 GX-80 N-Nautilus 20 18.09 GX-81 Zambo Ace 2018.10 GX-82 Daitarn 3 “Full Action” 2019.01 GX-83 Daimos “Full Action” 2019.01 GX-84 Zambot 3 “Full Action” 2019.08 GX-85 King Brachion/Titanus 2019.02 GX-86 Yamato (2202 Ver.) 2019.03 GX-87 Getter Emperor 2019.07 GX-88 Dairugger/Vehicle Voltron 2019.10 GX-89 Garmillas Warship 2019.11 GX-90 Combattler V “Full Action” 2020.04 GX-91 Getter 2 and Getter 3 “Dynamic Classic” 2020.01 GX-92 Ideon “Full Action” 2020.07 GX-93 Space Pirate Battleship Arcadia (Blue) 2020.11 GX-94 Black Wing 2020.12 GX-95 Gordian 2021.04 GX-96 Getter Go 2021.09 GX-97 Daileon 2021.10 GX-98 Getter D-2 2021.12 GX-99 Getter Arc 2021.11 GX-100 Daiku Maryu and Gaiking 2021.12 GX-101 Daitetsujin 17 2022.03 GX-101X Daitetsujin 18 2022.08 GX-102 Mazinkaizer SKL 2022.10

Why collect them?

There are many reasons to which you should consider starting to collect Soul of Chogokin, especially if you are a fan of robots and mechas of Japanese animation. Here are some reasons why you should consider buying it:

Build quality: I S.O.C. are made of high-quality materials, including metal parts, durable plastics and high-quality paint finishes. This means that the Action Figure will be very durable and long lasting, making it a great choice for collectors. Accurate details: the details of the S.O.C. they are incredibly precise, faithfully reproducing every detail of the robot or mecha of Japanese animation. The S.O.C. they also include interchangeable accessories and weapons to make the action figure even more customizable. Articulated joints: the S.O.C. include posable joints that allow the action figure to assume dynamic and realistic positions. This makes S.O.C. ideal for display in iconic poses and for combat scenes. Rarity: some of the S.O.C. they are produced in limited quantities, which means that they can become real collector's items. Purchasing a S.O.C. limited edition can be a valuable investment for the future. Passion for Japanese culture: If you are passionate about anime and manga, the S.O.C. they can be an important part of your collection. The S.O.C. they are the perfect option for fans of Gundam, Mazinger Z, Getter Robot, Grendizer, Evangelion and other great classics of Japanese animation. Ultimately, a Soul of Chogokin is a very high quality Action Figure, faithful to the original version from which it is usually taken and if you are a collector or a fan of Japanese animation, a S.O.C. it can be an amazing addition to your collection. Certainly recovering the very first releases could be a rather complicated undertaking but luckily the Japanese company usually cyclically re-proposes its best products and licenses in an increasingly modern key.

Where to buy them?

Souls of Chogokin (S.O.C.) can be purchased at specialty action figure retailers, toy stores, anime and manga stores, and online as well. However, it is important to be careful and choose only serious and reliable dealers to ensure that you get an original and authentic product. Firstly, reputable dealers care about the quality of the products they sell and only offer original and authentic products. Secondly, these sellers often offer high-quality customer support services, which can help resolve any problems with the purchased product. Also, reputable resellers may offer product warranties that can protect the buyer in case of any problems with the product. On the other hand, untrustworthy sellers might offer fake or poor quality products, which can cause harm to your wallet. Also, these sellers may not offer high-quality customer support services or warranties, which can be a problem if you are having problems with the product you purchased. In general, it is important to be careful and choose only quality and reputable sellers when purchasing Souls of Chogokin, to ensure that you are getting a high quality and authentic product. In Italy the S.O.C. are officially distributed by Cosmic Group .

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