Emergency function, how to use it on your smartphone

Emergency function, how to use it on your smartphone

Emergency function

Regardless of the make and model, your smartphone is likely to have a built-in emergency sos function. While the hope is that you will never have to use it, it is still good to know it just in case.

The sos function works similarly on all mobile platforms. Its primary purpose is to let the emergency services and your trusted contacts know that you are in trouble and where you are in the event of a medical emergency or other safety-related issue.

iPhone If you use a iPhone, the Emergency Sos feature allows you to quickly contact emergency services in any country you are in, and let one or more of your chosen contacts know that you need help. The first thing to do is set up your contacts. From the Health app, tap on your profile picture and select Medical records.

Tap Edit, then under Emergency contacts select Add to enter one or more names from your address book. When you use emergency sos these people will receive a message and your current location. Once done, select Done.

Emergency Sos can be set up semi-automatically on iOs

Apple via David Nield 'look. By going to Settings and then to Emergency Sos, you can activate Call by pressing and holding and Call by pressing 5 times two functions that respectively allow you to start a call to the emergency services by holding down a button or quickly pressing one of the side buttons five times in a row . In both cases, a short countdown will appear before making the call.

To access the Emergency Sos function, press and hold the side button and one of the volume buttons, then drag the Emergency Call slider, which will contact the emergency services in the region you are in [for iPhone 7 and previous models, the mechanism is slightly different, ed]. You can also press and hold the side button and the volume button if you have activated the Call function by pressing and holding.

Samsung Galaxy If you have a Samsung Galaxy smartphone, you can set the sos function by going to the main Settings screen and selecting Advanced functions. Activate the Send Sos Messages switch to configure the number of quick side key presses required to activate the feature.

When you use the feature, your emergency contacts will receive a service request message and will be able to track your location for 24 hours. During the setup process you can select your emergency contacts from your contact list.

Samsung Galaxy can send emergency messages for you

Samsung via David Nield From the Send Sos message screen yes they can also set up images and a five-second audio recording that will be included in the emergency message. Furthermore, it is possible to have your Samsung Galaxy automatically call your contact after sending the emergency message: tap on Automatically call someone and choose a contact.

Returning to the Security and emergency screen, there there are several other options that you can use: from here you can, for example, edit the list of your emergency contacts and enable sharing of your location when making an emergency call. You can also activate Emergency Mode, which saves battery power in crisis situations.

Google Pixel The Personal Emergency app is pre-installed on Google Pixel phones, where you can find the Emergency Sos function. To enable it, tap on Emergency Sleep at the top of the opening screen and then activate the Use Emergency Sleep switch.

You can configure several options later in the same screen. With five taps on the power button, you can trigger a loud alarm sound, contact local emergency services, share your location with emergency contacts, and record a video. You can select which of these options to activate.

On Pixel phones Emergency Sos allows you to choose between different options

Google via David Nield The Emergency Contacts option is located in the opening screen of the app . Tap Add contact if you want to select a new one from the list. You can use the small buttons marked with an x ​​on the side of the list to remove a person from your emergency contacts.

By returning to the main screen of the Personal Emergencies app, you can also enable the detection of traffic accidents. If it thinks you have been involved in an accident, your Pixel phone will beep and ask if you are okay; if there is no response, the smartphone will attempt to contact the emergency services and share your location.

For smartphones other than Samsung or Pixel, the directions should be similar to those for Galaxy: go to the main settings app and look for Security or Emergency.

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