God of War Ragnarok | Trophy Guide

God of War Ragnarok | Trophy Guide

Santa Monica Studios has done it again and has released the new God Of War Ragnarok, bigger, more impressive and (according to our review) even more beautiful than the previous one. Despite a game structure substantially similar to that of the previous one, Ragnarok brings us back to the places seen in the past but expands them dramatically by adding many things to do and lots of content to use. That's why today we're bringing you the God Of War Ragnarok trophy guide: to help you get the coveted Platinum trophy.

What to know about Ragnarok trophies before you start

God of War Ragnarock
Bronze: 16 Silver trophies: 15 Gold trophies: 4 Platinum trophies: 1 trophy There are no trophies related to the difficulty level, nor trophies that require you to start the game over. Most of the trophies are unlocked simply by continuing within the storyline, collecting collectibles and completing side missions.

Before starting with the list of trophies, it is good to say one thing:| ); } THE TROPHY GUIDE PRESENTS SPOILERS ABOUT THE MAIN PLOT OF THE GAME AS WELL AS THE TITLE'S CONTENT.

So view it at your own risk. That said, let's get started!

Bronze Trophies

Flower Child

Collect a flower in each of the nine kingdoms

This trophy is earned by completing the side quest "nine kingdoms in bloom"; the mission in question asks the player to collect particular flowers in each of the kingdoms that you will visit during the course of the story. The mission is activated automatically by collecting the first flower together with Freya.

Obtain all books

This trophy is obtained by collecting all books, one of the types of collectibles found in the game world.

The Curator

Obtain all artifacts

This trophy is earned by obtaining all artifacts, one of the types of collectibles found in the game world

Where it all started

Equip a spell

This trophy is obtained by equipping a runic attack; the first runic attack can be found a few hours from the start of the game.

Polishing cue

Upgrade a piece of armor

This trophy is obtained naturally during the course of the game simply by upgrading any piece of armor at Brok and Sindri's workshop.

Get started

Buy a skill

This trophy is obtains naturally during the course of the game by unlocking a skill after obtaining the necessary number of experience points.

Rebel leader

Retrieve the hammer of rebellion

This trophy is obtained by completing the side quest "Spirit of Rebellion", assigned to the player by Durlin in Svartalfheim. The secondary mission is rather guided and therefore not difficult to complete.

New friendships

Get the sphere of Lunda

This trophy is obtained by completing the secondary mission “a sphere mysterious ”, awarded to the player by Lunda near Alfheim. This secondary mission is very guided, with markers that will indicate the positions to reach to continue and is easy to complete.


Bear skin

Face the bear

Trophy linked to the plot

Blood debt

Face the god of Thunder

Trophy linked to the plot

Street brawl

Confront the mysterious Valkyrie

Trophy linked to the plot

The root of the problem

Take on Nidhogg

Plot-related trophy

The cauldron

Destroy Gryla's cauldron

Plot-related trophy
Dog Catcher

Take on Garm

Plot-related Trophy

Just Punishment

Take on Heimdall

Plot-Related Trophy

Unity is strength

Confront everyone's father

Trophy l go to plot

Silver trophies

God of War Ragnarock Belly full

Obtain all Idun's apples and all mead horns sanguine

This trophy is obtained after having found all instances of 2 types of collectibles: the apples of Idun and the horns of blood mead. The former serve to increase Kratos' health bar while the latter increase the rage bar. These objects are found inside the nornane chests, a particular type of crate scattered throughout the game universe that requires the breaking of 3 nearby runic seals in order to be opened. Here you will find a specific guide with all the positions of these collectibles.


Obtain all shields

This trophy is obtained after collecting all the shields inside of the new effort from Santa Monica Studios. Some of the shields are found only after completing secondary missions, while others are obtained as a reward for exploration. Here you will find the guide we wrote about shields.

Dragon Slayer

Create the Dragon Scale armor set

This trophy is obtained by building one of the most rare and important of the whole game, especially for those who prefer a very aggressive style of play. The armor is made up of three different pieces (torso, arms, legs) and each piece must be made by collecting the right materials. The best way to find materials is to complete the secondary missions of the "dragon hunt" type, all located near the crater (within the kingdom of Vanaheim).

Who goes well

Fully repair Yggdrasil's amulet

Yggdrasil's amulet is a piece of equipment that can be upgraded with various gems, offering passive bonuses of various kinds. Initially the amulet will have very few settings available but by repairing it it is possible to increase the number of gems. To repair it, it will be necessary to retrieve special settings that can be obtained from legendary chests scattered around the game map. To find out the location of the various chests, we refer you to our ad hoc guide.

Farewell to a friend

Attend the funeral

To get this trophy you must complete the secondary mission "A Viking funeral". This mission can be obtained by speaking to Lunda at her workshop. Also in this case we are talking about a rather guided secondary mission: initially it will be necessary to go to the inn of Nidavellir and then to the beaches of Sverdsand.

Owl of good omen

Free the Hafgufa

This trophy is obtained by completing 2 side missions available in Alfheim namely “the secret of the sands” and “song of the sands“. Both of these missions involve the player being able to free huge creatures called Hafgufa; to do this it is necessary to cut some tendrils using the leviathan, also exploiting the purple crystals to make the ax bounce.

Attention to one element: in order to have access to these areas it is necessary to continue in the game a lot, gaining a particular rune only after making peace with a specific character.


Free the lyngbakr

This trophy is obtained by completing the secondary mission "the weight of the chains", acceptable within the Svartalfheim area. This mission involves the player finding a key and freeing someone on Mimir's direction. Once the lake creature has been freed to complete the mission it is necessary to break the various chains and then interact with the eye that is under the surface of the water, in order to obtain the trophy.

What a beautiful day

Recover Mardoll

This trophy is obtained by completing the secondary mission “Freya has no peace”, which is acceptable within the Vanaheim area. The mission in question asks the player to search for three objects in a specific area of ​​Vanaheim, then destroying them. Completing this side mission will reward the player with a new weapon to use as Kratos.

Invasive species

Complete all hunts in the crater

This trophy can be complete only where you have completed all hunts at “The Crater,” the secondary area hidden within Vanaheim that becomes available mid-game. The hunts are nothing more than submissions in which Kratos will have to eliminate dragons or other terrible creatures at the end of secondary missions.

Here is a list of all the missions to be completed in the various areas of the crater:

Crater “For Vanaheim” secondary mission: Dragon boss (impossible to lose) “In the middle of the night” secondary mission: boss Dreki “The Night Raider” secondary mission: Ghost boss | Here you will find a video guide. In the Sunlight Side Quest: Stone Golem Boss | Here you will find a video guide. Chasms “Skies in Flames” Side Quest: Dragon Boss | Here you will find a video guide. “A Shaking Hole” Side Quest: Dragon Boss | Here you will find a video guide. Jungle “A Trail of the Dead” Side Quest: Dragon Boss “What Lies Below” Side Quest: 2 Dreki as Boss “Path of Destruction” Side Quest: Dragon Boss Best Friends

Caress Speki and Svanna

To get this trophy it is necessary to complete the secondary mission “Animal Instincts”, which can be activated in Midgard in the Lake of Nine area. The mission in question provides that the player, in the role of Kratos, makes a clean sweep of four different camps of Kol bandits, men guilty of having tortured in the past Speki and Svanna (the wolves who help Kratos to move around the area). After clearing all four fields, it will be possible to return to the sled and get a unique interaction with Speki and Svanna, thus allowing the player to get the trophy.

The right place

Return all lindwyrms to Ratatoskr

To get this trophy it is necessary to fulfill Ratatoskr's request to bring back what escaped from the roots of Yggdrasil; this task can only be tackled after defeating one of the first bosses of the game storyline. The various lyndwirms to be found will be found within six different rifts of Yggdrasil, scattered throughout the nine realms into which the game is divided.

Seasons of Purity

recover the deer of the four seasons

To get this trophy it is necessary to complete the secondary mission “A deer for each season”. This mission unlocks only after completing the “For Vanaheim” side mission, right after saving a particular character during the course of the main storyline. The mission in question can be completed by thoroughly exploring the area of ​​the Crater, where the 4 deer of the seasons covered by the trophy will be hidden.

Trials of Fire

Complete all the challenges of Muspelheim.

To get this trophy it is necessary to complete all the challenges of Muspellheim: we refer you comfortably to the video above to obtain all the most important information on the subject.

Gold trophies

Ready for action

Fully upgrade one set of armor

To get this trophy you must bring at least one full set of wearable armor from Kratos to level 9, which is the maximum level possible. To unlock this trophy, all 3 components of a set (arms, chest, legs) must be brought to level 9. Of all the armor, the easiest to upgrade to the maximum is undoubtedly Surtr's armor since the resources needed to upgrade it are obtainable with challenges directly present in the Muspelheim region, the same place where it can be found.

A serious mistake

Confront King Hrolf

To be obtained, this trophy asks the player to face and defeat King Hrolf, a particularly difficult optional boss that can be encountered by interacting with the appropriate tombstone at the King's Tomb, an optional location in the northernmost area of ​​Midgard. Before you can face King Hrolf, however, you must defeat his berserkers, a series of secondary bosses scattered throughout the game world.

The real queen

Face off against Gna

This trophy is the one that will probably require the most effort because it is linked to a task as simple as it is difficult: to defeat Gnà, the queen of the Valkyries and the most difficult boss of the entire title.


Fight everyone's father

Story related trophy

Platinum trophy

The bear and the wolf

get all the trophies

Congratulations, you have just completed God Of War Ragnarok in all its parts!

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