2 DIN Car Stereo for Android Auto | The best of 2023

2 DIN Car Stereo for Android Auto | The best of 2023

Can't give up your favorite music while you're in the car? Although the development of new technologies and the consequent evolution of smartphones has led to a real revolution in the way of listening to music in the car and managing common apps, the car stereo is an accessory that can improve the driving experience while offering same a touch of design to the passenger compartment. Equipped with a very bright display, so that they can be used without problems even in low light, 2 DIN car stereos are an accessory that cannot be missing in any car.

Today's guide is entirely dedicated to the best car stereos 2 Din thanks to which it is possible to listen to your favorite music in mp3, CD, watch videos reducing distractions to a minimum in order to stay focused on the road. In fact, interactive screens offer the possibility of watching movies and playing many audio-video formats on the 2 Din car stereo.

But what is meant by DIN? Let's start by reiterating that this is the standardized measurement of the dimensions of the chassis of the automotive springs; these values ​​are, in fact, indispensable for car manufacturers in order to understand which type of device can be mounted on the vehicle, consequently excluding products of too large dimensions. It is no coincidence that DIN refers to the total size of the accessory which, in the case of 2 DIN, is 180×110 mm. Its size, much larger than the 1 DIN version, could therefore create problems in the event that the car is not adequate to contain an object large enough in height.

Choosing a car radio for your car can be complex if you do not know the technical specifications of each model. For the preparation of this guide we have chosen the best car stereos, analyzing in detail some of their main characteristics which are essential for making an informed purchase.

Technological development has led to a clear evolution of the 2 DIN car stereo so as to make them become real smart devices with downloadable operating system and apps. Currently, 2 DIN car radios with Android system and touch screen are very popular, allowing the user to use and access functions such as streaming playlists, satellite navigation and YouTube. Some 2 DINs can also be managed via Siri or Google Assistant, while the Apple Carplay and Android Auto functions offer the possibility of sharing the screen of your smartphone with that of the car radio.

The main feature of 2 DIN car radios is the presence of a large touch screen that simplifies its use. We therefore clarify that the car radios of this category are larger in height; feature that makes them not suitable for cars with limited space on the dashboard. The lower height of the 1 DIN versions, although it does not imply a lower quality than the 2 DIN ones, will impact on the presence of a small but still functional display.

The 2 DIN car radios are products that include inside them the functions of various technological devices: from the GPS to the DVD player, up to the radio function. In order to reduce driver distractions while driving, the 2 DIN car radios allow you to manage the player menus via touch screen, thus avoiding having to activate the commands from the smartphone or iPod screen. However, there is also the possibility of using the various functions of the car radio through the controls located near the steering wheel. There is no shortage on the market of 2 DIN car radios with GPS which are therefore suitable for those who need to have both a radio and a navigator in a single device. A 2 DIN car radio with GPS can prove to be an excellent choice for having a quality product at an affordable price.

Let's see in detail the best 2 DIN car radios for Android Auto available on Amazon.

Best 2 DIN car stereos

Atoto 2 DIN car stereo 2 DIN Atoto S8 Ultra car stereo ANKEWAY 2 DIN car stereo X-REAKO 2 DIN car stereo Honboom 2 DIN car stereo

Atoto 2 DIN car stereo Android Auto

ATOTO 2 DIN Car Stereo with 7 inch HD Touch Screen is a complete accessory and supports Android Auto and wired CarPlay Auto offering a safe, simple and intuitive way to use your smartphone in your car. There is also the AutoLink mirroring option of the smartphone, which allows apps not supported by CarPlay or Android Auto to be displayed on the display. There are three internet connection options: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and USB tethering. The presence of 6 physical buttons with 8 functions also allow you to perform simple tasks such as turning down the volume while driving without taking your eyes off the road.

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2 DIN car stereo Atoto S8 Ultra

Featuring a 7-inch HD touchscreen, the 2 DIN Atoto S8 Ultra car stereo stands out thanks to the smooth and simple radio system that allows you to use any application, such as Google Maps, YouTube and Spotify, making the safe and less boring journey. S8 Ultra provides 4 different methods for accessing the Internet: Wi-Fi, BT, USB Tethering and integrated 4G cellular modem: therefore, there are many ways to connect and make the most of all the functions available on smart devices. However, to protect Google or Facebook accounts, S8 plus has a screen lock option that allows users to lock the screen when the car is not under control. There is also a dedicated HD 720P rear view camera input, support for parking assist technology with virtual surrounding view and real-time rear view function.

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ANKEWAY 2 DIN Android Auto Radio

A completely renewed version that made by ANKEWAY for the new ANKEWAY 2 DIN car radio equipped with 2G RAM and 16G ROM to ensure that the Android radio system works efficiently. The new ANKEWAY car stereo adopts the new Android 10.1 operating system which boasts various optimizations compared to the previous version. With a high-definition IPS touch screen display, made of scratch-resistant tempered glass with 2.5D curved edge, using common apps (Google Maps, YouTube, Spotify) is much easier. Do not miss the double USB input (audio and video), Easy Connection for Android and iOS (Mirror-link), video input for rear view and microphone input. For greater driving safety, the package includes a rear view camera and dedicated cables.

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X-REAKO 2 DIN Android Auto radio

Elegant and functional this X-REAKO 2 DIN car radio allows you to optimize the driving experience on board the car. Compatible to be connected with Apple and Android devices, it uses both the USB and Bluetooth systems. The choice of songs to play and the use of apps can be managed both via touch and physical keys. The package also includes a remote control to be installed on the steering wheel to manage the commands in a simple way and two dedicated power cables.

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Honboom 2 DIN Android Auto car stereo

Economical but intuitive, the Honboom 2 DIN car stereo is characterized by its large 7-inch display with seven adjustable background colours. The size of the screen allows the user to fully exploit the potential of the car radio. Thanks to its compatibility with Android and iOS smartphones, in addition to in-car entertainment, the accessory guarantees greater safety when coupled with the rear view camera included in the package and with the remote control to be fixed on the steering wheel for easier access to key functions while driving. Do not miss the USB / AUX / SD / TF card slot and 32 GB memory card. Plays many audio (MP3/WMA/WAV/ FLAC / APE) and video (RMVB / RM / VOB / MP4 / AVI / 3GP) formats

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How to choose the best 2 DIN Android Auto radios

The needs of motorists have gradually become more specific over time, also in view of the development of new technologies that allow the addition of new accessories to embellish the car. It is no coincidence that choosing a car stereo for your car can prove to be a rather complex process in interpreting the technical specifications that characterize each model. Let's not forget that modern car radios are real entertainment devices that require some precautions for assembly: in general, due to the complexity of the steps, it is preferable to entrust the work to an expert even if we decide to make the purchase online using advantageous prices.

In addition to the main components of a car radio, it is important to consider the size and the materials used for its construction. In fact, the choice of materials influences the resistance over time of this device as well as the quality. It is therefore important that when purchasing a car radio the main technical characteristics are carefully analysed.

Simple installation

It is no coincidence that the implementation of a car radio in car requires assembly and installation. Although many sales kits include everything needed to carry out the assembly in complete autonomy, an advice is to contact specialized personnel so as to avoid having to deal with something that could prove too complicated.


It should never be underestimated that a quality audio system must be at the basis of a clean sound: peak power (maximum power that can be reached in a short period of time) and RMS (maximum power emitted by the system) are, in fact, two values to be taken into consideration when choosing a quality device.


Another important element in choosing a car stereo is certainly that of usability. We know, in fact, that the presence of a radio on board the car is essential to avoid distractions for the driver: an accessory that requires minimal interaction between the driver and the car is certainly to be preferred.

USB inputs

Before purchasing, let's not forget the importance of the USB inputs for connecting smartphones, tablets and iPods, as an alternative to the Bluetooth connection. The presence of USB inputs in the front or rear of the car radio can in fact interfere with the use of the device. For an optimal purchase, it is also a good idea to check that the car stereo supports the MP3, AAC and WMA formats, which are useful for playing the music on your smartphone. A piece of advice when choosing a 2 DIN car radio equipped with a CD player is to always prefer a model that has a rather high number of decibels, so as to be able to enjoy better playback.


In addition to the features just mentioned, we can only include Bluetooth: the latter can, in fact, prove indispensable for the driver to make and receive hands-free calls while driving, but also to listen to streaming music from a smartphone or music player.


As mentioned, not all car stereos are equipped with GPS but, if you travel a lot, it could be completely useful to avoid having to buy a navigator. Its integration into the radio, as well as taking up less space on the dashboard, offers the advantage of saving money.

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