Lucca collecting 2023: here are all the events of 25 March

Lucca collecting 2023: here are all the events of 25 March

Lucca collecting 2023

Lucca Collecting, the vintage-pop festival that will take place at the Lucca Fair on Saturday 25 and Sunday 26 March 2023, includes a rich program of cultural events, including exhibitions, author meetings, collectible works and a rediscovery of the atmosphere of the 70s, 80s and 90s.

Lucca Collecting 2023: events and appointments on 25 March

Among the appointments present at the event there will be the one dedicated the chance to win a ticket for Lucca Comics and Games 2023: 80Quest. At the heart of the challenge will be the poster created by Sergio Algozzino, which pays homage to pop culture and the world of collecting. In fact, it contains 80 themed references and to win the ticket it will be necessary to identify at least 60.

--> Lucca Collecting posters For all Master of Universe fans, there will also be an exhibition with hundreds of original pieces, including action figures, playsets and vehicles from the fantastic Eternia universe. Furthermore, Saturday will feature a round table with illustrators and designers who have contributed to the creation of the world of the Masters of the Universe.

Staying on the subject of icons, get ready to celebrate Tex's 75th anniversary, with a special exhibition full of unpublished content together with Alfonso Font and Claudio Villa. The long list of activities continues with the exhibition that takes visitors into the brutal and fascinating dystopian world of Ken the Warrior, a character who has marked the imagination of entire generations. The exhibit will include a photo shoot with a giant statue of Ken and a fun “trial” on Sunday where his accusers and defenders will be introduced.

--> Finally, for all video game lovers, the Area Lounge will feature popular video games from the 80s, 90s and early 2000s, including Dragon's Lair, Mario Bros. , Mortal Kombat II, Virtua Fighter and Marvel vs. Capcom : Clash of Superheroes.

The complete program for Saturday 25 March

At the meeting room:

10:30 Elena Mirulla presents Weird Vampy – Moderator Dario Dino Guida . 11:15 am Starting over from 40! A chat with Roberto Baldazzini. Moderated by P.Luigi Gaspa with hand molding ceremony for the Walk of Fame. 12:00 Antonio Lapone presents Gentlemind, out for Alessandro Editore – Moderator Paolo Gallinari. 12:30 Flash Gordon is back on newsstands. Alberto Becattini intervenes. Moderated by Pier Luigi Gaspa. 13:00 Massimo De Vita, one of the best-known Mickey Mouse authors, presents the volume Mopsi, Giso and Leo together with the Papersera Association, the adventures of the trio of characters drawn by his father, Pier Lorenzo De Vita. 13:30 Nicola Pesce Editore presents Lucca Comics Story, with Massimo Di Grazia. Moderated by Giovanni Russo. 14:30 AI – additional tool or blank proxy? Comics in the age of artificial intelligence. Lorenzo LRNZ Ceccotti (remotely), Francesco D'Isa and Alessandro DocManhattan Apreda talk about it. Leads Daniele Caluri. 15:30 A.Mys presents the Omino Bufo Award 2023 and the Atlantis Award 2023. Alfredo Castelli intervenes. Moderated by Paolo Mignone. 4:00pm Cut-Up Publishing presents Tilt. Alfredo Castelli intervenes. 16:30 Alfonso Font and Claudio Villa meet for the 75th anniversary of Tex! Two cartoon giants will talk about their experience on the pages of the ranger most loved by Italians, with a hand molding ceremony for the Walk of Fame. Moderated by Pier Luigi Gaspa. 17:30 Masters of The Universe, what a passion! Speakers Emiliano Santalucia, Dimitri Galli Rohl and Giuliano Piccininno. Moderated by Alessandro DocManhattan Apreda. 18:30 SCLS presents Historical characters in comics and in the adventures of Zagor. Among the guests we will find Moreno Burattini, Anna Lazzarini, Oskar, Marcello Mangiantini, Walter Venturi, Valerio Piccioni, Joevito Nuccio, Luca Corda, Stefano Di Vitto, Giuliano Piccininno, Marcello Toninelli, Giovanni Freghieri. Raul Calovini and Stefano Bidetti moderate. At the

Lounge Area 17:30 – 19:30 Aperitif with Radio Vampira Party!, with Mauro Laurenti who will draw live the rock and blues of Lupi della Notte, Tupa Nightwolf and Kaiser Fregi. Speakers Fabio Bartolini (designer Bonelli) and Giorgio Giusfredi (screenwriter Bonelli). We also inform you that Radio Vampira, register number 277 of Dampyr, will be available for purchase in preview.

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