NOW: best movies of 2023

NOW: best movies of 2023


NOW has become famous throughout Italy for its vast catalog full of quality products as well as many television shows and the opportunity to enjoy national and international sport. With this guide constantly updated month after month, we have however decided to help you in your search for the best product for you. The films we offer touch all genres, from teenage drama to comedy. Here's our list of the best movies featured on the NOW streaming platform in 2023.

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NOW: best movies of 2023

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NOW: the best films of January 2023

JURASSIC WORLD - DOMINATION - January 1 The dinosaurs arrive on NOW, those of Jurassic World - Dominion, the third chapter of the film series directed by Colin Trevorrow and sequel to the famous saga created by Steven Spielberg, Jurassic Park. It is no coincidence that we see in this film the return of three new faces: Sam Neill, Jeff Goldblum and Laura Dern, in their respective roles that became famous with the 1993 film. Starring Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard, Jurassic World - Dominion is set four years after the events that saw the destruction of Isla Nublar and now humans find themselves sharing their world with the dinosaurs, who inhabit the planet. Is it possible to live together in such a fragile balance?

Minions 2 - How Gru Becomes Despicable - January 6

Gru's yellow "assistants" are back in the Despicable Me film series and protagonists in Minions, in a sequel film that sees them once again once engaged in the funniest situations. Minions 2 - How Gru Becomes Despicable brings back to the screen the nice little men who have become famous all over the world and, as the title suggests, tells Gru's origins by setting the plot in the legendary 70s. Here a twelve-year-old Gru aspires to become a member of the baddest group of super-villains, the Maleficent 6 and to prove his worth, he robs them of an artifact in their possession, then entrusting its custody to one of his trusted minions. With all the consequences of the case.

FOR NOTHING IN THE WORLD – January 29 Bernardo is a charming, successful man, full of friends, always frantically searching for his freedom. For a nasty twist of fate one day everything changes, putting him in front of a choice: accept what happened or become.

NOW: the best films of February 2023

TOILET – February 5th

Flavio Brittany finds himself alone and lost and locked up in a bathroom in a service area. While looking for a way to understand where life outside goes on without him with a job offer that has been waiting for a long time and with the birthday of his daughter with whom he tries to recover his relationship.

KOZA NOSTRA – February 8

'Koza Nostra' is a 2022 film directed by John Dota. The film, set in Sicily and, in part, in Ukraine, tells the paradoxical encounter, through a series of vicissitudes, between a Ukrainian woman who recently moved to Italy and the family of a Sicilian mafia boss.

THE LORD OF THE ANTS – 13 February The story of Aldo Braibanti: homosexuality on trial in Italy in the 1960s. Aldo is an Italian writer who in 1968 was accused and convicted of plagiarism. However, the man had not committed plagiarism, but the indictment served to cover up the real accusation: homosexuality.

I AM THE ABYSS – February 20 The story, set on Lake Como, has as its protagonist a garbage man in his thirties with mental problems due to the physical and psychological violence suffered as a child by his mother and her companions , prompted to kill by an imaginary character who "lives" in the house with him. His stories are intertwined with those of a thirteen-year-old from a wealthy family, whom he saves from drowning after a suicide attempt, and of a woman, known as "the mother", who independently investigates episodes of violence against women.

BULLET TRAIN – February 27 Five assassins are traveling by train from Tokyo to Morioka with few stops in between. They find that their missions aren't entirely unrelated.

NOW: The best movies of March 2023

INFINITE STORM – March 3 While scaling Mount Washington, an expert climber becomes trapped in a blizzard and meets a stranger, also 'it blocked. The two must fight to get down the mountain before sunset.

KIMI – SOMEONE LISTENING – March 6 An agoraphobic technique uncovers evidence of a violent crime, but is thwarted when it tries to report it. She still tries to get justice, but has to leave her apartment.

ELVIS – March 13 The film narrates the life of the famous Elvis Presley and his complicated relationship with the manager Colonel Tom Parker, from the rise to world fame, passing through the relationship with his wife Priscilla Presley. The film received eight nominations for the 2023 Academy Awards.

ALMOST ORPHAN – 20 March Valentino Tarocco left Puglia to invent a new life in Milan, where he became a famous designer (of uncomfortable and impractical objects) from the name Vale Rocco. By mistake, the invitation to the event that should precede the sale of his company to the French (with consequent relocation and streamlining of personnel) also reaches his family of origin, which Valentino has removed to the point of publicly declaring himself "almost an orphan". And when the picturesque Tarocco clan arrives in Milan, Valentino, his wife Costanza and father-in-law Sergio welcome them with great embarrassment. But an accident brought Valentino back to his twenties, making him recover the Apulian dialect and his love for his origins. And Costanza will have to decide whether to stay next to the man she loves, who doesn't even recognize her at the moment.

BONES AND ALL – March 27 Romance blossoms between a young social outcast and a downtrodden drifter as they embark on a 3,000-mile odyssey through the backroads of America.

WAR – THE DESIRED WAR – March 29 The lives of Tom, a languages ​​graduate who raises clams, and Lea, a therapist and daughter of the Undersecretary of Defence, intersect. Meanwhile, a diplomatic incident between Italy and Spain seems to be about to unleash a European-wide war.

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