Monster Hunter: Capcom and Tencent together for a new chapter

Monster Hunter: Capcom and Tencent together for a new chapter

Monster Hunter

Capcom has signed an agreement with Timi Studio, a company controlled by the Chinese giant Tencent, to which we owe the hit Call of Duty Mobile, for the construction of a new Monster Hunter for mobile systems. The game will feature the typical mechanics of the Monster Hunter series, while giving players a unique experience for these platforms.

Monster Hunter is Capcom's second-largest franchise by sales, with 88 million total copies sold. It is second only to the Resident Evil series (131 million copies), but far above the Street Fighter series, stopping at 49 million copies sold.

Monster Hunter World was Capcom's best-selling game of 2018, with 18.5 million units sold, more than Resident Evil 7, which sold 11.3 million units, and Monster Hunter Rise which sold 11.2 million units in 2021.

Read more details from the official press release:

TiMi Studio Group (TiMi) and Capcom Co., Ltd. (Capcom) have joined forces and are working on a new mobile game dedicated to the iconic Monster Hunter series . The game, now in development, will bring back the hunting dynamics that defined the franchise, and will offer players a new and unique action experience for mobile devices.

The first partnership between TiMi and Capcom will allow to combine the experiences and strengths of both companies, allowing Monster Hunter to reach even more platforms and giving the possibility to hunters from all over the world - who are fans long or newbies - to experience the freedom to hunt anywhere and at any time.

In the first official FAQ of the project we can read some more details about the game. Not very many, unfortunately and in general nothing particularly revealing. Be that as it may, let's see:

Question: Can you share more information about Monster Hunter's strategy? How will this mobile game fit into this strategy?

Answer: TiMi and Capcom are working together to create a mobile experience that is dynamic and meets the expectations of the purest fans, especially those who don't always have access to high-profile devices. Additionally, the game is designed to engage mobile game users and get them hooked on this iconic franchise.

Speaking of actual gameplay:

Q: What is the genre of the game?

A: We will keep what defines the Monster Hunter series alive and make sure it is an authentic monster hunting experience.

On top of that, the game will also have an additional offering, it will in fact provide a new environment for all of our players.

Q: Can you show us more about the gameplay?

A: Not yet, but don't miss our future communications about it.

Finally some news on the development:

Q: How long have you been working on this project? When will the game be tested / launched?

A: Although the game is still in pre-alpha stage, the team has been working on it for more than a year. Both Capcom and TiMi are investing time and resources to make a Monster Hunter game that is enjoyed by players around the world and that reproduces classic hunting actions. For us, quality is important and the experience of the players always comes first. We have several tests planned as the game is later in development, all over the course of the next year. We will share more information on our update path as the game progresses in development.

Q: In which regions will the game be available?

A: We aim to make it available worldwide, we will share more details about it later.

Q: What is your goal in terms of revenue and registrations?

A: We don't have a specific number to share publicly, but we look forward to attracting a sizable global player base. We are confident about the game's prospects. The franchise is already one of the most popular series in the world, mobile platforms will allow for greater accessibility, and this game will offer players an engaging world to continually explore.

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