Helmets for electric scooters | The best of 2023

Helmets for electric scooters | The best of 2023

Road safety is currently one of the most discussed topics, so much so that the Government is working to introduce more severe penalties and to make citizens more and more responsible through awareness campaigns and with the introduction of road safety education in schools. Among the vehicles most in the center of attention there are undoubtedly electric scooters, considered among the main causes of road accidents in large cities. To protect users who decide to travel short distances on a scooter, various regulations have recently been introduced in our country.

Fun and simple to drive, scooters are slowly conquering users of all ages. Calling them simple and fun to use does not mean that there is no risk involved in driving. Driving a vehicle like an electric scooter without a helmet can be decidedly risky. Not surprisingly, wearing a helmet while riding is extremely important to avoid accidents, even if you move with caution and safety.

As we know, riding an electric scooter is a great comfort, both in terms of practicality in traffic and from the point of view of maintenance costs of the vehicle, but it is always necessary to pay attention to the prohibitions introduced by some regulations.

The new rules establish a new speed limit for electric scooters, which passes from the 25 km/h, previously fixed, to 20 km/h. For circulation in pedestrian areas, the limit that must be respected remains unchanged at a speed of 6 km/h. Furthermore, let's not forget that a ban on parking electric scooters on sidewalks was recently introduced; it is therefore mandatory to stop only in the spaces provided for this type of vehicle.

Important innovations also regarding the equipment: according to the new rules it is no longer sufficient for the scooter to be equipped with front and rear lights and signaling devices for the brake, but it must also have breakthrough . Specifically, the new law establishes that, starting from 1 July 2022, all electric scooters on the market must have front and rear indicators and indicators, while electric scooters already in circulation must be adapted by 1 January 2024 For the choice of turn indicators for your scooter, we refer you to the dedicated buying guide.

Finally, we remind you that electric scooters can be ridden after reaching the age of 14 and with the obligation to wear a helmet up to the age of 18. Naturally, for adults it should still be considered as a form of intelligent prevention to protect their own safety.

Reconnecting to this last obligation, today's buying guide is dedicated to the best helmets for electric scooters. As always, we rely on the offers and products available on eBay and Amazon, taking into consideration the excellent quality/price ratio. Let's find out together!

The best helmets for electric scooters

Closca Helmet Loop folding helmet Ultralight Pank helmet Shinmax helmet Adjustable Pank helmet

Closca Helmet Loop folding helmet< /h3> Thanks to its elegant and urban design, Closca Helmet Loop is the helmet that adapts to all styles. However, its extremely low weight, equal to 340 grams, together with the folding system, allow it to be stored and transported easily in any backpack or bag. Practicality and handling are also accompanied by adequate safety: the advanced folding system does not in fact allow the helmet to fold in the event of a collision. There is also an innovative Air Flow air intake system that offers constant ventilation during the race to ensure greater comfort even during hot and muggy days, while the rear band can be adjusted to adapt to all users .

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Pank ultralight helmet

We continue this buying guide with an extremely versatile product: suitable for adults and children, the Pank branded helmet is made made of resistant ABS plastic to better disperse the energy of impacts and has a reinforced polystyrene foam lining. We are talking about a comfortable and ultra-light product given that the manufacturing company has managed to create a helmet weighing only 250 grams. To distinguish the Punk helmet without a doubt the presence of an LED light implemented on the back with 3 positions: continuous, flashing and dynamic light. For added safety, there is an adjustable reflective strap that provides great support, with padded chin guard and quick release buckle.

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Shinmax helmet

In preparing this guide, we could not fail to include the Shinmax branded helmet. In fact, it is one of the best helmets to use with your two-wheeler, which stands out for its excellent quality/price ratio. Practicality, safety and comfort are enclosed in a helmet for electric scooters weighing 350 grams that integrates a rear LED light, high-density material and a detachable magnetic visor that gives greater protection to the eyes in case of strong wind and sun. Like all the helmets included in this guide, the CE homologation certification is not missing.

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Adjustable Punk Helmet

Are you looking for a size adjustable helmet? No problem with this helmet made by the Punk Urban Mobility company, which is committed to promoting safer and more sustainable urban mobility. The Cusco Punk has spare bearings, present in the package, with a thickness of different sizes so that they can be changed and adjusted better on the head, therefore easily adaptable even for boys. Its use is extended to all types of sustainable mobility vehicles such as electric scooters, city bikes and skateboards thanks to its coating reinforced with 2cm EPS foam and adjustable strap for optimal fastening and quick release ITW buckle.

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How to choose the best helmet for electric scooters

At a time when electric micromobility vehicles have become protagonists of our travels is inevitably important we promote safer and more sustainable urban mobility. Electric scooters allow us to move around comfortably, saving time and money, but it is always a good idea to use this vehicle in a safe way, above all protecting the head.

The helmet on electric scooters is mandatory for minors: precisely, kids must wear it from 14 years of age (as we have seen, this is the age from which it is permitted to drive an electric scooter) and up to the age of 18.

The penalty for those who do not comply with the obligation to use of the helmet while driving an electric scooter is a monetary administrative amount and varies from a minimum of 50 euros to a maximum of 200 euros.

If you do not yet have a protective helmet to wear while driving a scooter, we explain in detail what are the parameters to take into consideration before making a valid, safe and long-lasting purchase.

CE certification

Like any accessory, there are currently different the products on the market and among these there may be some that are not considered entirely suitable. Before making the purchase it is important to check the presence of the CE certification. In fact, the latter certifies that the product has been assessed by the manufacturer and complies with the EU safety requirements.


Suitable for young people and adults, the helmets they present themselves as an extremely versatile accessory that can be adapted to the size of each user's head. Before making the purchase it is good to evaluate and verify the right size; many times the manufacturers attach a technical sheet that explains the dimensions in detail – S, M, L – and the amount in centimeters. Some of the helmets proposed in the guide also have spare bearings of different sizes that allow you to change them according to the desired size. Let's not forget that a helmet that is unsuitable for the shape of the head will not carry out the task of protecting it adequately in the event of a collision.

Practical and light design

There are many models, but practicality and weight are certainly two characteristics to take into consideration before making a purchase. A helmet with an extremely low weight, which is around 200 grams, will certainly be more comfortable even in the event of prolonged use compared to a helmet with a greater weight.


Al nowadays, unfortunately, there is no shortage of accessories on the market without approval and certification which attest to their safety. If you are looking for an electric scooter helmet suitable for complying with the obligations introduced by the regulations, do not forget to check the approval with the CE mark.

Led light

Driving in low light can be really dangerous. To help users ride in the event of low light, some helmets are equipped with a small LED light installed at the rear which can be recharged in a simple and practical way like a simple smartphone using a USB cable.


Depending on the materials used to make the helmets, they can be included in more or less high quality ranges. The materials of which a helmet is made can in fact vary from ABS polymers to EPS foam. Without a doubt, both the former and the latter are able to offer high impact protection.

Ventilation and heat dissipation

There is no room for compromises in the presence of temperatures summer temperatures exceeding 40 degrees. Advanced technologies make it possible to improve comfort without compromising safety: the helmets we have chosen for you are all equipped with a breathable structure and ventilation that avoid excessive perspiration on hot days.


As with all accessories dedicated to two and four wheels, the price of helmets for electric scooters varies according to the brand and type of product you choose. Surely the material with which it was made will also influence the final price: those made with quality materials such as polymers, capable of absorbing shocks and providing maximum protection to the head, will certainly have a higher cost.

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