Jet helmets | The best of 2023

Jet helmets | The best of 2023

A few days ago we brought you our guide dedicated to the best full-face helmets for 2023 but we are well aware that a large portion of the motorcycle helmet market is reserved for jet helmets, those without a chin guard typically used in the city on 2-wheeled vehicles relatively small engine capacity; also in this case there are various elements to take into consideration to buy a helmet that is suitable for our needs. Unlike a full-face helmet, a jet helmet will not have a chin guard dedicated to protecting the pilot's face, because this protection function has been delegated to the visor: it goes without saying that the level of protection of a jet helmet is lower than that of a full-face helmet or a closed modular helmet, and it is for this reason that it is necessary to evaluate the purchase of a jet helmet only when low-engined vehicles are used and high speeds are not reached - unfortunately over the years the jet helmet market has it has expanded so much that it has convinced many motorcyclists to abandon the full-face helmet in favor of a solution that offers lower safety.

On the other hand, jet helmets can offer other attractive features such as ease of use, ease of wearing the helmet correctly, a much lower weight and greater lateral visibility, all elements that make jet helmets very valid allies for urban travel at moderate speeds; last but not least, there is also the element of the price, much lower than full-face helmets also thanks to the much lower weight which means that there is no need to use refined materials. As with the helmet of full-face helmets, even for jet helmets the best way to find the model that best suits your needs is to go to a specialized shop and try on different models, but be careful: even if initially it may seem the right size correct, a helmet can start to become uncomfortable after a few minutes, therefore it is advisable to wear it for a short period of time so as to leave the possibility of noticing any details that make it uncomfortable.

Given these necessary premises on nature of jet helmets, let's see which are some of the most recent and interesting models available on the market.

The best jet helmets of 2023

Nolan N33 Evo Classic AGV Orbyt Givi 12.3 Stratos LS2 Of562

Nolan N33 Evo Classic

Let's start with the most expensive model in our selection, the  Nolan N33 Evo Classic : made on the basis of a polycarbonate outer shell, the N33 Evo Class ic by Nolan is equipped with an ultrawide visor that guarantees maximum lateral visibility and good resistance over time thanks to the scratch-resistant finish. In addition to the large visor, Nolan has integrated a small internal sun visor that can be comfortably raised or lowered using the lever located under the left ear; as far as ventilation is concerned, Nolan has designed its N33 Evo Classic with various front and upper air intakes which take care of introducing fresh air under the shell, while laterally we have exits for the hot and humid air coming from inside the helmet; however, since it is a jet helmet, the air circulation will be more than sufficient to not suffer too much from the heat.

Nolan N33 Evo Classic is available in sizes ranging from XS to XL with prices that can vary between 180 and 230 euros depending on the size and color chosen.

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AGV Orbyt

We continue our selection of the best jet helmets for 2023 with the model AGV Orbyt : ECE 22.05 approved, this jet helmet model offers wide visibility thanks to the wide visor and supports the rider even when he has to drive with the sun on his face, thanks to the sun visor integrated into the inside. The interiors are easily removable and washable, and there is a system that allows you to comfortably wear your own eyeglasses or sunglasses while wearing the helmet. The shell in thermoplastic material is made in 2 sizes for a total of 5 sizes, with the weight of the helmet reaching 1280 g in the smallest size.

At the time of writing, AGV Orbyt is on offer at around €130, the recommended price is also around €165, as always with the possibility of variations depending on the size or color chosen.

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GIVI 12.3 Stratos< /h3> In third place, in descending order of price, we have the GIVI 12.3 Stratos: it is a very functional and fully equipped jet helmet model, with interiors made of hypoallergenic materials, easily removable and washable. Also in this case we have a double visor, a large clear outer one to maximize visibility while driving, and a smaller sun visor that can be easily activated when necessary; both visors feature an anti-scratch finish for increased durability. The GIVI 12.3 Stratos is available in different colors and in sizes ranging from XS to XXL so as to offer maximum comfort to all riders.

GIVI 12.3 Stratos is probably the best jet helmet in terms of value for money among those available on the market, thanks to a price of 99 € at the time of writing.

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LS2 Of562 Airflow

Finally we have the cheapest and most light (950 g) of this selection, is called LS2 Of562 Airflow and is offered at around €80 even if it is often found with deep discounts that bring the price below €50. LS2 Of562 is made with a polycarbonate shell and is equipped with removable and washable linings, as well as a very large transparent visor. There are 7 sizes available, from XXS to XXL, and there is no shortage of aesthetic options thanks to the various colors offered by the Spanish house – which however produces in China. Although it is a very economical option, Of562 is able to offer a good level of quality and ventilation in the hottest moments of the year and can therefore be a valid solution for the scooter rider who wants to keep the costs of his equipment in check .

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How to choose the most suitable jet helmet for you

The helmet is a very important safety element, it has the task of protecting the head and face in the event of a road accident and it is therefore essential to choose a suitable and structurally safe one. There are few features to keep in mind when choosing a jet helmet, but they can still make the difference between a good helmet and a helmet that we don't want to wear because it's uncomfortable.


As mentioned several times in the article dedicated to full-face helmets, the European Union recently introduced a new homologation for helmets: it's called ECE 22-06  and it ensures that the helmet has undergone rigorous safety before being placed on the market. Unfortunately, the jet helmet market is concentrated on economic models and this means that there are still few jet helmets approved for ECE 22-06, most are limited to the previous ECE 22-05 approval. In any case, it is always a good idea to buy a helmet of a well-known brand on the 2-wheel market from a reliable dealer.


The size of a helmet is essential to ensure that this is comfortable for us: the only way to find the correct size – or even more, the correct model in the correct size – is to try many helmets until you find the one that best matches the shape of our skull . In the case of jet helmets, naturally cheaper than full-face helmets, the number of shells made for the various helmet sizes drops significantly and the difference between one size and another is mainly managed thanks to the internal padding; in this way the manufacturer reduces development and production costs, but this causes the sizes to be less precise and to find the right one it will take a little more time.

To choose the size you have to can rely on the tables easily available online, but if you don't have a good experience in buying a helmet it is better to go to a specialized shop and try different ones.


It is one of the main aspects for choosing a jet helmet: unlike a full-face helmet, a jet helmet has far fewer impediments to vision and is equipped with much larger transparent visors. The aspect of increased visibility becomes crucial when moving through the traffic of big cities, where danger can come from unexpected directions. Obviously this translates into slightly less protection than that offered by a full-face helmet since the chin guard is missing, but if we consider the significantly lower average city speeds than those on extra-urban roads, the game is probably worth the candle.

It is also important to remember the  sun visor  which may seem like a negligible detail but which in reality becomes of fundamental importance once you get used to using it.

Neck fastening system

It goes without saying that the helmet must remain firmly on the rider's head even in the event of an accident, and in order for this to happen, the closure strap under the neck must be adjustable in a very precise way: if the strap is springs under the throat or too tight, you are not using the helmet properly and you risk serious injury in the event of a fall. It is for this reason that by now all the closure straps are equipped with systems that allow a millimetric adjustment, even in the absence of the double ring closure system which has been specifically designed to allow precise adjustment every time the helmet is worn .


In recent years, jet helmets have seen an important evolution, also from a design point of view: the years of bowls that are all the same are long gone, today jet helmets are offered in various shapes and colors, with more or less useful aesthetic or functional accessories such as the ever wider visors designed to perform, at least in part, the function of the chin guard which has been eliminated on the jet helmet. There is no shortage of captivating graphics, as seen on the Nolan helmet model shown in our selection.


Finally, the price, probably the last of the data that must be taken into consideration when buying an object that has the task of keeping our skull safe: fortunately, jet helmets are considerably cheaper than full-face and modular ones, after all there is very little engineering and it is simply a matter of eliminating a part of the shell from a full-face helmet and change the shape of the visor. As always, it's a good idea to rely on well-known brands that can offer products with a good quality-price ratio.

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