Lamborghini announces some details of the V12 Plug-12

Lamborghini announces some details of the V12 Plug-12

It's not long now to cover the features of the new Lamborghini. On March 29, the new supercar will be unveiled, heir to the Aventador, which is already one of the most anticipated cars of 2023. The most important novelty of the new Lamborghini will be the V12 Plug-in engine, which will represent a revolution for the car manufacturer.

After revealing some initial details on the engine and chassis, Lamborghini has decided to provide further information on the new model, placing particular emphasis on driving dynamics. According to the latest rumors, the new supercar will be equipped with different driving modes, able to satisfy even the most demanding drivers. The powertrain of the LB744 (project name), presents itself as a real revolution in the panorama of sports cars. T he naturally aspirated V12 engine with a displacement of 6.5 liters is supported by no less than three electric motors, which offer a completely new driving experience.

Thanks to the presence of electric motors, the LB744 can count on a series of different driving modes. Modes of using the hybrid system include Recharge Mode, which allows the battery to be recharged while driving, Hybrid Mode, which offers a blend of performance and efficiency, and Performance Mode, which maximizes the vehicle's performance. It is also possible to select between the City, Road, Sport and Corsa driving programs, according to the road conditions or your preferences. All of these driving modes can be selected via the two rotors on the new steering wheel.


In Strada mode, the V12 is constantly in operation and the maximum power of the system can reach 886 HP. In this mode, the two front electric motors help to set the trajectories when cornering by exploiting the electronic torque vectoring, which for the first time will be present on a Lamborghini.

--> The Sport, on the other hand, favors driving fun with a power that rises up to 907 HP. In this configuration, the gearbox, suspension and aerodynamics are tuned to enhance driving pleasure

Finally, the Corsa mode was designed for the track. In this mode, the powertrain delivers 1,015 HP and the hybrid system takes advantage of the electric motors both in terms of torque vectoring and all-wheel drive. It will be possible to deactivate the ESC, recommended only for experts of course, to make the most of the available power.

Let's see what other details have been released: the car will have a weight distribution of 44% on the front and 56% on the rear, as well as greater stiffness of the anti-roll bars and more direct steering. It will be equipped with Bridgestone Potenza Sport tires mounted on steering wheels with 20 and 21-inch rims respectively.

--> The braking system has also been redesigned, and will be able to count on carbon-ceramic discs and 10-piston calipers at the front, while the calipers at the rear will have 4 pistons. Aerodynamics have been improved to achieve 61% and 66% greater efficiency and downforce compared to the previous Aventador Ultimae.

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