Micellar waters | The best of 2023

Micellar waters | The best of 2023

Micellar water is a skin care product that has gained a foothold particularly in recent years, alongside numerous cosmetics in cream, mousse and so on and so forth. There are really many moisturizing and make-up remover products available and they all differ in the types of skin they are most suitable for and also in the effect they can give, particularly soothing rather than emollient or plumping. Unlike the widespread cleansing milk, micellar waters not only do not require rinsing, but are designed to capture the makeup and dirt accumulated on the skin over the course of the day with extreme attention, which is why it is one of the most important steps to integrate into the course of one's skincare.

In fact, the use of micellar water is highly recommended both for those who use cosmetics on a daily basis and for those who don't: foundation, mascara and lipstick must be removed carefully, to avoid to "suffocate" the pores of the skin and facilitate the production of sebum and the birth of bacteria but, even without makeup, the face is exposed to aggressive, climatic and chemical agents that undermine the health of the skin on a daily basis.

Read also: Blushes | The best of 2022 This is why keeping it healthy is a fundamental goal and, using micellar water in your skincare routine, it allows you to achieve absolutely satisfactory results, making your skin more radiant day after day. In our list, not only will we take a close look at 5 products, suitable for various skin types and with rather different budgets, but we will also explain how to choose the most fitting micellar water according to your needs and the characteristics to take into consideration.

Best Micellar Waters

Rose Micellar Water, Sensitive Avène Bioderma Sensibio H2O Micellar Lotion Micellar Water Micellar Water Make-Up Remover Sephora Collection La Roche-Posay Solution Micellaire Physiologique

Rose micellar water, Sensitive

Acqua alle Rose micellar water is characterized by its hypoallergenic formula, specifically designed to minimize the risk of allergies, ophthalmologically and dermatologically tested and therefore also suitable for the eye contour area. It is a cosmetic designed to avoid the annoying redness caused by rubbing and also to help the skin protect itself from everyday stress, thanks to its extremely soothing effects. Despite its extreme delicacy, which makes it perfect for the most delicate skins, it is characterized by the unique fragrance of the Acqua alle rose brand, which transforms a moment of your beauty routine into a real moment of relaxation.

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Avène Micellar lotion

Also in this case we are talking about an extremely delicate cosmetic, but not only. Avène thermal water is one of the main constituent elements of the product and is ideal for promoting the differentiation of cells, altered by various dermatological conditions, thus allowing the formation of healthy skin again and ready to protect itself from external agents. In addition to the extremely regenerating and moisturizing action, Avène micellar water is perfect for cleansing the face of the day's make-up, even in the eye area and on the equally delicate lips.

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Bioderma Sensibio H2O Micellar water

Sensibio H2O is a cleansing and make-up removing micellar water, perfect to be used in the morning and in the evening, to cleanse and hydrate the skin throughout the day, preventing pollutants from penetrate the skin layer and cause the occurrence of hypersensitivity. In this case, not only is there an excellent presence of soothing elements but Bioderma has decided to offer a completely fragrance-free micellar water! A choice that is not only even more fitting for those suffering from particularly sensitive skin but also for those who do not like fragrances in skincare products. Sensibio H2O micellar water, developed in the Bioderma Laboratories, is sensitive to the biological balance of the skin, essential for keeping it in perfect health.

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Make-up remover micellar water Sephora Collection

Among the most valid products, for a medium/low budget, we offer the Sephora Collection cosmetic. This micellar water is made with 90% ingredients of natural origin, including zinc and the inevitable aloe vera. Effectively removes make-up, purifying the skin without drying it, and removing the layer of sebum that is normally created, for a matte and healthy effect. Last but not least, the bottle in which the lotion is contained is made from 100% plastic from recycled water bottles for maximum sustainability, an aspect that Sephora particularly cares about.

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La Roche-Posay Solution Micellaire Physiologique

Absolutely not to miss this must-have La Roche-Posay Micellaire Physiologique. It is a mild cleansing solution, suitable for sensitive skin. Its formulation has been meticulously chosen to avoid irritation and intolerances and deeply cleanse the skin. Furthermore, it is able to remove any kind of make-up with care and efficiency. Obviously, it respects the natural PH of the skin since it is not made from soap, alcohol, dyes or parabens!

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What is micellar water and what are micelles ?

As we have already mentioned, micellar water is among the most useful cleansing and make-up removing products that you can decide to buy and now we will explain why in technical detail. Not only is it a quick and easy product to use, capable of purifying and plumping the skin, but it also allows you to remove the most annoying and difficult to remove make-up residues even after several cleanser passes. But what do we mean when we talk about micellar water and, precisely, micelles? Its strong point is precisely in the technology that characterizes it since it is a solution rich in micelles, molecules of delicate surfactants, which come together to form small spheres and – like magnets – capture dirt, sebum and makeup particles!

How to choose micellar water

Although it is an apparently "simple" product, designed to remove impurities and keep the skin radiant, micellar water differs in many elements, including type of leather for which it is designed and also for all the elements from which it is made. But why is it such a useful and fundamental cosmetic? The micelles with which it is equipped are able to bind to the fats present on the skin, which is the fundamental element both in the sebum and in a large part of the make-up. When the micelles come into contact with the skin, they manage to capture the surface layer that prevents our pores from breathing freely, causing imperfections due to the overproduction of sebum.

Furthermore, in the most delicate products, there are no alcohol and marked perfumes, in such a way as to ensure maximum effectiveness but without attacking the most sensitive and prone to redness scalps. But, despite these being the general technical qualities of slaughtering waters, there is much more to keep in mind and to carefully evaluate if you do not want to run into an incorrect purchase, but in any case less efficient than expected. Over the years, the big brands in the cosmetics sector have continued to try and create new types of slaughter waters, some simpler, others more elaborate and consequently much more expensive. In order to find the best cosmetic for you, you will not only have to evaluate your specific skin type but also the type of product, the format based on the use you plan to make of it and also the numerous additional features that could make the difference. During our final list, we will explain in detail how to decide the best cosmetic to buy!

Skin type Product type Format Additional features

Skin type

Although micellar water is among the least aggressive and most effective products on the market, to obtain the best possible result, the type of skin on which the cosmetic is to be applied must also be considered. The big difference is found in the choice of the most suitable substances for the condition of one's epidermis. As far as normal or dry skin is concerned, it is always valid to use with moisturizing products, based on vitamins and also hyaluronic acid which keep the skin elastic, purified and luminous. For oily skin, the exponential growth of sebum, oils and impurities must be considered, for this reason it is necessary to intervene with low-oily products, designed to purify and tighten the pores of the skin. Finally, for sensitive skin attacked by smog, temperature changes and even make-up itself, products with an extremely soothing action should be evaluated, capable of dosing or even preventing redness.

Type of product

Contrary to what you might think, micellar water is a product that differs greatly, not only for the types of skin it is aimed at (even if it is thought to be particularly delicate, regardless) but also by type of product and ingredients. Classic micellar water is the most commonly used and is, very simply, composed largely of water and micelles, which capture and eliminate all types of impurities from the skin. The second type is the biphasic one which, as the name suggests, is made up of micellar water and oil. This union is perfect for removing the most resistant or waterproof make-up, i.e. water-proof, which is thought to be extremely difficult to remove without using the right make-up remover.

Equally important, when evaluating cosmetics in general and of make-up removers/moisturizers in particular, the INCI. This is the list of substances that have been used for the product. In some you will find the excellent hyaluronic acid, introduced as an antioxidant and perfect for hydrating and relaxing the skin, or glycerin, able to give relief to the driest skin. Discovering the other ingredients and their properties can help you choose more carefully, perhaps selecting products with a low presence of alcohol and profanations and a good dose of organic products, of vegetable origin.

Format< /h3> The format you are going to buy should also be taken into consideration! This is in relation to the quality / price ratio, and if you are thinking of buying a cosmetic to take with you, on the go, or to keep at home. It will be easy to find packs of micellar water of several ml, among the most common (small/medium size) the 200 ml formats, easy to take with you. The largest slaughter waters are instead 400 ml and 500 ml and will be more complicated to carry on a trip, in a backpack or suitcase. Some brands offer maxi packs, comfortable if you know the product well, of 750 ml, ideal for those who frequently use a micellar water in particular, perhaps for hypoallergenic reasons.

Additional features

Cosmetic technologies are always ready to renew themselves, even and especially when it comes to skin care. Precisely for this reason, micellar water is able to support other types of actions in addition to the make-up remover one. Among the main ones, the moisturizing action should not be underestimated, especially ideal for the driest skins that need to be cleaned but also to maintain a certain elasticity to avoid damage. In the same way, the soothing action is particularly important, often mentioned in the articles added to this list, since it is an aspect not to be overlooked if you have skin that tends to get damaged even just due to excessive rubbing or exposure in the sun.

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