Welcome back spring! Here come the ManoMano offers to fix the garden!

Welcome back spring! Here come the ManoMano offers to fix the garden!

Spring is finally upon us and with it comes the desire to bring new life to your outdoor space. However, to do it correctly, and above all with maximum comfort, you will need the right tools. If you are missing some or want to replace them because they are too worn, the ManoMano store has made available excellent themed offers.

The initiative will therefore allow you to save small, but still significant, sums on accessories such as plant holders and shelves for the latter, to save considerable sums if you are interested in heavy tools such as chainsaws and augers, not to mention any garden furniture, with many solutions that allow your green area to be more welcoming and functional.

So let's talk about offers that move at 360°, giving you the opportunity to welcome spring with style and comfort, making your garden or terrace the ideal place to relax and spend time outdoors. If with the growth of flowers and plants you had thought of an elegant wooden shelf on which to place plants, which can be positioned both indoors and outdoors, then you will like this proposal by Outsunny with a 4-level design, which can be purchased for only 56. €15 .

The 4 vertical shelves, which also extend horizontally so as to serve as decoration for the terrace, patio and domestic environments, allow you to place a considerable number of plants, reducing clutter on the floor . Each shelf supports a maximum load of 5 kg, while the dimensions of the entire structure are 123 x 33 x 80 cm. As mentioned, this shelf for plants can be placed both inside and out, with the movement being facilitated by 4 practical wheels, two of which with brakes, so that any gusts of wind or accidental touches do not move it.

Read also: 7 small products to revolutionize spring cleaning Having said that, we just have to send you directly to the official page of the store, reiterating once again the invitation to take advantage of these discounts, since there are no it is known how much the stock of available products is. We also inform you that we have created several spring-themed guides, with advice on the most useful and bizarre products, therefore we invite you to visit everything related to spring cleaning on our dedicated page.

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