Adjustable Gaming Desks | The best of 2023

Adjustable Gaming Desks | The best of 2023

Are you uncomfortable on those studio desks you're using for gaming? While you are trying to find a painless position with your back trying to adapt to the uncomfortable desk you find in your room, know that in the meantime there are several adjustable gaming desks on the market, tables that have the function of adapting them to your video game needs thanks to feet, games or shelves that can increase and decrease the height.

Adjustable gaming desks incorporate all the features of a traditional gaming desk: cup holders, cable management supports, and others useful accessories to fully immerse yourself in your gameplay sessions. To all these nice functions, adjustable gaming desks add the possibility of managing the height of the shelf, in order to best adapt your seat. Whether you're too tall, too short, or your workstation is simply used by multiple people of different heights, this guide to buying the best adjustable gaming desks can definitely help you avoid back, arm and wrist problems in your long gaming sessions.

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Adjustable gaming desks, the best

ULTRADESK GRAND, the oversized Himimi Gaming Desk, the cheapest in Eureka, the best in terms of quality/price ratio MAIDeSITe , electric and adjustable ULTRADESK LEVEL, the most adjustable

ULTRADESK GRAND, the oversize

Adjustable gaming desks

If you have a lot of space available or, perhaps, you need to have two monitors on your desk, then the oversized ULTRADESK GRAND model is definitely for you. With a monstrous size of 160 x 70 cm, the ULTRADESK adjustable desk surface is able to offer the maximum possible space for a gaming station full of consoles, accessories and peripherals. In fact, this desk has a very extendable adjustment that goes from 70 cm from the ground up to 80. The shelf also includes two cable outlets, a cup holder and a mobile rack, as well as a cable management net. The desk is made of carbon fiber and metal frame and is able to support up to 80Kg of weight. If you also have an eye for aesthetics, also look at the range of purchasable colors that characterize the geometric graphics of the desk.

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Himimi Gaming Desk, the cheapest< /h3>

Among the best adjustable gaming desks we certainly find the three Himimi Gaming Desks:  all with a non-slip shelf large enough to accommodate a minimum of 2 monitors, an ergonomic position for the wrists and forearms thanks to the shaped edges , multi-purpose design and carbon fiber T-shaped legs. The adjustment of these Himimi branded products is placed in the leveling feet, which can also be adjusted on uneven floors. There is no shortage of essential comforts and accessories such as cup holders, headphone holders and cable management supports, very useful for stimulating your gaming sessions. The dimensions of the support surfaces are 140 x 61 cm for the small desk, 152 x 71 cm for the medium and 160 x 74 for the large.

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Eureka Ergonomic, the best value for money

Adjustable gaming desks

The Eureka Ergonomic adjustable desk has been constructed with a high quality metal frame to allow for adjustments manuals of about 20 cm in height leaving little room for wear and rust. This desk has a large surface space made of eco-friendly scratch and water resistant MDF, a type of engineered wood to support as many monitors and gaming equipment as possible. The product also features cable management holes on both the left and right sides, and is also sold with an extended mouse pad. The dimensions of the entire structure are 152 x 70 x 62 cm. Furthermore, for the functions it offers, it can be found at a truly negligible price!

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MAIDeSITe, electric and adjustable < /h3> Generic photos

Let's finally move on to the adjustable desks that work with electric automations! The MAIDeSITe electric adjustable desk has a motor capable of expanding the height in a completely autonomous way, by simply pressing two buttons which bring the support surface to rise. This automation is also programmable so it can raise or lower the desk; for example, every 30, 45 or 60 minutes. The frame is made of carbon steel and can withstand loads of up to 100 kg, while the engineered wood surface is extended 110 x 60 cm, a respectable space for organizing your gaming desk. The minimal design also configures the product as an excellent piece of furniture if you use the workstation for additional functions in addition to gaming. Additional features include a headphone stand, cable rack and cup holder. However, we point out that it is a solution designed for those who already have a top or want to customize it, because it is not included in the package.

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ULTRADESK LEVEL, the most adjustable

Adjustable gaming desks

We remain among the best oversize adjustable gaming desks, to be precise we continue to deepen products in line with the MAIDeSITe model, highly ergonomic and functional thanks to the extensive electronic height adjustment. The many functions of the desk include, in addition to the usual holders for cables, drinks and headphones, also the possibility of saving the preferred height settings, useful if there are several people of different heights using the workstation. The frame of the desk is made of high-quality steel and is very strong, for high durability and at the same time light weight. The space of the playing surface is 140 x 66 cm, with the height adjustable from 63 to 124 cm .

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How to choose an adjustable gaming desk

If you are considering buying a new desk for your workstation and you have come across this guide, you are surely wondering what advantages adjustable desks offer and, more generally, gaming desks . For this reason, we will illustrate below some of the most important features to keep in mind when thinking about purchasing such a product.

Why prefer an adjustable desk to a normal one?

If you spend a lot time playing in front of a screen, it is important that you consider the ergonomic characteristics of an adjustable gaming desk. All gaming desks are actually specifically designed to provide maximum comfort during gaming sessions, but when we talk about adjustable desks it means preferring comfort and ergonomics over any other feature of traditional gaming desks. Make sure that the height adjustment of the desk is sufficient for your workstation for example, or that there is enough space on the surface to accommodate everything you need. Eventually, you could also possibly equip yourself with a raised surface for the screens, to better manage your posture.

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Manual adjustment or electronic adjustment?

What are the advantages of having a manual adjustment and what are those of having an electronic one? Having one or more motors capable of managing the height of your adjustable desk is obviously an additional cost factor, but with a view to additional comfort and functionality: the motorized adjustable desks that we have included, such as the ULTRADESK or the Dripex , have programmable selections according to your preferences, transforming your gaming station into an additional element of your smart home.

Hand-adjustable desks will need elbow grease to be able to extend or shorten their height. Beyond the wallet factor, we therefore recommend opting for hand-adjustable desks if the adjustments don't have to be frequent, on the contrary we feel like directing you to electric desks if you need to change the height of the surface several times at a time. week or even per day. Among the hand-adjustable desks we have also included the Himimi which only manages the height of the feet, useful on surfaces that are not perfectly level.

What are the accessory functions to take into account?

Evaluate the purchase of adjustable gaming desks well also based on the accessory supports that could be integrated. In addition to the aforementioned mezzanine floor present in a bundle with some products or that can be purchased individually, roughly all gaming desks offer various supports that help your gaming sessions to be more comfortable. For example, if you don't have space for headphones, you might want a handhold that can be attached to the table, available in almost all the products we have listed in the article, such as the Himimi Gaming Desk.

Or maybe you might prefer a gaming rack and controllers, or functions that help you manage the cables of your platforms: in this case, also evaluate where the networks and spouts for the cables are positioned, because each desk could have different arrangements. Don't underestimate the presence of cup holders either, ideal for not having to constantly leave your workstation to get yourself a drink.

Steel, wood or carbon fiber: which materials to prefer?

While for the frames resistant materials such as steel or carbon fiber are always preferable, for the surface of adjustable desks it is a purely subjective choice. In fact, we have tried to include desks of all tastes according to the most common needs of today's gamers, including the composition of the surface materials.

Most of the desks dedicated to gaming are made of carbon fiber, to guarantee more freshness in hot climates and for a seal capable of resisting as much as possible to heavy weights over time. However, we have also included steel products, such as the ULTRADESK adjustable desks, which are better suited to heavier loads. Finally, there are also desks that have a more eco-friendly surface such as the engineered wood of the Eureka Ergonomic desk.

Available space

Make sure you have enough  available space where to place your new adjustable gaming desk: if you find yourself in a position where you feel cramped, it means that you have not properly evaluated the space you have available. It may seem obvious, but you don't just have to consider the size of the desk: think also of the space that you will possibly occupy with the chair, trying in this way not to find yourself cramped in your workstation.

Accessories< /h3> Although these are desks rather equipped with accessories and comforts, be sure to find some accessories in detail without necessarily taking their existence for granted. Conversely, also pay attention to the accessories you don't need, so as to avoid bringing home a feature-rich product that you would have gladly done without. Below is a list of essential and not superfluous accessories, the most indispensable for a good self-respecting desk:

Holes for the passage of cables: Most desks have holes at the corners or at the top which allow you to pass the cables in the lower part, so as to order all the cables and give the desk a cleaner and more orderly appearance. Support for glass : It is quite common among gamers to play video games while sipping something, even during a steaming, perhaps. Know that many desks have included a very convenient suspended cup holder, which allows you to keep it nearby without ever running the risk of spilling it on the main shelf. Headphone stand : Many desks, often on the sides, also include hooks that allow you to keep a gaming headset within easy reach. In this way, you will avoid leaving your headphones around the room, or buying a special stand. Cover mat: there are now many desks that are sold with a large mat that covers them entirely. This allows you to protect the actual surface of the desk, avoiding scratching the top shelf.


Considering the products that we have told you about in the guide, it makes little sense to go around them: if you are looking for very affordable prices, this is not where you will find them. The products we have selected are designed to meet the needs of gamers, and are therefore built to accommodate the various gaming accessories, and so on. However, saving a little is always possible, or in any case making a choice that is perfectly in line with one's abilities, in order to avoid spending too much on an unnecessary product. So yes, adjustable desks are quite expensive, but if you are not demanding, you can reduce the price to at least €200, a figure that allows you to take home a desk that is more than enough to play or work well. The suggestion, therefore, is to consider the EUREKA ERGONOMIC model, which you can find on Amazon or eBay at an excellent price.

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