Black Friday 2022, when it will take place and how to prepare

Black Friday 2022, when it will take place and how to prepare

Black Friday 2022

There are different times of the year when buying becomes much cheaper and one of these is undoubtedly Black Friday. The 2022 edition is perhaps the most awaited ever, since portals like Amazon have already shown they want to do things big by announcing, in the case of the e-commerce giant, a second and unexpected Prime Day, which has held in October. This has never happened before, a signal that could anticipate the arrival of an unparalleled wave of offers, at least for Amazon, aware of the fact that the other shops will not stand by.

What is Black Friday?

Born in the United States of America, Black Friday is an annual event that marks the beginning of the sales and holiday shopping season. It is an excellent opportunity to save on your purchases, since various products are sold not only at bargain prices, but also at never so low prices. The event concerns both large and small chain stores, but recent years have shown that it is above all online sales that benefit the most, so much so that the shops can empty their warehouses in view of the new products. It is also possible to find goods that have just arrived on the market at a discounted price, reflecting how Black Friday has now become a reference point for those who want to save, just like Prime Day, even if the latter is reserved only for Amazon customers.

As Wikipedia reports, the term Black Friday has no exact origin. For some, in fact, the expression Black Friday was born from the road traffic that is created that day in Philadelphia, for others it refers to the earnings of traders, who have the opportunity to go from negative to positive, thanks to the numerous sales.

When will Black Friday be held?

As in every edition, the event will take place 24 hours after Thanksgiving Day (an American holiday of Christian origin), namely the Friday after the fourth Thursday of November. The offers, however, usually start one or more weeks before, and then end on the Monday of the following weekend with Cyber ​​Monday, whose discounts will be dedicated exclusively to tech products, with some proposals perhaps even more unmissable than those of the previous days. . As you may have understood, Cyber ​​Monday will only last one day, although the main e-commerce companies usually extend their promotions for a few days or, in some cases, for an entire week. In 2022, therefore, Black Friday will be held on November 25th, while on November 28th it will be Cyber ​​Monday's turn.

Which stores will participate in Black Friday?

As this is a big event , there will be many shops to take part in Black Friday. The most relevant, ie those where it will be possible to find the largest number of offers, will undoubtedly be Amazon, eBay, Mediaworld, Euronics and Unieuro, at least as regards consumer electronics, but the list is much longer. Here are the ones you should keep an eye on, which almost certainly correspond to those where you usually shop:

Amazon Decathlon eBay Euronics Yeppon Maxi Sport Mediaworld Monclick Unieuro

How to follow Black Friday?

If you have had the opportunity to follow the event in the past editions, you will know that keeping up with the offers will be very complicated, with the risk of losing the best deals precisely because of the many buying opportunities. However, there are methods that help you to arrive prepared, allowing you to follow all offers intelligently, putting aside the less interesting or the fictitious ones. During Black Friday, in fact, some sellers could take advantage of it to release discounts that, on the surface, look good but in reality they are not. In order not to risk falling into these traps and not to miss the best offers, we strongly suggest you subscribe to our thematic channels, dedicated to general offers, hardware & tech products and sportswear.

Not to be underestimated then our vertical dedicated to offers which, among other things, is active every day and on which you can find some of the best opportunities from the web, carefully selected by our staff, with the aim of making you save on the most coveted and sought-after products . These tips also serve as reference points for all other annual events, such as Prime Day, Christmas activities and September offers. In short, we at will always be at the forefront to offer you the best of online promotions, which is why don't forget to subscribe and follow the aforementioned channels.

Black Friday offers: what are the ones already active?

As anticipated, the main stores, especially Amazon, usually propose Black Friday offers in advance, releasing a sort of preview that normally starts about a week before or, in some cases, already in the very first November days. Net of this, there are a number of registrations that you would do well to evaluate on the occasion of this great event.

Black Friday Amazon Offers

Amazon Prime

The e-commerce giant, as we know, holds Prime customers very much at heart, who will be able to access flash offers 30 minutes in advance which, during Black Friday, will undoubtedly increase. The advantages of arriving a few days after the fateful event with an activated Prime subscription are therefore important, to the point that you could grab a series of products before the others, minimizing the risk of running out of stocks. Furthermore, with Prime you will not pay shipping costs, which could affect the final savings, especially on items that will be offered for less than € 30. How not to appreciate the fast shipments in one or two days on millions of items and the safety of Amazon relating to shipments, always tracked and ready to be returned in case of damage, without paying 1 € out of your pocket. Other reasons to join Prime? The excellent Prime Video streaming service, with which to watch exclusive movies and TV series, certainly cannot go unnoticed.

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