Wild Hearts | Best Weapons and Armor (Guide)

Wild Hearts | Best Weapons and Armor (Guide)

Wild Hearts is a new EA Originals IP developed by Omega Force, which follows in the footsteps of top hunting games like Capcom's Monster Hunter by having players battle giant monsters called Kemono with many different incredible weapons, as well as an ancient technology called karakuri .

As you can read from our review , each weapon and armor that the player can forge and modify involves different approaches to hunting monsters in Wild Hearts, just like the best games in the series Monster Hunters. Also don't forget to check out our trophy guide.


Crafting and Modifying Weapons Types of Weapons How the Forge Works The Best Weapons for Beginners The Most Versatile Weapons The Best Weapons for Experts Best armors Best starting armors Best mid-game armors

How does Wild Hearts weapon crafting and modification work?

At the start of the game, Wild Hearts will only allow players to use the Karakuri Katana, a choice designed to familiarize yourself with the main commands from a tutorial point of view. Gradually it will be possible to unlock the Forge, through which you can forge new weapons and upgrade them. You can create a forge anywhere on the game map through the appropriate dragon karakuri technology.

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