The Structure Deck of Yu-Gi-Oh! Beware of the Traptrix is ​​now available

The Structure Deck of Yu-Gi-Oh! Beware of the Traptrix is ​​now available

Konami Digital Entertainment B.V. (KONAMI) announced that the new Structure Deck Beware of the Trapper for the Yu-Gi-Oh! , is now available in Europe and Oceania.

A Structure Deck probably represents the ideal starting point for all those who want to approach the world of the trading card game of Yu-Gi-Oh! and, whatever the level of gaming experience possessed at the time of purchase, it will be suitable for learning and acquiring the first experiences regarding the recurring presence of key cards and mechanics, as well as resuming the hand after a break, thanks to the 'inclusion of historical strategies and archetypes that appeal to casual players, with cards like "Trap Hole" and "Harpy's Duster", for example.

"Trapper" strategy, first seen in Yu-Gi-Oh! MASTER DUELS. This particular theme features the EARTH Plant and Insect-Type monsters that may seem cute and harmless at first glance but it won't take long for you to realize their fearsome nature. This strategy revolves around the "Trapwoman" monsters, which allow you to place powerful "Trap Hole" Trap Cards into which to drop the opposing monsters to eliminate them from the Duel. In this Structure Deck, players will be able to find the well-known “Trapwoman” and “Trap Hole” cards, as well as new and equally powerful cards.

The new Structure Deck Beware of the Trapress is the perfect opportunity to obtain iconic Trap Cards and many "Trap Hole" cards, in order to lure your opponents with a lavish feast from which they will never return. Also, thanks to the recent Hypernova Photon booster set, you will be able to obtain new cards to take this Structure Deck to the next level and power it up properly.

For those unfamiliar with the world of Trading Card Games, Yu-Gi-Oh, based on the homonymous manga, is number one in the world, with over 25 billion cards sold ( so much so that it even entered the Guinness Book of Records ). The game is based on the strategy of each individual player, with which he can build his own deck based on it in order to compete against other players. The cards represent powerful Monsters, Spells and surprising Traps, which will serve to embarrass your opponents. Over the years, more and more expansions and mechanics have been introduced, as well as the most varied themes and archetypes, which have made it, unlike other trading card games, very varied and complex, allowing each player to choose a completely different and with mechanics that are also opposite and contrary to those of your opponents.

For those who are interested in the story told in the manga of Yu-Gi-Oh! (which we told you about in  this article , on the occasion of the release of the Complete Edition) this is the official synopsis:

"After solving the puzzle hidden in a bizarre Egyptian jewel, Yugi's life Mute changes: a mysterious and ruthless alter ego takes control of his body to face the cruellest of challenges: the Games of Darkness.

If you too want to experiment with the strategy of the Structure Deck Beware of the Trapper,  you can buy it by simply clicking on this link.

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