Skoda Kamiq Black Dots, what we like what we don't | Our proof

Skoda Kamiq Black Dots, what we like what we don't | Our proof

Skoda Kamiq Black Dots

Officially presented in 2019 on the European market, Kamiq is a compact SUV that fits, within the range of the Bohemian manufacturer, between the B-SUV Karoq and the more spacious Kodiak. Kamiq adopts the MQB-A0 platform, the same as Seat Arona and Volkswagen T-Cross, and measures 4,241 mm in length, 1,793 in width, with a wheelbase of 2,651 mm.

Now, after some time since its official debut, Skoda Kamiq has been renewed but it does not do it with a new facelift (which, moreover, would not have been particularly justified given the freshness of the car), but with a meticulously tailored set-up only for the Italian market. With Black Dots, Skoda unveils a version that is positioned between the Ambition and Style trim levels, however inheriting elements from the latter and from the more prestigious Montecarlo.

What can be found inside Black Dots? Practically the same range of accessories as Style, with the exception of the Adaptive Cruise Control and the navigator. This choice, well considered by the brand, is linked to the type of use expected for Kamiq; this model is a city-SUV and is generally purchased to circulate in the city or cover small extra-urban journeys, the removal of two accessories that are not used by the buyers has allowed Skoda to further reduce the price and offer, at the same time, some small aesthetic improvement such as the black lettering.


--> Reasoned choices? Absolutely yes in our opinion; the ACC is almost impossible to use in the city especially if combined with a manual gearbox which will tend to flood the car, while the navigator is an accessory that has been superseded by Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, two systems that are now more than common in our daily lives .

The equipment of the Kamiq Black Dots is quite rich and includes 17" black diamond rims, front and rear LED lights, automatic climate control, infotainment with 8" screen, keyless system, photochromic internal mirror, suede and textile, Front Assistant, Lane Assistant and Cruise Control. Also available as an option are the City Pack (rain sensors, rear view camera and Kessy Full system) and City Plus Pack (front parking sensors, aluminum pedals, Adaptive Cruise Control, panoramic roof and 10.2″ Virtual Cockpit).

In any case, for the most demanding customers all the superior trims remain up to the Montecarlo, the main version of the brand. The propulsive choice is almost unchanged, in fact Kamiq offers petrol variants combined with manual or automatic transmission. In more detail:

1.0 TSI 95 bhp: 25,350 euros; 1.0 TSI 110 bhp: 26,450 euros; 1.0 TSI 110 HP DSG: 27,950 euros; 1.5 TSI 150 bhp: 28,250 euros; 1.5 TSI 150 HP DSG: 29,750 euros.

What convinces us

--> We have specified it on several occasions, even if the design is a purely subjective aspect, the aesthetics of this Kamiq, in the Black Dots setting, is decidedly appreciable and captivating. The feeling one gets when observing this car is that of being in front of a higher segment solution, thanks to the skilful work done by Skoda.

The squared and clean lines dominate the bodywork and the LED elements, both front (split) and rear enrich the design by also offering high visibility in all situations. The black lettering is also appreciable which, combined with the glossy black details, embellishes the aesthetic aspect of Kamiq making it even closer to young people.

The the passenger compartment inherits somewhat the stylistic features of the brand and of the Group in general; we therefore find the right mix of soft materials and solutions designed to last over time, physical buttons that are practical and simple to use, a two-spoke steering wheel and a large display well positioned on the dashboard.

Like all the most recent cars This city-SUV also offers a complete digital entertainment system compatible with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, even if only available in the cabled variants. Connectivity is of the USB-C type and there are two ports in the immediate vicinity of the gearbox.

The seats are excellent, practical and comfortable even for long journeys even if, unfortunately, they are not equipped with electric adjustments. The trunk is practical, with a capacity of around 400 liters and a regular and easily usable access opening.

Simply Clever

With the aim of making the habitability and ever more practical and optimized use, for some time now Skoda has been offering a series of unique and absolutely singular solutions. Also on board the Kamiq there are therefore "Simply Clever" precautions, such as a small umbrella inserted in the driver's door, an ice scraper (thickness gauge to check the state of wear of the tyres) positioned inside the petrol cap, a funnel built into the washer fluid cap and much more. Small and simple comforts that can make the difference.

What doesn't convince us

The aspects that don't fully convince us of Kamiq Black Dots are almost absent; perhaps the only one that can be reported concerns the noisiness of the car at high revs even if speed is not exactly its favorite playing field and this small sore point does not surprise us all that much.

As driving

When used in the city, the raised driving position and excellent visibility help to perceive the dimensions of the Kamiq Black Dots, and the rear view camera helps in the most complicated manoeuvres. Skoda Kamiq absorbs road bumps well, such as pavé, confirming itself as perfect for the city and the 17" rims, combined with a generous shoulder, ensure good driving comfort.

As mentioned, three 100 engine versions are available Endothermic %: 1.0 95 horsepower, 1.0 110 horsepower and 1.5 150 horsepower. Our car was equipped with the intermediate solution which proved to be interesting for both urban and extra-urban use, offering a good starting point and a solid recovery. In addition, the presence of a 7-speed DSG gearbox has made the city-SUV extremely practical and agile in city driving, also ensuring truly noteworthy comfort.

And for consumption? An average of 13 km/l is traveled in urban areas but it is not uncommon to exceed even 20 km/l on extra-urban roads. The tank is 50 liters and with a full tank, with mixed use, it is not difficult to reach 700 km.

Is it worth it?

There are five trim levels available: Ambition (base), Style, Black Dots, Scout Line and Montecarlo, with prices ranging from 23,700 euros to 28,400 euros. Black Dots, on the other hand, starts at 25,350 euros up to 29,750 for the one equipped with a 1.5 150 horsepower engine with 7-speed DSG gearbox.

The Skoda Kamiq is positioned in an extremely crowded market segment and, in our opinion, in this Black Dots setup, the manufacturer has managed to churn out an excellent solution especially for the quantity of accessories offered. For those interested in purchasing, Skoda, with its Clever Value formula, offers the possibility of purchasing it for 199 euros per month (3,500 euros in advance, final installment of 13,582 euros) with 36 installments and a limit of 30,000 km. After 3 years it is possible to return the car, refinance the final installment or switch to another model. For more information on the methods, we refer you to the official website.

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