Tesla Model 2, the economic electric that will change the market?

Tesla Model 2, the economic electric that will change the market?

Tesla Model 2

The automotive market, whether we like it or not, has taken a precise and clear path, that of electric mobility: in this sense, Tesla's push has been fundamental, as even underlined by the CEO of Ferrari – Benedetto Vigna – in a recent interview with Bloomberg, since he gave a jolt to a market composed almost entirely of companies with decades of experience in the design and production of internal combustion engines, companies that didn't have the slightest interest in abandoning their business at least until they were forced by governments. Tesla's presence and success in a market dominated almost 100% by internal combustion engines has messed up the cards on the table, giving a strong signal to a sector that is too rooted in what it has acquired and that had no interest in looking towards the future, towards different technologies.

Federicovecchio.com As often happens on the market, new technologies start from the top and then spread more and more until production costs are reduced to such an extent as to allow large sections of the population to enjoy the benefits of the aforementioned technologies: it happened with cars during the first decades of the 1900s, it happened much more rapidly in more recent years with the birth and wildfire diffusion of smartphones , and it 's happening with electric cars too .

Tesla has defined it as its "Masterplan", its general plan, and has carried it forward despite the production difficulties of recent years: the first step was completed with the Tesla Roadster, a sports car for very few however it allowed Tesla to put itself in the first spotlight so as to obtain sufficient funds to give life to the next step, represented by the Tesla Model S. The latter, although still a very expensive car and reserved for the richest parts of the population, gave Tesla the opportunity to spread in Europe and the United States, make a name and a reputation; then came the Model 3 – and later Model Y, which follows the same philosophy – to enable more and more people to own an electric car, but in a world where the rich are getting richer and the poor poorer and poorer, the Model 3 is still not enough.

For a long time there has been talk of Tesla's project concerning a new electric car that is even cheaper than the Model 3, ideally an electric one that starts at around 25,000 $ able to ensure - in its basic equipment - at least 350 km of autonomy and a fast charging system that can make the most of the capabilities of the Tesla Supercharger network. This is the ultimate goal of Tesla's Masterplan, to bring to the market a car that has excellent capabilities and costs little enough to convince even the average buyer to switch to an electric car; will it be called Tesla Model 2? It's still too early to tell, the name has been suggested more than once on the net but to date we have no official confirmation in this sense, for the moment the name is used because it gives a good idea of ​​where this car will be positioned in the Tesla catalog.

Federicovecchio.com Some rumors speak of 2024 as the year which Tesla will open pre-orders for the Model 2, with the hypothesis of having the first deliveries in 2025: the hypothesis is quite optimistic, considering the great efforts that Tesla is putting in place to produce the Cybertruck, the new Model Y and the new Model 3 2024 we told you about earlier. With all this iron on the fire, it is difficult to think that Tesla will also be able to produce the Model 2 in sufficient quantities to satisfy market demand which, at least judging by the sales data of Model 3 and Model Y, could be very high. At the end of 2021, Tesla has allocated 170 million euros of investment for the Shanghai Gigafactory which will produce the Model 2: the goal of the investment is to expand the factory to insert up to 4000 new production workers, who it will have to climb to 500,000 vehicles produced per year just to meet the high demand for this new affordable Tesla.

Source: Autospy.net In the last few hours, images have circulated on the net that claim to show a prototype of the Tesla Model 2, although in reality it is more likely that it is a well-organized fake that shows us a disguised Mazda CX-30 to look like a Tesla: Autospy published them and we can see a small SUV shape with generously sized alloy wheels, probably 19-inch in diameter. Despite the zebra graphics affixed to the car to partially hide its shapes, some details immediately make us think of Tesla, such as the almost unmistakable design of the front and rear lights; it is possible that these were integrated in a false way on the bodywork of another car precisely to give life to this fake, but at the moment there are no confirmations in one sense or another. What is certain is that the new Tesla Model 2 will have more compact and functional dimensions for city environments, with an SUV or small crossover bodywork.

Source: Autospy.net Without doubt Tesla Model 2 will be a different car than the models to which Tesla has accustomed us to date, it will be necessary to find the most imaginative ways to reduce costs and thus allow a sale price accessible to most, but some details typical of Tesla they will absolutely not be able to disappear, like the retractable door handles – even if they seem to protrude on this forklift – and the large display positioned in the center of the dashboard for controlling most of the car's functions.

The there are still very few certainties regarding the Tesla Model 2, but what is certain is that Tesla is working on a project capable of giving, once again, a strong jolt to the balance of the automotive market.

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