BBQ | The best of 2023

BBQ | The best of 2023

Summer is not only synonymous with swimming in the pool, days at the beach or ice cream, but above all with barbecues. There is no better time than the warm months to enjoy a nice barbecue with friends or family. Barbecues are very practical products, as they allow you to cook numerous dishes (such as meat, fish but also vegetables) at the same time. The preparation is simple, requires a few steps and saves you from having to carry out numerous cooking cycles before being able to fill all your guests' dishes.

Read also: Garden pools | The best of 2022 Whether you own a house with a large garden, a modest courtyard, a terrace or even just a normal kitchenette, whether you have a large budget or are oriented towards an economic choice, know that there are barbecues capable of meeting all needs, tastes and prices. You just need to know how to choose the right model. But precisely because the web abounds in products of all kinds, your choice could prove to be more complicated than expected.

Procuring a barbecue requires a fairly demanding basic investment and nobody likes to spend their money unnecessarily. If you are not sufficiently informed about the types of combustion, the methods of maintenance or the amount of emissions released by a barbecue, your purchase could prove to be a fiasco.

That's why, to help you clear your head, we have compiled this guide to the best barbecues around. Our selection has been made based on the type, design and value for money of the products, and contains the best of the options currently available on the market.

The best barbecues

Outsunny | Charcoal Weber Compact Kettle | Char-Broil New Performance Series 440S | Gas Campingaz Adelaide 3 Woody Grill | Gas DeLonghi BQ80 | Electric Lineavz Monopoly | Masonry

Outsunny | Charcoal

If your budget is limited but you still don't want to deprive yourself of a good barbecue, this charcoal model produced by Outsunny is what you need. With much less than €100 you will in fact win a stainless steel barbecue with folding legs, equipped with protective precautions that help the material to prevent corrosion from high temperatures. Despite being transportable, it boasts a fairly spacious cooking area, supported by the presence of two side supports, useful for storing condiments and cutlery, so you'll have everything close at hand. In short, a perfect barbecue for those who prefer simplicity but don't want to give up excellent cooking of steaks, chicken breasts, fish and prawns.

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Weber Compact Kettle | Charcoal

If you are a barbecue purist, you would almost certainly want to buy a charcoal model, and that's why we suggest you also evaluate the Weber Compact Kettle, which stands as an excellent alternative to the previous model, albeit more costly. However, it must be said that structurally it is much more refined, with a lid (useful for improving thermal efficiency) and a porcelain-coated pot. The quality can also be found in the two handles, made of reinforced nylon and glass fiber duroplast, as well as in the chromed grille, made up of three layers of nickel. Weber Compact Kettle also has a second grid, dedicated however to ventilation, and a stainless aluminum box for collecting the ash. Finally, with the two wheels, which are particularly resistant by the way, it will be child's play to move it from one place to another, making it a suitable barbecue all year round.

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Char-Broil New Performance Series 440S | Gas

The Char-Broil New Performance Series 440S not only excels in the gas barbecue category, but it is also one of the best barbecues you will find on the market. It houses 4 burners, divided into front and side, with which you can distribute the heat evenly over the entire cooking surface. Thanks to Surefire technology, ignition is simple and intuitive: all you have to do is press a button. It also has a food warmer, with which you can keep cooked food warm or toast bread quickly. The side shelves are designed to keep kitchen tools always close at hand and in order. As if that weren't enough, it is to all intents and purposes a mobile barbecue: the base has four wheels, two of which are lockable to ensure greater stability during use.

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Campingaz Adelaide 3 Woody Grill | Gas

If you are looking for an equally cutting-edge gas barbecue aimed at saving money, the Campingaz Adelaide 3 Woody Grill is the right one! This model is characterized by three high - performance cast iron burners , which can reach 14 kW . As far as the cooking options are concerned, in addition to the grill, there is an enamelled cast iron plate divided into 2 parts of 60 x 46 cm. The structure, on the other hand, was made entirely of metal and wood. As if that weren't enough, there are two lockable wheels that make this barbecue suitable for any place and need. In short, for the price at which it is sold (usually less than 300 euros on the main e-commerce sites) it is among the best in terms of value for money.

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DeLonghi BQ80 | Electric

If you like simplicity, you might also be interested in an electric barbecue. Among the best, the De Longhi BQ80 certainly stands out, which has everything you need to prepare and cook a tasty barbecue. The surface is 41 x 28 cm, the handle is heat insulating and the drip tray is removable. It's also designed not to produce smoke, for maximum convenience.

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Lineavz Monopoly | Masonry

If you are looking for a compact masonry barbecue with a vertical structure, the Lineavz Monopoli is certainly the most suitable one for you. The dimensions of the structure are 79 x 45 x 157 cm, while those relating to the hob are 67 x 40 cm, which is protected from possible drizzle by a small roof, also made of masonry. The peculiarity of the roof, combined with the two colors of the structure, makes this barbecue suitable for those who want a design-conscious solution, with the possibility of keeping wood or other accessories sheltered, thanks to a lower compartment. Cooking can take place both with wood and charcoal, and the fact that it does not require any finishing work makes it one of the best built-in barbecues, also equipped with a series of accessories included in the price.

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How to choose the barbecue

Barbecues have now become very common products, indispensable for obtaining a certain type of cooking of food, but also for organizing parties and dinners in family, with the whole gang of friends or among a few close friends. But precisely because of the wide choice available, it is essential that before investing in your next barbecue you ask yourself what your specific needs are. By gathering some simple information, you will be able to get your hands on a reliable, long-lasting and, overall, satisfying product.

What are the types of barbecues?

When we talk about types of barbecue we refer to their cooking surface, as well as their type of power supply. Overall, there are only four variants, namely charcoal, gas, electric or wood. However, as you will soon understand, the cooking method is a crucial variable in the choice of the product.

Charcoal barbecues are the standard offer on the market. They allow you to cook grilled or smoked meat in the traditional way, a bit like you may have seen in American films. Since they tend to produce a lot of smoke, you'll want to make sure you install them in an appropriate location to avoid smoking your home or that of your neighbours. Since they are coal-fired, be aware that, in most cases, you won't be able to control the cooking temperature of your food unless you are willing to purchase a dedicated thermometer separately. They are very simple to use: all you have to do is pour the charcoal, light the embers and, at the right time, place the food on the grill.

If too much smoke is a problem, know that barbecues gas-fired are a good alternative to coal-fired ones, both because they produce fewer emissions and because they tend to spread fewer odors into the air. Many of these models are also more practical in terms of space (you will be able to place them even on the balcony, if you wish) and will still allow you to cook your dishes to perfection. In this case, you can opt for a LPG barbecue, easily transportable and equipped with a high calorific value (which translates into faster cooking), or methane, which directly uses the domestic system, which will allow you to earn money in safety and – last but not least – in energy saving .

Electric barbecues are the most modern typology in the category. They do not clutter and minimize emissions of any kind, but consume more. They are the ideal option for those who don't have a garden but don't want to give up the possibility of enjoying a healthy barbecue. While they don't guarantee maximum flavor, they excel in versatility: you'll find them available in a wide range of shapes and sizes, from the largest to the smallest, from home to travel.

If instead you are professionals in the sector and aim for the best possible result, you will already know that what you need is a wood-burning barbecue. It is the best option for cooking meat or fish and, by focusing on quality wood, you will make your dishes even tastier. Even if the initial investment will pay you back in every aspect, bear in mind that you will need a brick barbecue (and therefore a lot of space available), as well as the right amount of patience: it is the slowest cooking method in the category, above all because it may be difficult for you to light the wood or keep the flame at a constant level.

What size should the barbecue have?

The design of the barbecue not only denotes the aesthetics of the product, but above all its structure. The dream of every true grill lover is to own a brick barbecue complete with a preparation table, flue for managing emissions and other eye-catching details. These models allow you to choose between classic charcoal or wood cooking (the method preferred by experts).

The problem with built-in barbecues, however, is that, in addition to taking up a lot of space, once installed they they can be moved. However, if you don't have enough space to accommodate a built-in barbecue, fear not: since this is a very common category of products by now, the different brands have created models that can adapt to practically any environment, and this without sacrificing the types of cooking. available .

By doing a little research, you will discover that there are charcoal barbecues that weigh less than 10 kg, are equipped with wheels and are suitable for both small patios and a balcony. Some models can even be attached directly to the terrace railing. If you are looking for a barbecue to keep both at home and in the garden, you could opt for an electrically powered one, designed to reduce the spread of fumes and odors and (with a slight extra investment) equipped with special collectors for the liquid from the dishes. Alternatively, thanks to their compact shape and the intelligent arrangement of the components, the gas models are ideal for small domestic environments

How to maintain a barbeue

The right maintenance of the barbecue will have a significant impact on the resistance and longevity of the product, but also on the yield of the preparations. Regardless of the choice you make, poor maintenance of the barbecue will have bad consequences on the cooking of the dishes and, in the worst cases, will force you to get a new one after very few uses. High-end products, made with solid and resistant materials, tend to be more durable over time, but this does not mean that you can abstain from their maintenance.

Before proceeding to the details of maintenance, we suggest you get in any case a stainless steel barbecue, a small detail that will make your life much easier. Secondly, we advise you to always have specific products available for cleaning the grill, the component of the barbecue most subject to wear. In the case of the charcoal models, the maintenance process is slightly more complicated than the other variants. After each use, you will have to empty the tank containing the coals and degrease the grill with the utmost care.

For hygienic reasons, we also suggest that you always keep the surrounding cooking environment clean, so as not to sow coals around. If you can afford a masonry model, you will necessarily need a special cover sheet, which will protect the barbecue from the elements, especially during the winter months. You will also have to remember to clean the flue by removing soot, perhaps with pressurized water.

What accessories do you need for a barbecue?

Even if they don't shine for the range of extra functions available, there are barbecue models equipped with quite tasty optionals, which will help improve your user experience. Some are equipped with small lights that warn you when cooking has reached the desired point or, in the case of gas types, with knobs for adjusting the temperature. Other barbecues have shelves to place cooking utensils, or even additional burners that allow you to cook main courses and side dishes separately, speed up the cooking of certain foods or keep freshly cooked dishes warm.

Read also : Barbecue for dummies: essential barbecue accessories Small and medium-sized domestic or garden barbecues could also have a lid, ideal for keeping grilled foods soft and moist. The more modern electric models also house a plate, which allows you to cook accompanying foods such as cheese, small pieces of meat or bread separately. Finally, brick-built barbecues are often equipped with protective anti-smoke barriers, very convenient to avoid smoking even your guests.

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