X Factor 2022: everything you need to know

X Factor 2022: everything you need to know

X Factor 2022

This year the Sky Uno channel broadcasts the sixteenth edition of X Factor Italia, the most loved and followed talent show ever, also available in streaming on NOW and in rerun on the TV8 channel. The well-known TV program celebrating music airs every Thursday evening, starting September 15. X Factor 2022 is a great breath of fresh air, introducing many new faces to the public.

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X Factor 2022 : everything you need to know

The management The jury The rules and the selection phases The teams The competitors of Dargen D'Amico The competitors of Rkomi The competitors of Ambra Angiolini The competitors of Fedez

The conduction

Taking the reins of X Factor 2022 in hand is the young and talented Francesca Michielin. The winner of the fifth edition of the talent returns to the stage to conduct the new episodes. Her experience of her as a singer and musician allows her to be totally up to the role; her strong empathy for the competitors does not prevent her, however, from remaining impartial.

As every year, the conducting has an essential task during the actual race, which sees the competitors compete in order to decide the winner .

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Fedez (XF2022)
The first novelty of X Factor 2022 is the presence of Rkomi (Mirko Manuele Martorana), an Italian singer-songwriter who finds a rebirth thanks to his participation in the latest edition of Sanremo. Perhaps unfamiliar with television life, Mirko is much loved by the public and his colleagues, as well as by the artists who present themselves on stage and perform in front of him.

Rkomi Ambra Angiolini

Ambra Angiolini is the real surprise of this year. She is a singer, actress and television and radio presenter, she proves to be at ease sitting at the table of judges. Nice and playful, she lives the sixteenth edition like a game, demonstrating that she has the right spirit to start this musical competition.

Ambra Angiolini (XF2022) Dargen D'Amico

The last member of the jury is Dargen D'Amico (Jacopo Matteo Luca D'Amico), also a rapper and songwriter, as well as a record producer, who is even more popular after his participation in Sanremo 2022. A great friend of Fedez, he is a presence that already sends the public into a frenzy. With a strong sympathy and inimitable charisma, Dargen proves his competence, always with a pinch of irony and sarcasm.

Dargen D'Amico (XF2022)

The rules and regulations selection phases

Like last year, X Factor 2022 sees online castings due to the anti COVID-19 regulations. During the summer, the first selection phases follow one another before the real competition, broadcast live starting from Thursday 27 October.


This second phase is actually the first television step . The auditions consist of a single performance in front of the jury and the studio audience, this year in the Allianz Cloud in Milan. The three episodes are recorded on 4, 5, 7, 8 and 12 June and aired starting from 15 September. In order to access the next phase, the aspiring competitor must receive at least three "yes" from the judges.

The Hearings (XF2022, © Virginia Bettoja) The 2022 Hearings see a lot artists propose innovative covers of famous songs. with unpublished and convincing arrangements. The enthusiastic jury is extremely accommodating towards the competitors, so much so that they have to resort to a further intermediate step to activate a total of 48 aspiring competitors.


The most painful step is that of the Bootcamps, often called "the game of chairs", which took place on 25 and 26 June. This phase is accessed after passing the auditions and any skimming. The artists are divided into four teams of twelve, chosen by mutual agreement between the four future coaches. Only five per group can access the next stage, and the selection is done through the challenge of the chairs. Whoever manages to grab one can continue, but until the end the judge can choose to have someone stand up to seat another talent. Another rule is to have at least one band and at least one soloist within the single team.

Last Call

The third and last selection before the Live takes the place of the stage of Home Visit, already archived from the fourteenth edition. Also at the Allianz Cloud in Milan, the five competitors for each team perform in front of their judge, while the rest of the table watches the rehearsal outside the studio. Only three participants can officially be considered competitors of X Factor 2022.

The table of judges (XF2022) The Last Calls of 2022 are broadcast on October 20 in a single episode, and between eliminations unexpectedly, the four teams that the public will meet again at Live take shape. Two bands, one in Fedez's team and the other in Dargen's, do not compete in the Last Call as they are unique to Bootcamps, due to the regulation according to which at least one group must be part of the team.


The real race is broadcast live on Sky Uno starting October 27th. Every Thursday evening, the contestants perform on stage divided into two groups. The televoting decides who must compete at the end of the episode, to determine who will be eliminated. The two least voted, between the first and second heat, sing one last time in a final play-off and the jury issues the verdict. In the event of a tie and therefore of "tilt", it goes back to televoting. During the episodes, it happens that there are more artists eliminated in a single evening, in order to reach the sixth Live with five competitors: this is the Semifinal.


The seventh and last Live constitutes the Final of X Factor 2022, which four talents access. From time to time, viewers at home choose who to eliminate, again via televoting. After four heats the winning competitor is declared.

The teams

Already starting from the fifteenth edition in 2021, the four teams assigned to the jury are no longer the following: Under Women, Under Men , Over and Band. To create a program that is more inclusive and less tied to a classification based on gender identity, it was decided to create four heterogeneous groups, exclusively following the ideas and projects of the different coaches for their team.

Dargen D'Amico's competitors

Baeatrice Quinta

Born in Palermo, the 23-year-old singer-songwriter lives in Milan. She shows up at the auditions with her unreleased Se $$ o di lei, experimenting with the vocoder in an interesting electro-pop. She arrives at the Bootcamps with a song by Marcella Bell that amazes Dargen. During the Last Call, she faces a tiring play-off with Martina Baldaccini, eventually convincing her judge to take her to Live.

Beatrice Quinta Disco Club Paradiso

The four components of the band show up on stage with their unreleased DCP that takes the audience into a frenzy. When the Bootcamps bring a cover of Adriano Celentano's Svalutation on stage, the Disco Clup Paradiso even deserve a standing ovation that convinces Dargen to take them directly to the Live.

Disco Club Paradiso (© Virginia Bettoja) Matteo Orsi

In the last two years, Matteo Orsi has devoted himself entirely to music, a passion that he will admit aside so as not to show his frailties. It is with his unreleased him To never lose ourselves again and a great cry of love, in fact, that he passes to the Bootcamps, where he presents a cover of Jelaous by Labiribth that confirms the expectations of his judge. With another moving performance during the Last Call, he soon becomes an official competitor of X Factor 2022.

Matteo Orsi (© Virginia Bettoja)

Rkomi's competitors

Jacopo Rossetto

Jacopo Rossetto has always lived solo music and takes the opportunity of X Factor 2022 to share it with the rest of the world. He shows up with an almost ethereal arrangement of Jimmy Fontana's The World, and it is Rkomi who is the first to be fascinated by his way of making music. He arrives at the Bootcamps and earns a seat with an unreleased: I.A. (Artificial intelligence). She becomes an official competitor when she sings In the high seas by Loredana Berté at Last Call, fully convincing her coach.

Jacopo Rossetti (© Virginia Bettoja) Giorgia Turcato

Always in the company of her guitar, the twenty year old Giorgia Turcato uses music as a means to overcome her difficulties. After performing with Nothing Breaks Like a Heart by Miley Cyrus, she arrives at the game of chairs with a cover of The Weekend, before passing the last phase and joining the definitive cast of X Factor 2022.

Giorgia Turcato (© Virginia Bettoja) French Saints

It's not so bad is the title of the original with which the duo of French Saints presents themselves at X Factor 2022. They convince the table of judges with their perfect originality. After passing the second phase, they reach the Last Call with a cover by Antonello Venditti and convince Rkomi to take them to Live.

French Saints (© Virginia Bettoja)

The competitors by Ambra Angiolini

Lucrezia Fioritti

Her unpublished Molecole and the cover of Teardrop by Massive Attack at Bootcamps enchant the jury and especially Ambra Angiolini. The very young Bolognese singer-songwriter lives on music, and with her sweet voice she does not disappoint the expectations of the coach, who highlights a particular taste in the choice of songs, never banal. Lucrezia Fioritti is officially one of Ambra's three official competitors.

Lucrezia Fioritti (© Virginia Bettoja) Matteo Siffredi

With a tribute to Ornella Vanoni, Matteo Siffredi enters the heart of Ambra Angiolini who meets the aspiring bootcamp competitor, in her team. Angiolini decides to take him to Last Call, and here she performs with Lovely by Billie Eilish and Khalid, with whom the coach chooses to open a passage for him at Live.

Matteo Siffredi (© Virginia Bettoja) Tropea

Tropea found their own project in Milan, and made themselves known at X Factor 2022 with their brand new Technicolor. Their engaging sound gives them a one-way ticket to Bootcamps, where they surprise Ambra with an unexpected choice: Together with you I'm good by Lucio Battisti. The tough fight against Nervi, an aspiring competitor band, sees them win the chair that gives them access to Live.

Tropea (© Virginia Bettoja)

Fedez's competitors

Linda Riverditi

When 18-year-old Linda Riverditi shows up at the auditions with Coraline from Maneskin, the judges' table is left speechless. She is disputed by everyone, she is included in the Roster of Fedez which, after the first access to the Bootcamps, brings the aspiring competitor to the Last Call. Here Linda performs with Bon Iver's Skinny Love, this time without her faithful companion: the piano forte. Access to Live is now clear to everyone.

Linda Riverditi (© Virginia Bettoja) DADA '

DADA', pseudonym of Gaia Eleonora Cipollaro, is a novelty absolute for X Factor 2022. Queen of mashups, the twenty-seven-year-old Neapolitan combines popular tradition with modern pop. Her unpublished Cavala is a first great taste of the path she could take during the Live, and that is why Fedez places his trust in her, reserving a chair for her at the Bootcamps and choosing her as a member of his team.

DADA 'Omini

The Omini are a band from Turin that conquers the stage of X Factor 2022 with an explosive rock. The three boys choose The Hives' Tick Tick Boom as their business card, winning the green light for Bootcamps. When they are the only band at the game of chairs, their access to the Live is automatic.

Omini (XF2022)

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