Naples Comicon 2023: among the first guests announced Jim Lee and Daniel Warren Johnson

Naples Comicon 2023: among the first guests announced Jim Lee and Daniel Warren Johnson

Naples Comicon 2023

The road to Naples Comicon 2023 is starting to get exciting with the announcement of the first international and national guests and the exhibitions. The names of Jim Lee, legendary designer and creative director of DC and Daniel Warren Johnson, author of Murder Falcon and Wonder Woman Terra Morta candidate for the Eisner Awards certainly stand out. Added are “New York Times” illustrator Brecht Vandenbroucke, iconic Marvel and DC artist Simone Bianchi; while Gigaciao, the new publishing house and creative studio of Sio, Dado, Fraffrog and Keison will be officially presented at the event. From the cosplay universe come Lavlien and Wolfot.

Naples Comicon 2023: dates, ticket prices and how and where to buy them

Naples Comicon 2023: Jim Lee and Daniel Warren Johnson among the first guests announced

Jim Lee Daniel Warren Johnson Brecht Vandenbroucke Simone Bianchi Gigaciao Lavlien and Wolfot Le Mostre

Jim Lee

World-famous cartoonist, writer and editor, as well as publisher and creative director of DC Comics – Warner Bros. Discovery division – Jim Lee is one of the most revered and respected artists in American comics, known for his detailed and dynamic style. He began his career in Marvel Comics, where his work on the X-Men continues to hold the all-time sales record for single issue sales. Prior to his current tenure at DC, he served as managing editor of WildStorm Studios and as artist on many of DC Comics' best-selling comic books and graphic novels.

In 2003 Lee was a guest of COMICON and began a long residency in Italy during which he gained many creative experiences that represented a turning point, both in his career and in that of other great Italian cartoonists such as Giuseppe Camuncoli and Matteo Casali. That period, culminating in the creation of Batman: Europa, is the focus of the exhibition Jim Lee – The Italian Way. Comics, projects and experiences lived in Italy which pays homage to Lee's Italian experience, conceived together with his colleagues of the time, with original illustrations, sketches, photographs, behind the scenes and even some projects born in that special year, remained unpublished and never seen before.

Daniel Warren Johnson

Directly from Chicago comes Daniel Warren Johnson, one of the great – and most energetic – signatures of American comics of the decade, multiple candidate for the Eisner Awards thanks to his works as an illustrator and cover artist (but also screenwriter) for the most important American comic book publishers, such as: Marvel Comics, DC Comics and Image Comics.

The author will preview not only the ultimate edition of his cult metalhead Murder Falcon, but also the most recent series Do a Powerbomb! with Mike Spicer, an adrenaline-pumping declaration of love for wrestling, both published in Italy by SaldaPress.

Brecht Vandenbroucke

Among the great new under 40 talents of European illustration, published from “New York Times” and “Vice”, established in comics with the satire on the art of White Cube, Brecht Vandenbroucke has created one of the most iconic protagonists of humorous comics in recent years: Shady. The Belgian artist's works deal with irreverent irony and lightning satire on themes ranging from technology to art, from sexuality to racism, alternating comic contexts with more dramatic ones through the encounter between the tradition of Flemish art, the influences of surrealism and pop culture.

The Brecht Vandenbroucke exhibition. Shady stories collects a selection of his paintings, illustrations and original plates from the book Shady published in Italy by Rulez and previewed at Naples Comicon 2023.

Simone Bianchi

Known all over the world thanks to his works first for DC Comics and then exclusively with Marvel for over a decade, Simone Bianchi has become the protagonist of international superhero publishing thanks to his pictorial and detailed style. At Naples Comicon 2023 Simone Bianchi will be present with a stand and with the Simone Bianchi exhibition. The music of bodies the artist exhibits a vast selection of his drawings inspired by his passion for music, which constitutes a common thread in his harmonious depiction of bodies in action, and which has seen him collaborate with great names on the Italian and international music scene such as Smashing Pumpkins, Caparezza, Tool, 99 Posse and several heavy metal bands such as Vision Divine or Labyrinth.


One of the most awaited projects of 2023 in the worlds of Comics and Animation officially debuts at COMICON! We are talking about GIGACIAO, a publishing house and creative studio of graphics and animation founded by Sio, Dado, Fraffrog and Keison, four authors/authors who are a point of reference in publishing, social networks and web marketing. GIGACIAO has chosen to be at Naples Comicon 2023 with its first stand and the first editorial novelty. And that's not all: in the coming weeks GIGACIAO and Napoli Comicon 2023 will announce all the giant paper and pixel surprises that await you!

Lavlien & Wolfot

A couple of professional cosplayers for over ten years and among the most loved in Europe, Lavlien and Wolfot have participated, also as jurors, in numerous events in Japan, Spain, Germany, Norway and have become known thanks to their extraordinary cosplay interpretations of Eren and Levi from Attack on Titan . They take care entirely of the production of their cosplay: from the creation of the costumes to the study and creation of make-up and hair; from the conception of concepts and stories to the production of props and sets; up to the photo shooting and post-production. A rare mix of talents and skills that has made them among the most followed protagonists of the international cosplay scene. Lavlien and Wolfot will be guests at Napoli Comicon 2023 to perform, participate in a talk and meet fans.

The exhibitions

The first exhibitions announced: Jim Lee – The Italian Way. Comics, projects and experiences lived in Italy; Brecht Vandenbroucke. Shady stories; Simone Bianchi. The music of bodies.

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