LG G3, the new OLED TV seen up close is fantastic

LG G3, the new OLED TV seen up close is fantastic


I've seen the new LG G3, and it's not a TV I would recommend to anyone who already has an LG2 G2, or another top of the range from 2022; and perhaps not even those who have a G1, but on the other hand, not many people change their TV or three years, not even those who buy a top of the range.

For anyone else, the new LG G3 improves in everything and it is confirmed as a fantastic TV. As always, it is a phrase to which we must add "for those who can afford it", given that the LG G3 will cost a lot: the official prices have not yet been communicated, but it is reasonable to expect an initial price of 2,800 - 3,000 euros for the 55 inches, and then up from there. Very high prices, but in line with competitors such as the Sony A95L or the Samsung S95C, to name the most famous brands.

To which another 200 euros should be added for the pedestal, in case someone wants to use it - but it is a TV designed to hang on the wall. If someone wants to put it on a piece of furniture like any TV, as far as I'm concerned that someone hasn't understood anything at all.

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