Samsung Bespoke Jet | Review

Samsung Bespoke Jet | Review

Samsung's range of Bespoke products has been available for some time now and the manufacturer has not limited itself to large appliances for the kitchen and bathrooms, but has recently also introduced products dedicated to cleaning. One example is the line of electric brooms which, similar to the fridges, are available in warm tones, such as white, navy blue and green, which should be perfect for your home decor, no matter which shades you choose.

Bespoke Jet is a complete cordless vacuum cleaner ideal for any use; we will analyze this point later in the article but we anticipate that there is an all-in-one Clean Station that also acts as a charging base, with space for the main floor cleaning head connected to the telescopic tube. Just make sure that the tube is retracted to be able to insert it: yes exactly, you read that right, the Bespoke Jet integrates a function that is now a real rarity. Well done Samsung.


The Samsung Clean Station is different from the automatic emptying stations available in many latest generation vacuum cleaners. Instead of automatically vacuuming dirt from the dust container, the Clean Station requires the user to press a button to start the process and manually stop it. To access the internal compartment of the Bespoke Jet a panel must be removed; an extremely simple and easy operation for any user. This aspect applies to any area of ​​the product: it does not require any effort and even a less robust person will be able to use it to its maximum functionality.

--> The dust bag removal and replacement system works in such a way that it is not possible to use the small household appliance without the bag: a good trick to avoid possible breakages. Therefore, when you replace the dust bag, you should replace it immediately. If you want to avoid the recurring cost of disposable bags, you can empty the dust container in the usual way. It is also possible to completely disassemble it to wash it occasionally and clean/replace the filter, an optimal practice if you want to prolong the life of the vacuum cleaner.

Samsung Bespoke Jet --> The Bespoke Jet is also lighter than other popular cordless vacuum cleaners on the market. The weight is less than 3 kg and the battery, positioned in the upper part, ensures high mobility and balance. Depending on the Bespoke Jet model, you can have up to seven cleaning heads and tools. Among these, two motorized heads for hard floors only: the Jet Dual Brush, equipped with a bristle roller and a soft roller for use on hard floors and carpets, and the Slim Action accessory, with a soft roller only and designed for wooden floors.

Then there is the Spray Spinning Sweeper which, as the name suggests, can be used for sweeping and cleaning. In addition to the three motorized cleaning heads, there is a smaller soft roller called the Pet Tool (also motorized) and various accessories for cleaning uneven or hard-to-reach surfaces.

Vacuum mode

The Samsung Bespoke Jet is not only stylish and feature packed, but it is also quite powerful. There are four suction modes – Min, Mid, Max and Jet – and for regular cleanings we think Mid is perfect. Jet mode, as the name suggests, is really powerful and vigorous, perhaps one of the most powerful I've ever tried. The autonomy here goes from 60 minutes to just 8 minutes, but the power is so high as to allow a single passage on each surface.

The vacuum cleaner (even in Jet mode) is unable to eliminate dried stains , like mud and caked water; therefore, it is necessary to use the brush with double rotors and cloths: cleaning is effective even if, as with all tools of this type, the impression is that it can damage delicate floors such as parquet. In any case, the advice is to move slowly to ensure complete and uniform washing. Negative note: cloths with rounded edges do not allow you to clean thoroughly in previously vacuumed corners of the house; therefore, it may be necessary to use the rag from time to time.

The suction power of the Cleaning Station is also important: as we have already mentioned, it only takes a couple of seconds to empty a full bin, which works really well as it empties both hair and dog hair.

Battery Life

60 minutes seems to be the standard for most of the vacuum cleaners produced in recent years, and here too it seems to be the case. Each battery supplied with the Bespoker Jet offers up to 60 minutes of suction and just over 1 hour of scrubbing. With a motorized head the time drops to 42 minutes in Min mode, 24 min in Mid, 14 min in Max and 8 min in Jet. The battery life is marked on the handle and it is always possible to see in real time how many minutes are left.

Recharging takes just over 3 hours to go from 0 to 100% and considering the presence of a double battery it is not a real problem.

Who should buy it< /h2> Samsung Bespoker Jet is ideal for those looking for an all-round solution capable of washing and vacuuming. The base is a real design object and the possibility of having it in several colors guarantees the possibility of combining it with almost all the available furnishings. The operating modes are numerous as are the accessories and, therefore, the cleaning possibilities. The autonomy is valid and the presence of two batteries allows the cleaning (or suction) of even large rooms. The list price for the basic version is 1,099 euros and can go up to 1,299 euros depending on the amount of accessories; it should be noted that Bespoke Jet, in any declination, is discounted both on the official website and on Amazon at a starting price of 799 euros.

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