The most important news of the week from October 31st to November 6th

The most important news of the week from October 31st to November 6th

The launch of God of War Ragnarok, with its high ratings and crazy commercials, dominates the chart of the most important news of the week, but that was to be expected: the new chapter of the series by Santa Monica Studio seems to have definitely maintained the promises, delivering us an extraordinary experience.

Obviously this is not the only thing that happened: there were also the announcement with date and price of PlayStation VR2 and lots of curiosities, from those concerning the television series of The Witcher, with the sensational farewell of Henry Cavill, to the leaks concerning Overdose, the next project by Hideo Kojima, finally passing through the release date of the HBO series of The Last of Us.

The debut of God of War Ragnarok

God of War Ragnarok, Kratos faces Thor Among all the news related to God of War Ragnarok it is a bit surprising to see that the one that has been the most successful is the video of the hilarious commercial with Ben Stiller, John Travolta and LeBron James: an undoubtedly original and unconventional way to promote the launch of the game, which Sony somehow wanted to repeat with the crazy Japanese commercial.

Able not to disappoint the high expectations of the fans of the saga, God of War Ragnarok received very high marks, which confirm the excellent quality of the new adventure starring Kratos and Atreus. Committed to confronting the Aesir after fighting Baldur in the previous chapter, father and son will have to come out of Ragnarok unscathed this time, and it won't be easy at all.

As we wrote in our God of War review Ragnarok, there are many improvements made to the already solid 2018 system, with a now mature combat system, a large variety of different enemies and a setting full of secondary activities. The other side of the coin? A substantially lighter tone narrative.

PlayStation VR2 has an official release date and price

PlayStation VR2 Sony has officially announced the release date and price of PlayStation VR2, the new PS5 virtual reality headset that promises a unique experience thanks to the sophisticated technologies used, both on the front of the display and on that of the controllers. The device will arrive in stores on February 22, 2023 and will cost € 599.99.

It goes without saying that the reactions to the price have been very negative: this is a higher figure than what is needed to buy a PlayStation 5 and there is a concrete possibility that this sum constitutes a serious obstacle to the diffusion of the product, which in itself will have to move within a niche market.

Fans did not take the goodbye well by Henry Cavill in The Witcher

The Witcher, Henry Cavill as Geralt Rivia. The news, unsurprisingly, triggered very strong reactions from fans, disappointed and confused by the farewell of the actor who was able to give the protagonist of the show a considerable depth.

A petition to ask Henry Cavill to stay in The Witcher series, but we imagine it will have very relative relevance. In fact, it seems that the actor's decision is due on the one hand to creative contrasts with the showrunners regarding the original material, and on the other to the new commitments deriving from the role of Superman in the DC Extended Universe.

Report Coming for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, a soldier descends from the walls of a building Apparently a hotel is blown up in the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 campaign up in the air . There is only one small detail: although the developers have changed the name of the hotel in Amsterdam, it is evident that it is the Hotel Conservatorium, which actually exists and whose owners have not taken it very well.

The complaint against Activision was therefore triggered, guilty of not having contacted the structure or having asked for permission in any way to include it in your game, let alone blow it up on the screen. A "carelessness" that could cost the publisher dearly, given the potential image damage done.

The first official video of the Fallout TV series

Fallout, the Power Armor seen in the fourth episode Amazon has released a first official video for the Fallout TV series, in this case a behind the scenes made in order to illustrate the degree of fidelity of the show compared to the games: an aspect that fans take in high regard, and that the producers wanted to face immediately, although there is no release date yet.

Directed and produced by Jonathan Nolan, the series will not deviate from the aesthetics and atmospheres that have made the Bethesda franchise famous, which in these days it is celebrating its 25th anniversary: ​​the perfect opportunity to give fans a small taste of what they will see in the show, which began shooting last July.

The TV series of The L ast of Us has a release date

The Last of Us, Pedro Pascal as Joel The Last of Us TV series has an official release date, and it's closer than previously thought: the show will be available in Italy starting from January 16, 2023 on the Sky and NOW platforms, just twenty-four hours after the broadcast in the USA. Great news for the many fans of the Naughty Dog franchise, who expect a work that is particularly respectful of the original material.

We know that the first season of The Last of Us will retrace the events of the chapter of debut of the series, with Joel and Ellie (played by Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey) embarking on a difficult journey in the middle of a post-apocalyptic America, devastated a few years earlier by the spread of a fungus that has transformed most people into dangerous mutants.

Overdose gameplay video leaks

Death Stranding, Margaret Qualley's Mama After a couple of very blurry images, a gameplay video of Overdose, the new game by Hideo Kojima which apparently will see the presence of Margaret Qualley (formerly Mama in Death Stranding) within a horror-style adventure, made in this case exclusively for Xbox and able to exploit the power of the c loud.

It is possible that the video comes from a teaser that Kojima Productions had prepared in view of The Game Awards 2022, the event organized by Geoff Keighley during which we plan to also attend the announcement of Death Stranding 2 . For now, however, nothing is official: we'll have to wait a little longer for confirmation.

Phil Spencer admits it's been too long since the last Xbox exclusive first party

Phil Spencer If there is one thing that is surprising in terms of planning at Microsoft it is undoubtedly the fact that the company has bought a large number of development teams in recent years but has found itself having to launch its new consoles in practice without the concrete support of an adequate amount of exclusives, and inevitably the kinks come to a head.

To the point that even Phil Spencer has had to admit it: it's been too long since the last Xbox first exclusive party. In short, the CEO of Microsoft Gaming is aware of the situation and knows that the COVID factor had an effect only up to a certain point, after which the effective ability to carry out projects quickly was lacking. We are now aiming for 2023, which on paper finally looks like the year of redemption for Xbox.

Is the presentation of GTA 6 imminent?

GTA Online, an official artwork Protagonist of what probably stands as the most sensational leak ever in the videogame industry, GTA 6 could be presented soon or at least this is the hypothesis formulated by a particularly reliable insider as regards Rockstar Games productions. After all, the leak must have pushed the company to speed up the times.

The point is this: tomorrow, November 7th, the new call with investors will be held and it is clear that providing timing with respect to the reveal official of Grand Theft Auto 6 could be of great help to revive the enthusiasm among shareholders and not only, thus starting to set some stages from now to the launch of the new episode. We'll see.

As long as there is PlayStation, Call of Duty will arrive on PlayStation

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, Ghost scours the area There could have been a recap of the most important news of the week without a single article on the controversy between Sony and Microsoft in relation to the acquisition of Activision Blizzard? Of course not, and after the clash with the British antitrust Phil Spencer has considered it appropriate to reiterate for the umpteenth time that his company has no intention of making Call of Duty an Xbox exclusive.

"We will not remove Call of Duty from PlayStation, "Spencer said in an interview. "It's not our intention: as long as there's a PlayStation out there to release the game on, our goal is to continue releasing Call of Duty on PlayStation." Very clear words, but so far they have been a bit lost in the chaos of fierce declarations.

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