Office desk | The best of 2023

Office desk | The best of 2023

In recent years it has become increasingly essential to have an office desk in your home, especially for all those who work remotely in smart working or for all university students. Desks are an excellent tool not only for containing all the objects useful for one's work, but also for organizing documents, books and much more.

Clearly, the best desks must have excellent technical specifications, but they must also be made with quality materials, because they have the duty to guarantee a very high durability. In this article, therefore, we have decided to offer you a review of the best desks currently in circulation, starting from the economic solutions to get to the top-of-the-range ones.

The best office desks

Desk FLEXISPOT EW8 – The adjustable Movian desk – With integrated drawers Homfastyle desk – The most compact Desk Levira – The minimal Corner desk Sogesfurniture – The most spacious

Desk FLEXISPOT EW8 – The adjustable

The desk height adjustable FLEXISPOT, offers you the perfect solution for working from home without giving up the perfect position for you and a good dose of movement. With the push of a button, you can switch between sitting and standing positions, which contributes to productivity and efficiency as well as your physical well-being. With 4 programmable height settings, the desk is ideal for literally anyone in any situation.


Movian desk – With integrated drawers

We begin the guide in question with an economic product, in particular the office desk by Movian, a company that has been operating in this sector for years, which sells its products through the Amazon marketplace. First of all, it has dimensions of 56 x 110 x 73 cm, and therefore can adapt to any living context. Its melamine panels boast a white finish and a minimalist style, to be able to be combined with any other furniture. Among its strengths we also find simple packaging and a two-year guarantee, directly from the manufacturer.


 Meerveil desk - The most compact

How The second product of this guide is the desk made by Meerveil. Thanks to its melamine resin coating, this item is resistant to scratches and friction, as well as being fully waterproof and durable over time. It also represents a space-saving solution, since its dimensions are 108 x 48 x 76.5 cm, ideal for being compatible with all homes, especially in contexts where there is not much space. It also boasts two drawers and a hole for good cable management. Finally, installation is quick and easy.


Levira desk - The minimal

For those who want to buy a minimalist desk, we recommend the Levira office desk. which represents an excellent solution for all those who work at home in smart working. It boasts very compact dimensions, i.e. 100cm (width) x 60cm (depth) x 74cm (height). As for its structure, the top is made of melamine with a thickness of 19 mm, while the legs and other components in metal. This desk was designed to give a touch of elegance to your home.


Sogesfurniture corner desk – The most spacious

If you want a solution that can to adapt to a corner, we suggest instead the corner desk by Sogesfurniture. It is entirely made of wood, in particular the panel boasts a glossy finish, while its structure is made of metal to be able to withstand high voltages, as well as having protection against rust and corrosion. All in all, it has small dimensions, that is 150 + 150 x 55 x 76 centimeters and a weight of about 27.5 kg. With its L-shaped design, it can accommodate two desktops for writing, working and playing. Do not miss the assistance service dedicated by the manufacturer, in case there are problems related to the installation.


How to choose the office desk?

After taking a look at the best office desks on the market, let's analyze the features to consider in such a product, which we will list below for greater clarity. As we had anticipated, there are several considerations to make, above all because you will have to take into account the space you have available, in your room or in your studio, and also because it will be necessary to understand what the main uses are. So, if you plan to place a simple laptop and some accessories or if you need numerous devices always at hand. Below is the information to always keep in mind:

Materials Dimensions Structure Design and installation Quality/price ratio


The first factor is undoubtedly the quality of the materials. The best products, on the other hand, are made following a fairly strict standard, which allows them to obtain greater resistance and therefore longer durability over time. There are various materials, but we always recommend wood for the support surface, while metal for the supporting structure.

Wood is certainly the most used, but recently the desks for glass office. The latter boast elegance and minimalist design as an asset, but on the other hand they capture fingerprints more easily and therefore tend to be dirtier than normal.

Clearly, we recommend taking into consideration the quality ratio /price. The higher the selling price, the higher the quality of the supporting structure and the other components of the desk will be (in all likelihood).


As a second factor we put the dimensions. It represents a very subjective characteristic, which varies according to the needs of each of us, which is why we recommend that you carefully measure the space on which you will place your workstation before making the purchase. Generally, we can recommend standard dimensions, which can vary from 74 to 82 cm, based on the width and length of a modestly sized room. In addition to this, it is also advisable to evaluate the height, based on yours or that of the chair, in order to avoid possible future problems.


After taking a look materials and dimensions, it is necessary to explain another factor, namely the structure. A structured product has a large number of drawers and compartments, in order to store or place work material or computer components. Clearly it all depends on your configuration: if you have a desktop PC it is advisable to purchase a removable keyboard holder and several drawers, while the configuration will become slimmer if you have a laptop. In addition to this, it is advisable to purchase a desk with feet, as it allows you to protect the floor as much as possible from potential scratches and dents of the supporting structure of the desk. Instead, if you need a transportable product, then we point out the presence of models with wheels, which facilitate its transport from one point of the house to another, without necessarily disassembling the configuration.

Another very important aspect , as we have implicitly underlined, is the supply of drawers. The greater the number of drawers, the greater the capacity of the desk to contain objects. Of course, if you want to store documents, we recommend purchasing an appropriate document holder. Then, there are some desk models that also have, in addition, a height adjuster that allows you to adjust the height. It is an ideal product especially for very tall people.

Last but not least, there are also various models with two worktops, one for the keyboard and one for the monitor (easily countered by purchasing an arm for monitors). A very interesting option for those who have multiple computers to work on or multiple monitors to always keep active. In this way, the space available to you will not only be well managed but will also be sufficient to keep each device. In addition to this, we would like to point out the presence of models with integrated shelves or authentic mini-bookcases. These last two factors can be circumvented by purchasing special wall products.

Design and installation

Design is another of the most important factors  for an office desk. We recommend the functional ones, as they also offer simple and, above all, fast installation. Basically, wooden desks are the most difficult to assemble, as they have joints to be inserted manually, while steel ones are simple to install. Products made of glass, however, are the most fragile and we recommend asking a family member/friend for help with assembly.

Value for money

As a last factor, we put the ratio quality/price since it is very difficult to find a product with excellent specifications at a competitive price. In this case, we advise you to carefully check the technical specifications of the chosen product, as the brand does not count, but only and exclusively the quality of the materials in relation to the selling price.

Broadly speaking, there are three price ranges for office desks. Which we will list below:

Office desk with a price of less than €50. This category consists of items with a single worktop and do not include any type of accessory. They tend to be made of wood (chipboard) or metal, and are more exposed to wear. Office desk with a price between €50 and €150. In this subcategory, on the other hand, we find products with good build quality and a good number of accessories, such as shelves and drawers. Office desk with a price above €150. The category of products that have no compromises, both in terms of design and features.

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