Column fans | The best of 2023

Column fans | The best of 2023

When summer arrives, you know, cooling off becomes almost mandatory, regardless of whether you are indoors or outdoors. There are several remedies to keep the temperature in a room ideal, but the most efficient and practical is to install one of the best column fans. Although the most famous air conditioners tend to guarantee better performance, especially in large rooms, relying on an excellent column fan will ensure that compromises are almost non-existent, having the advantages of occupying much less space, saving significant amounts and even not damage the environment, since this type of fan does not rely on any kind of GAS to produce fresh air, but only on fans or a rotating cylinder.

Read also: Air conditioners | The best of 2023 As we will report later, both air movement methods are effective, but now we want to highlight which are the best tower fans, in order to help you choose the model that best suits your needs, aware that any of the models mentioned below will surely fit into your room. Having said that, let's not waste any more time and let's find out immediately what are the solutions that will allow you to spend the next sultry days without breaking a sweat.

The best tower fans

Rowenta Vu6670 Eole Infinite ARGO Oniro Tower Stadler Form Peter Leatherette Klarstein Skyscraper 3G Princess

Rowenta Vu6670 Eole Infinite

We begin this buying guide by offering you the Rowenta Vu6670, undoubtedly one of the best tower fans currently on the market, as well as the top of the range in the Rowenta category . Quiet yet powerful, this model boasts 180° oscillation technology, perfect for uniformly cooling the entire room. The 40W power will also keep medium and large rooms cool. The fans can be set to 3 speeds, but it is worth noting the presence of an automatic mode, capable of independently regulating the speed of the fans based on the ambient temperature, which will be continuously monitored by the integrated sensors. Equipped with a convenient remote control and automatic shut-off function, this fan combines elegance with high performance.


ARGO Oniro Tower

Among the most elegant ever, thanks to the absence of the classic blades, the ARGO Oniro Tower column fan manages to move a significant amount of air when set to its maximum mode, despite having a power of only 26W. The optimal distribution of the wind will also be guaranteed by the 90° oscillation, which on paper is less effective than the 180° models but the structure of this fan compensates for this feature well, especially if it is positioned in a corner. ARGO Oniro Tower also has a soft-touch control panel integrated in the LED display, which displays the current speed setting, and a magnetic multifunction remote control that can be integrated on the top of the fan, so as not to lose it.


Stadler Form Peter Leatherette

Another pedestal fan that deserves to be mentioned not only for its performance but also and above all for its design particular is the Stadler Form Peter Leatherette. Unlike many other solutions made with fairly standardized materials, this model boasts a good quality imitation leather case, making it difficult to distinguish it from real leather, allowing the Stadler Form Peter Leatherette to be a unique column fan. . On the functional side, it has a 70° oscillation mode and 3 speed levels, as well as a programmable timer from 1 to 7 hours for automatic shutdown. The flow of fresh air is very pleasant, in fact it has been designed to simulate the conditions of the natural wind. In short, a product that combines performance with elegance.


Klarstein Skyscraper 3G

We continue our list of the best tower fans by suggesting the Klarstein Skyscraper 3G, a model that, with the exception of the design, does not differ much from the solutions mentioned above. This means that it boasts everything necessary to ensure that your room receives effective and uniform cooling, thanks to the important oscillation system which, on this specific model, reaches 90 °. The control panel, located in the upper part of the tower, is touch and will allow you to select one of the 3 ventilation modes, as well as the Timer function and whether or not to disable the oscillation. Once again, we are faced with an excellent model capable of satisfying your needs.



Among the models we have proposed, the Princess is the only column fan to be smart. This means that you can also control it via smartphone with the appropriate application, and you will be happy to know that it is compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant. Qualitatively it may not reach the performance of previous models, but it will still be more than sufficient for a small or medium-sized room. Then there is the classic oscillation system that reaches 80°. In short, a suitable model for those who prefer to be in control without getting up from the sofa.


How to choose a pedestal fan

Now that we have discovered which are the best column fans, the time has come to know what are the factors that determine whether a particular model is valid or not. In the case of these appliances, some of the functions play a more important role than the power supplied, and that is why it is necessary to check first of all whether or not a fan has the functions that we are going to report below, not letting the eye fall only on the wattage , which however remains an important factor.

What functions must tower fans have?

In our opinion, a good tower fan must not be without the oscillation function which, as says the word, it allows the device to blow out fresh air evenly . Although this function may prove to be unimportant in small rooms, it is essential in medium and large rooms, as the oscillation system will prevent only a specific part of the room from being cooled. Most of the models reach an oscillation of around 100° which is excellent but, clearly, the higher it is, the more effective the cooling will be.

Another function that should not be missing on a good fan column, but which fortunately is present on any recent model, is the possibility of choosing different fan speeds . In fact, we often tend to always set the fan to maximum speed, but the models we have reported boast excellent performance, so being able to decide the speed of the fans is important, in order to avoid dropping the temperature in the room too much and risking catching a cold. Functions such as automatic on and off go into the background, but it is worth checking that they are there because they offer added value to the product.

The same goes for the remote control. A pedestal fan without a remote control is not a problem, but it will force you to get up every time you need to adjust the fan speed or other settings. If you think about it, that's the same reason all TVs come with a remote, so if you don't want to get up to change the settings on the appliance, make sure it comes with a remote.

With the As technology advances, it would be preferable that a pedestal fan, especially if sold at an above-average price, could be controlled remotely via a dedicated application to be installed on smartphones and tablets. The so-called smart models, to be clear, which allow you to use your mobile device instead of the remote control without giving up the functions guaranteed by the latter.

How powerful must tower fans be?

A pedestal fan does not need enormous power, since the motor will only be responsible for turning the fans. However, the latter will have to reach a high speed to be able to cool the room, so it is advisable not to consider models with negligible wattages. In this regard, there is no recommended minimum threshold, also because it also depends a lot on the technology implemented and the relative efficiency, but models that boast about 40W should be more than sufficient to satisfy the summer needs relating to cooling the home environment.

What types of tower fans exist?

Although aesthetically they almost all have the same shape, the method used to cool could be different and not visible to the human eye. Column fans, in fact, can base their operation on the fans or on a rotating cylinder, the latter brought to the market by Dyson, to then be taken up by other manufacturers. As anticipated in the introduction, for the end user, very little or nothing changes in terms of performance, given that both methods guarantee excellent cooling. However, those who prefer a product with an eye to design might be tempted to buy a model with a rotating cylinder, as it does not have the classic blades.

Column or pedestal fan?

Many will rightly ask themselves whether it is better to buy a pedestal fan, like those mentioned in this article, or a pedestal fan. The choice should fall on the former, since they tend to be more useful and versatile. If you then intend to use the fan regularly, then the choice falls even more significantly on the column solutions, as they do not take up much space, allowing you to place them even in a corner of the room. The typical bladeless design of the latter also tends to be quieter than the fans of a pedestal model, making them preferable if you usually keep them on even at night.

In terms of power and efficiency, the two types are equivalent, but the column fans have another trump card: design. Their elegant structure makes them a great accessory for any room, especially in a modern home.

How to clean pedestal fans

Pedestal fans are products that can be dusted and sanitized with extreme ease. The dirt residues that will accumulate between the blades can be cleaned with a dust-proof cloth or with a can of compressed air. It is also possible to use a small vacuum cleaner brush to suck up the internal dust, while as far as the external part is concerned, you can use a damp cloth to remove any stains and marks.

What are the advantages of fans column?

Column fans are a wise choice to stay cool during typical summer days. Their compact design and wide range of features make them comfortable to use regardless of the size of the room. The price is also positioned to the advantage of the buyer, since most of the models can be purchased at very affordable prices, on average around the threshold of 100 euros, placing themselves among the appliances that should not be missing in your home.

Where do you buy pedestal fans?

Pedestal fans are products that can be found in any appliance store, especially during the summer season, when people tend to get one or replace the old one to refresh the domestic environment during the hottest days. Obviously, if you search on the main e-commerce sites, such as Amazon and eBay, there are many models that can be purchased and are often available at lower prices than in a physical store. Sure, you can't see it in person until it arrives home, but it's also true that manufacturers now release detailed photos and images of their products, complete with measurements, so there's no risk of finding yourself with a fan that doesn't match to what was declared.

Materials and brands of a column fan

We end our guide dedicated to the best column fans by briefly talking about materials and brands. Regardless of the price, this type of appliance is made with standard compounds, i.e. plastic for the external structure and steel for some internal components. There are, therefore, substantial differences to keep an eye on in this sense, if not to inquire about the fact that the plastic is not of poor quality. More attention, on the other hand, should be given to the brand, even if nowadays there are so many manufacturers making fans, with excellent solutions also coming from emerging brands. However, the most popular and reliable for this kind of articles remain Rowenta, Klarstein and ARGO.

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