Lucca Collecting 2023: tickets, guests and scheduled events

Lucca Collecting 2023: tickets, guests and scheduled events

Lucca Collecting 2023

Sergio Algozzino, the artist responsible for the creation of the Lucca poster Collecting 2023 containing 80 quotes taken from cult films, animated series, video games and comics, launches 80Quest: a challenge to the entire community that invites you to find at least 60 of these quotes, so as to have the chance to win tickets for free access to the Lucca Comics and Games 2023 edition.

How to win tickets thanks to 80Quest and the entire Lucca program Collecting 2023

How to win tickets thanks to 80Quest Where to buy tickets for Lucca Collecting 2023 The birth of the poster explained by Sergio Algozzino Guests of Lucca Collecting 2023 The complete calendar of the event

Win tickets thanks to 80Quest

Participation in 80Quest will be reserved exclusively for visitors to Lucca Collezionando 2023 in possession of a ticket, who will therefore be physically present at the Polo Fiere on 25 and 26 March (it is not possible to participate online).

--> Lucca Collecting posters During these two days of the Festival, the entry forms will in fact be available at a station dedicated to the poster, also present in its full-size version. At this point it will be sufficient to fill in the participation form, insert it in the appropriate ballot box and wait for the outcome on 27 March.

Where to buy tickets for Lucca Collezionando 2023

To participate in Lucca Collecting 2023, the spring vintage-pop festival organized by Lucca Comics and Games dedicated to comics and slow entertainment, we invite you to visit the page dedicated to tickets on the event's official website. Lucca Collecting and its poster await you with 80Quests and tickets up for grabs!

The birth of the poster explained by Sergio Algozzino

--> Below are Sergio Algozzino's statements about the birth of the poster:

If too many quotations in the narrative field can disturb and divert the reader's attention, an image built on them can instead be a fun game based on research. When I was asked to design the poster for Lucca Collezionando, being by definition "the Vintage-Pop Comics Festival", I therefore tried to reason on a concept of this kind by taking it to the limit.

I proposed two scenarios, the first set in a flea market, the second in a collector's room. In both cases, the protagonist would always be a girl who was born to be a living quotation herself. Between the two, the room was preferred, and I started to define everything, with all those little pictures that were supposed to show her passions. The problem is that after having drawn twenty or thirty they always seemed a few to me, so they became forty, fifty and so on. In truth I hadn't really counted them until I really felt like I'd filled enough, delivering the poster with 76 quotes. But 76 was a really stupid number! What could be better than a nice round number, among other things the emblem of a decade that was in vogue in that sense?

Lucca Collecting posters

In truth, a rule that I set for myself right away was to be as democratic as possible, to make the game usable for everyone : It didn't have to be limited to just one generation and one medium of entertainment. Thus, inside you can find references to comics of all nationalities, video games, films, television series and games, from all eras. When it began to be clear that we could officially launch a challenge to find them all, I also tried not to be too mean, carefully avoiding inserting works that were difficult to recognize. So I hope people enjoy it.

From a technical point of view, you had to create a poster adaptable to various formats on precise measurements, and this too was a challenge, but only for me. However, I drew by dividing all the planes, in this way I was able to move and recalibrate the various objects in the different compositions, this means that in the end each version you will see of the poster is different in its own way from the others, not simply cropped in that format . For the colours, I had initially thought of a nocturnal atmosphere, similar to certain chromatic inclinations of mine, but having to think about the aspect linked to the recognizability of the quotations, covering many parts with shadows or dark colors would have made everything difficult to read.

The guests of Lucca Collecting 2023

The rich cultural program at Lucca Collecting 2023 expects the presence of over 60 protagonists who will be at the center of numerous meetings, signing copies and presentations not to be missed. Saturday will be an opportunity to meet Elena Mirulla, attend the Omino Bufo award ceremony delivered by Alfredo Castelli and leave your handprint on the Lucca Comics and Games Walk of Fame together with Alfonso Font and Claudio Villa. Furthermore, again on Saturday, the event dedicated to comics at the time of artificial intelligence will be held with LRNZ (Lorenzo Ceccotti) in connection. Finally, on the same day, it will be the turn of Masters of the Universe with the participation of Emiliano Santalucia, Dimitri Galli Rohl and Giuliano Piccininno interviewed by Alessandro “DocManhattan” Apreda.

Sunday will instead be dedicated to collecting of Magic: The Gathering, with Tiziano Antognozzi and Luca Meregalli, and Ken Shiro, the manga and anime hero, who will be judged by the public together with Alessandro “DocManhattan” Apreda and Sergio Algozzino.

The complete calendar of the event

Below we share with you the complete calendar dedicated to the two days of Lucca Collecting 2023:

--> Saturday 25 March at the Sala meeting

10:30 Elena Mirulla presents "Weird Vampy" - Moderator Dario Dino Guida. 11:15 am Starting over from 40! A chat with Roberto Baldazzini - Moderator P.Luigi Gaspa with hand cast ceremony for the Walk of Fame 12:00 Antonio Lapone presents "Gentlemind", out for Alessandro Editore - Moderator Paolo Gallinari. 12:30 “Flash Gordon” is back on newsstands. Alberto Becattini intervenes. Moderated by P.Luigi Gaspa. 13:00 Massimo De Vita, one of the best-known Mickey Mouse authors, presents the volume "Mopsi, Giso and Leo" together with the Papersera Association, the adventures of the trio of characters drawn by his father, Pier Lorenzo De Vita. 13:30 Nicola Pesce Editore presents “Lucca Comics Story”, with Massimo Di Grazia. Moderated by Giovanni Russo. 14:30 Panel Lucca Collecting: “AI – additional tool or blank proxy? Comics in the age of artificial intelligences“. LRNZ, Francesco D'Isa and Alassandro "DocManhattan" Apreda talk about it. Leads Daniele Caluri. 15:30 AMYS presents: “Omino Bufo 2023” Award and “Atlantide” Award 2023. Alfredo Castelli intervenes. Moderated by Paolo Mignone. 16:00 Cut-Up Publishing presents “Tilt”. Alfredo Castelli intervenes. 16:30 Happy birthday Tex! Special Guests Alfonso Font and Claudio Villa, with hand molding ceremony. Moderated by Pier Luigi Gaspa. 17:30 Masters of The Universe, what a passion! Speakers Emiliano Santalucia, Dimitri Galli Rohl and Giuliano Piccininno. Moderated by Alessandro “DocManhattan” Apreda. 18:30 SCLS presents “The historical characters in the comics and in the adventures of Zagor”. Guests Moreno Burattini, Anna Lazzarini, Oskar, Marcello Mangiantini, Walter Venturi, Valerio Piccioni, Joevito Nuccio, Luca Corda, Stefano Di Vitto, Giuliano Piccininno, Marcello Toninelli, Giovanni Freghieri. Raul Calovini and Stefano Bidetti moderate. Sunday 26 March at the Sala Incontri

11:00 ANAFI presents the magazine “Budu├ár ​​– Almanac of light art”. Speakers Dino Aloi, Alessandro Prevosto and Marco De Angelis. Moderated by Paola Biribanti. 11:30 ANAFI presents “100 years with Jacovitti”. Edgardo Colabelli of the Benito Jacovitti House Museum intervenes. Moderated by Paolo Gallinari. 12:00 Forum ZTN and "Il parlor of Sheldon" present "What's new in Lucca Collezionando", a talk show with guests in presence and remotely. During the meeting, the book "La Palude dei Convicti" will also be presented. Speakers Moreno Burattini and Mario Laurenti. 13:00 Prize giving Lucca Collecting. 14:30 Riccardo Pieruccini presents the latest issue of “Robot Madness”. 3pm Collecting Magic: The Gathering: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Market. Tiziano Antognozzi (Curator of the Lucca Games Cultural Program, Researcher of the IMT and the GAME Science Research Center) interviews Luca Meregalli, European administrator of the Facebook group MTG Art Market, financial consultant and collector. 16:00 Manga at the bar. Ken Shiro's Trial: Guilty or Innocent? Alessandro "DocManhattan" Apreda and Sergio Algozzino, exceptional lawyers, debate in front of the public jury. As judge, Domenico Bottalico of Cultura Pop. 17:00 Not just toy soldiers! A chat with Elisabetta Carovani, director of the Museo del Figurino Storico in Calenzano.

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