Nespresso Vertuo Pop Review, bar-like coffee made simple

Nespresso Vertuo Pop Review, bar-like coffee made simple

Nespresso Vertuo Pop Review

Deciding to buy a coffee machine is a very important investment, whether you work from home or you usually have a coffee before going to work or university, it makes no difference. Having the perfect machine for your needs, which guarantees you a good quality/price ratio, which meets your specific preferences and allows you to prepare an optimal drink in the shortest possible time is more than fundamental. We have also written a long article on the subject, containing the best types of coffee that we advise you to read!

But, returning to us, for this reason today we have decided to tell you in detail about one of the most interesting models on the market , or the Nespresso Vertuo Pop . It is a coffee machine that clearly promises the following elements: to offer an extraordinary coffee, also thanks to the selection of high-quality beans processed with care and dedication by the brand, and an easy and fast experience literally within reach of a button. Needless to deny that our curiosity in trying this product was high right from the start, as was our critical spirit in looking for real points for and against this coffee machine.

Being used to using a very classic up until now, or rather until before trying this model, we have tried to carefully observe the difference from the point of view of flavor as well as the experience itself. Because, let's face it, the possibility of inserting a pod and pushing just a button to have a thick, creamy coffee in front of you with minimal effort, appeals to everyone.

--> In this introduction, we have enclosed a little our expectations and our modus operandi in the course of the daily use we have made, in order to write this review. To date, we can assure you that this coffee machine really has a lot to give and indeed it has changed our daily routine a lot. While maintaining some negative aspects, small, but which we have a duty to point out to you. Without further delay, let's get to the heart of our review, also taking an introductory look at the Vertuo line as well as the contents of the package.

Vertuo line: quality guaranteed by a new way to think about coffee

--> As we anticipated, the model in question belongs to the wider and more interesting Nespresso Vertuo line. An innovative and super versatile range, which seeks to reinvent the coffee ritual to meet all your needs quickly and intuitively. This means that you will have the opportunity to drink coffee of different types but above all also of different formats. From the classic espresso to the large cup, this coffee machine will take your favorite drink to a whole new level. The machines that belong to this line, such as the Vertuo Pop, benefit from Centrifusion technology which, in a nutshell, takes care of recognizing each individual capsule and preparing the coffee according to each format, also giving that delicious dense and intense cream at the end.

Obviously, inserting the capsules and starting the machine is really child's play, as the brand itself suggests. Simply unlock the top of the product, insert the capsule, close tightly and lock the machine. At this point, you will have to press the only button at your disposal to start dispensing the drink. The precautions to be taken are really minimal: the compartment dedicated to water is not very large, 600ml, so you will always have to be sure that there is the liquid necessary to make your coffee, especially when you are using the 230ml capsules . In addition, you will have to empty the section dedicated to used capsules and to be thrown away every 3-4 times. This is undoubtedly one of the most "annoying" things

For the rest, the machine is even self-cleaning, so you won't have to fear having to keep up with effective maintenance of the Nespresso Vertuo Pop. From this point of view, it has proved to be an excellent proposal in all respects, ideal if you are not interested in an item that is complicated to manage. It must be said, however, that the structure is actually very simple, so, in this case, you will not have a section dedicated to making frothed milk, so you will not be able to create cappuccinos, at least not using only this coffee machine. Obviously, nothing prevents you from adding hot milk later or enriching the drink with something else.


The capsules included: a journey through the flavors of Nespresso

With the purchase of the coffee machine, you will not only have a gift voucher worth €20 to spend on the official store, but you will also receive 12 coffee to taste. The perfect proposal to give you the opportunity to understand which flavors are best for you and evaluate what to order later with the voucher obtained. Inside the special box you will find four espresso format capsules, four double espresso, four bugs.

The carafe is missing, the latter more than justified given that it is the more than large version, to 535 ml, not supported by this specific model of the Vertuo line. Although we are quite certain of our tastes in the coffee sector, we had the enormous pleasure of tasting all the Nespresso proposals and we were pleasantly surprised by a very interesting difference in flavor and body.

Therefore, you will be sure that the characteristics listed under each type of capsule are more than justified and, we can assure you, that giving you tastings will be more than a great pleasure and a continuous discovery! Our advice is to take advantage of the opportunity and try everything you will receive for free, as you will have the opportunity to fully understand what it can do for you, perhaps even giving a chance to something different than what you initially thought .

Furthermore, the set of capsules will also allow you to try out what's right for you from a format point of view, for future purchases: an intense gran lungo to start the morning with the right dose of caffeine, a perfect espresso for a quick break or perhaps a nice carafe to keep warm in one of the brand's special accessories.

The design

Since we are talking about an article that, in addition to being extremely functional and easy to use, is also an appliance that must give an extra touch to the decor, evaluating the design is not a trivial matter. In this case, we are talking about a simple Nespresso coffee machine and for this reason also quite small, therefore perfect to place practically wherever you have space. Another plus point, in case you don't have a specific area to dedicate to Vertuo Pop. Last but not least, the design is modern and very pleasant to look at, excellent to add to any environment, even in a studio or office.

A sustainable coffee machine

Nespresso is committed, especially with the Vertuo line, to have an even smaller impact on the environment. As? Primarily by using the best of beans from around the world, exploiting plantations to regenerate the earth and restore ecosystems, in order to have a positive impact on climate change. Since 2022, the company has obtained the B Corp certification, to demonstrate the high standards of social and environmental performance and the commitment to reuse and recycling. Precisely for this reason, the special Original and Vertuo capsules are made with 80% recycled aluminum. All, therefore, without sacrificing efficiency and taste!

What is coffee really like?

We can tell you openly, the difference compared to a coffee dispensed by a classic mocha or even from a bar, you can feel it. We usually have coffee during the day and, we must say, that the final flavor is truly exceptional: intense, creamy and therefore truly perfect for anyone who is passionate about this drink. Particularly worth mentioning is the consistency which, in our opinion, is one of the most interesting parts of these capsules. In fact, the coffee is really thick and tasty, characterized by much more distinguishable notes than what happens with the moka and we must say also compared to some bars where we have had the opportunity to sit down and order. So, from this point of view, the Vertuo Pop is more than a guarantee, but in total sincerity we had no doubts!

Final considerations

As we anticipated extensively during our review , it is undoubtedly an article that allows you to prepare coffee in no time and without too much effort. Once the power button is pressed, it will flash for about twenty seconds, indicating that the machine is heating up. After this step, the drink will be dispensed in no time!

The only negative points? A larger water compartment would certainly have been handy, the connection to your smartphone is not that easy, intuitive or useful and, finally, the capsules are an expense to consider. Since there are no equivalents, in fact, you will have to buy only and exclusively the Nespresso designed for the Vertuo line which have a not very low cost. It starts from about 50 cents and goes up based on the type of format, therefore not a little!

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