Resident Evil 4 Remake | Guide to Trophies and Platinum

Resident Evil 4 Remake | Guide to Trophies and Platinum

In this our Resident Evil 4 Remake trophy guide we will tell you how to unlock all the achievements of the latest Capcom game. If you are hunting for the platinum trophy (or 1000G), we already anticipate that you will be forced to finish the game more than once, since there are objectives that will require you to complete the main story on the highest difficulty level and within a certain time limit; all this, obviously without considering the fact that you will have to obtain the now famous S, and S + ratings, at the end of the more complex runs. Based on what has just been said, it is possible to estimate that, to complete the game 100%, you will need at least 40 hours of gameplay, which could become many more if you decide not to optimize each of your playthroughs to get more trophies at the same time.

In the following lines, we will provide you with all the information you need to get the 40 Resident Evil 4 Remake trophies.

IMPORTANT: The Resident Evil 4 Remake trophies without a description they are obtained simply by continuing in the main quest or are self-explanatory and do not need a guide.

--> If you are looking for other useful tips on the game, do not hesitate to consult our complete guide to Resident Evil 4 Remake.

Resident Evil 4 Remake --> BINGO [Platinum trophy]

Obtain all trophies.


Parry an enemy attack with the knife.

Just press L1 /LB just before an enemy is about to hit Leon (the objects that will be thrown by the various opponents also apply), deflect the blow with the right timing and you will get the trophy.


Upgrade a weapon.

--> Simply go to the merchant and, as soon as the progression of the adventure allows it, buy an upgrade for one of your weapons.


Get the special modification for a weapon .

In the advanced stages of the story, the Merchant will offer you the possibility of purchasing special modifications, provided that you have fully upgraded every other characteristic of your weapon. These peculiar modifications can be paid either with a large number of Pesetas or with a special ticket that you can exchange for a large number of spinels. Buy one and the trophy will be yours.


Complete a merchant's request.

All you have to do is continue through the story and complete one of the numerous requests from the Merchant, found through the blue sheets hanging here and there in the play areas.

To complete this trophy, we refer you to our Guide to Merchant requests (Coming Soon)


Rescue Ashley when an enemy is carrying her away.

Starting in chapter 5, as soon as an enemy grabs Ashley, shoot or stab them from behind to get the trophy.


Destroy a mechanical castellan.

All you have to do is destroy one of the 16 dolls depicting Salazar present in the various game areas. To find out where they are, you can follow our Guide to castellans


Defeat the monster of the lake.


Defeat Bitores Méndez.


Defeat the Verdugo.

OPTIONAL. Instead of constantly running away from Verdugo while waiting for the elevator to arrive at its destination, opt to face him using the liquid nitrogen showers in the area. Every two attacks carried out through the grids (the ones that you can simply avoid by following the instructions on the screen), the Verdugo will come out to attack you, let him follow you as far as one of the liquid nitrogen showers and activate it with the right timing to temporarily freeze the monster. Only hit him in the face with a pistol, or a shotgun, until he shakes the ice off to flee. Repeat the procedure three/four times and as soon as Verdugo stops hiding, just avoid his attacks and hit him by shooting him in the face until he dies, unlocking the trophy.


Defeat Ramon Salazar.


Defeat Jack Krauser.


Defeat Osmund Saddler.


Eliminate 3 enemies at once with a flashbang.

In chapter 09, once you reach the armory, deal with the first two waves of infected armor. Once the third wave begins, the one with three armors, hit the weak point on the neck of each one to release the Plagas and, once all three are exposed, throw a stun grenade on the ground. The Plagas will die instantly and the trophy will be yours.


Defeat a Garrador using only the knife.

During the first Leon's encounter with a Garrador, run to the end of the narrow corridor to find yourself in the next large room. Crouch and silently move behind the Garrador until you see the on-screen prompt to perform a backshot. Once the monster is injured, keep your distance, always remaining crouched, and repeat the procedure until the fearsome monster dies, unlocking the trophy.


Kill 2 parasites inside a Regenerador with a single shot.

When you have to recover the wrench from the body of one of the four Regeneradors locked up in the incubators, mount the thermal sight on a carbine of your choice and, with due calm, look for the right angle to hit two parasites with one shot.


Throw a grenade into Ramon Salazar's mouth.

As per the title of the trophy, during the boss fight with Salazar, take the right timing to throw a grenade in the monster's mouth moments before it throws its lethal acid jet at you. We advise you to take advantage of a secondary save point before the boss fight to be able to try as many times as necessary to obtain this tedious trophy.


Use the cannon to defeat a fanatic.

After defeating the armored giant using the cannon, remember to fire a cannon shot on the stairs before the door that you will have to break down: by doing so, you will eliminate the fanatics present in the area and you will quickly unlock the trophy.


Clear both paths in the underground tunnels without taking any damage to the carts.

Simply, you will have to repeat the two paths with the trolleys, until you have memorized them, being able to complete them without suffering even damage. We advise you to play in Assisted Mode, to study the order in which the enemies will approach you and to take advantage of a secondary save point before this phase so that you can try as many times as you want to get this trophy.


Reach the top of the clock tower without the lift stopping.

Just try, and try again, using the automatic Checkpoint placed before the ascent with the elevator. To get the trophy, no enemy will have to climb on the roof of the elevator; to do this there are two ways: shoot the explosive barrels whenever a number of two or more enemies group together, being careful to quickly eliminate the enemy equipped with a stun lantern, or return to this phase as soon as you have obtained the rocket launcher with infinite ammo and simply shoot continuously at the various spawn points to eliminate groups of enemies quickly and effectively.


Get to the end without taking damage to the bike of water.

Simply you will have to complete the escape with the jet ski, without suffering even damage. We advise you to play in Assisted Mode, to NEVER accelerate until you are in front of the ramps (you will not lose because of the timer, don't worry) and to have a secondary save point before this phase (you will find a typewriter shortly after the boss fight against Saddler), so you can try as many times as you want to get this trophy.


Sell a treasure for at least 100000 Pesetas.

This trophy is much easier to obtain than it seems. All you need to do is keep one gem of each color (three square and two circular) in your inventory until you find, or exchange from the Merchant, a treasure called "Elegant Crown". Once you have found it, all you have to do is set the five gems of different colors to unlock the bonus multiplier and reach the sales sum of 100,000 Pesetas.


Collect all the treasures shown on the village treasure map in a single playthrough.

To complete this trophy, we refer you to our Treasure Guide (Coming Soon)


Collect all the treasures shown on the castle treasure map in a single playthrough.

To complete this trophy, we refer you to our Treasure Guide (Coming Soon)


Collect all the treasures shown on the island's treasure map in a single playthrough.

To complete this trophy, we refer you to our Treasure Guide (Coming Soon)


Obtain all weapons.

To complete this trophy, we refer you to our Weapons Guide


Complete ta all merchant requests.

To complete this trophy, we refer you to our Guide To Merchant Requests (Coming Soon)


Destroy all mechanical castellans.

To complete this trophy, we refer you to our Guide to castellans


Finish the main story on Normal difficulty or higher.

Automatically obtainable upon completing the main story on the default difficulty level.


Finish the main story in Normal mode with an S+ rating.


Finish the main story on Hardcore difficulty or higher.


Finish the main story on Hardcore difficulty with an S+ rating.


Finish the main story in Pro mode.


Finish the main story without ever ending go around with the merchant.

In the New Game+, being able to count on an upgraded weapon with infinite ammunition, you can easily finish the adventure without interacting with the merchant.


Finish the main story in maximum 8 hours.

Fortunately, the game can be completed in much less than 8 hours and therefore you will have no difficulty but in case you want to be sure of succeeding, follow the guide to FRUGAL trophy to make the experience easier.

Also remember that every death doesn't reset the timer, so you'll have to quit the game, going back to the main menu, and reloading the last autosave to reset the timer to its value original.


Finish the main story without using any healing items.

Before attempting this trophy, we advise you to have at least two million Pesetas with you, just collect them in the previous game and keep in your inventory ary every type of treasure, and jewel, that you still haven't had the opportunity to set and sell. Dedicate yourself to this trophy in the New Game+ and, by selecting the assisted difficulty, you will already have your entire health bar maxed out.

Now, as soon as you exit the very first village house (the one that will be accompanied by the introductory cutscenes) , turn 180° to find a merchant available exclusively in New Game+. Sell ​​everything you can and buy the Rocket Launcher with infinite ammo, and if you have Pesetas left, beef up your body armor to reduce the damage you take. Keep in mind only two things: the rocket launcher if fired near Ashley could kill her; the rocket launcher if fired too close to Leon could cause you to take large amounts of damage.


Finish the main story using only knives and guns (excluding certain encounters).

Also in this case, we advise you to dedicate yourself to the trophy in question in the New Game+, selecting the assisted difficulty, maximizing both the pistol and the knife that will be given to you after destroying all the castellans. The exceptions mentioned by the trophy description are the following:

It is possible to shoot the explosive barrels, at any moment of the game; You can use the harpoons during the battle against the boss Del Lago (Chapter 3); You can kill enemies using the cannons in the castle (Chapter 7 and 8); You can kill enemies with the wrecking ball (Chapter 14); You can kill enemies with machine guns in the island stage (Chapter 15); You can use the Special Rocket Launcher at the end of the Saddler boss fight (Chapter 16). AMATEUR SNIPER

Finish a match at the shooting range.

We refer you to the description of the "Eyne of the Lynx" trophy.


Obtain the S-rating in all levels at the shooting range.


Destroy 5 targets at the shooting range with one shot.

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