Magic: The Gathering – First look at Rise of the Machines

Magic: The Gathering – First look at Rise of the Machines


Advance of the Machines  will be the last expansion inherent to the battle that took place in the Magic: The Gathering multiverse between its protectors and the Phyrexian army led by Elesh Norn, the queen of the machines and will be released worldwide the world on April 21, 2023 .

Let's see together the highlights of this new set and a first look at what will be the products that will be released on the market.

of the Machines – The Highlights

The fates of countless Planes hang in the balance Legends of the Multiverse Five new Commander Decks The Rise of the Machines: The Aftermath Key Dates

The fates of countless Planes hang in the balance

Being The Advance of the Machines  a real e own final battle for the fate of the Magic: The Gathering multiverse, each booster pack opened will engage players and immerse them in the folds of the multiverse itself, with special card treatments that recall the style and borders of the old sets.

Legends of the Multiverse

Same as Strixhaven Mystic Archive: Wizarding School or the retro artifacts from Brothers' War, even Legends of the Multiverse in The Rise of the Machines will contain a series of non-Standard-legal bonus cards, featuring reprints of iconic characters with the Booster Fun treatment of their home planes.

Five new Commander decks

With the Phyrexian invasion of the entire Multiverse underway, new elements called Planechase will be introduced : this multiplayer supplement allows you to travel from one place to another in the multiverse, with rules that change based on where it is taking place the battle. Within each Commander deck of the Advance of Machines will be included ten different Planechase cards: five new and five reprints. Players will be able to pursue Phyrexians across the Multiverse or add some color to their next battle in the Commander format.

The Rise of the Machines: The Aftermath

There will also be a small expansion of 50 cards that will focus heavily on the story, showing what will happen after the events of The Rise of the Machines. Which characters will survive, which will get a happy ending and which will not make it to the end of the adventure. This is a set for everyone who has gotten involved with the story, the characters and what comes next. Rising Machines: The Aftermorrow is a set of 50 new Standard-legal cards sold in five-card booster packs. Magic will change forever, and you'll be able to see those changes reflected in these cards and the story they tell.

Milestone Dates

So here are the milestone dates for Magic this new expansion:

March 16-19: The story of  The Rise of the Machines March 29:  Expansion debut, cinematic trailer and previews begin March 29-April 4: Previews of the cards April 5: Revealed full card image galleries April 14–20: In-store Pre-release Events April 18: MTG Arena and Magic Online Digital Release April 21: Worldwide Print Release May 1: The Story of Rise of the Machines: Tomorrow May 2-3: Advance of the Machines Preview: Tomorrow "The epic conclusion to Magic's greatest battle: The Gathering is upon us. Elesh Norn and his Phyrexian army eventually invaded the Multiverse, violating countless planes. Can the remaining Guardians change the course of events as the Phyrexian hordes threaten to assimilate or destroy everything in their path? The fate of all plans is at stake."

Rise of the Machines will be released simultaneously worldwide on April 21 and will include a variety of products, such as booster packs, draft booster packs, five new commander decks, pre-release kits and a new wave of jumpstart packs, where you just mix two and you can play immediately with your friends. If you want to go ahead, you can pre-order everything related to the set by simply clicking on this link.

We also remind you that Phyrexia: Tutto Diverrà Uno is still available, the current set of Magic: The Gathering which tells of the expansion of the Phyrexians within the multiverse of the famous trading card game and which contains a very powerful series of cards. If you want to dive into the atmosphere of this disturbing expansion, we recommend purchasing the very practical Bundle Box, containing 8 Set Boosters, 20 FOIL Basic Lands, 20 regular Basic Lands, 1 OVERSIZED 20-sided Spindown™ Die (D20), 1 Rare promo card FOIL and 1 collection box. You can find it simply by clicking on this link.

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