Gaming chair under 100 euros | The best of 2022

Gaming chair under 100 euros | The best of 2022

A good gaming chair has now become a very important accessory for many players, guaranteeing this product an increasingly essential comfort for all those who spend several hours immersed in some gaming session. A gaming chair, thanks to the great care that is usually placed in its construction and ergonomics, is also a perfect ally for various other tasks that involve remaining seated for a long period of time, such as work in the house. office or, more simply, the studio. Very often one of the biggest stumbling blocks when you find yourself choosing one is the cost, with many products that are sometimes offered on the market at very considerable prices. Fortunately, nowadays gaming chairs can also be purchased at the most affordable price and in this article we have decided to collect the best ones for less than 100 euros. Do not think that such a low price is necessarily synonymous with poor quality or poor products: the offer is in fact even in this price range very varied and able to delight many buyers. Of course, don't expect futuristic gadgets or sophisticated materials, but even for less than 100 euros you can take home a lady gaming chair, the perfect ally for numerous gaming sessions and more.

If you are looking instead of a slightly more refined product and you have a slightly larger budget, you can find here our article dedicated to the best gaming chairs under 200 euros on the market today and the one dedicated to the best gaming chairs ever that can be purchased right now. Do you necessarily want a leather product? No problem: you can find our dedicated article here!

Gaming chair, the best under 100 euros

Gaming chair TRESKO Gaming chair IntimaTe WM Heart Gaming chair BAKAJI Gaming chair CLP Gaming chair ZStyle

TRESKO Gaming Chair

Gaming Chairs Let's start our list of the best gaming chairs under 100 euros with the TRESKO branded one, which represents the best product among those we are presenting to you, so much so that we can boast of an average of over 4 and a half stars out of more than 2,000 reviews. This gaming chair will adapt perfectly to your body, guaranteeing maximum comfort even in the longest sessions thanks to the backrest that follows the natural curvature of the spine, avoiding the classic back pain from uncomfortable sitting.

The chair TRESKO gaming is also adjustable in height from 45 to 55 cm allowing you to adapt it to the size of your desk; moreover, the backrest can be reclined and has a locking base. The base of the chair is stable and safe, it is possible to rotate it 360 ° thanks to the wheels and the seat material is in eco-leather, making it easy to wash in case of stains but still remaining breathable and resistant. Finally, this product is available in 15 colors, so you are spoiled for choice to get the chair of the color you like best or that best matches your furniture.

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IntimaTe WM Heart Gaming Chair

Gaming Chairs Now let's move on to the IntimaTe WM Heart gaming chair, a brand we also talked about in our guide to the best desks from cheap gaming and which is recognized, precisely, for offering quality products at an affordable price. This gaming chair is strong and durable and can load up to 150 kg, while it features an original design that stands out from that of the common black gaming chairs with the colored interior.

Also in this case the seat it reclines up to 18 degrees and features an ergonomic design to optimally support the neck, back and waist. The chair is adjustable in height, has ergonomic fixed armrests that guarantee the comfort of the hands and is padded with thick foam, making it durable and very comfortable.

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Gaming chairs We return to gaming chairs with a more “traditional” look with that of the BAKAJI brand, which is currently sold for only 89.90 euros. In fact, this chair has colored stripes on the sides and is available in four varieties - red, white, blue and green -; it therefore has a sporty appearance, while remaining sober and suitable for the office.

The chair is extremely soft thanks to the well-padded armrests, backrest and seat, ensuring maximum comfort at any time. Also in this case the base is composed of the classic swivel wheels that allow you to move it comfortably, but unlike the others it is adjustable only in height, while the backrest is not reclining.

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CLP Gaming Chair

Gaming Chairs The CLP gaming chair is sold for practically the same price as the BAKAJI one, and in terms of features it defends itself equally well . Its maximum load capacity is 120 kg, while the height is adjustable between 49 and 59 cm, thus adapting to your desk.

As usual, we find an ergonomic reclining seat that adapts to the line of your body, while the seat and armrests are padded and upholstered in a sturdy yet easy to clean imitation leather fabric. In this case, the CLP gaming chair is available in 7 colors to suit your tastes.

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ZStyle gaming chair

Gaming We conclude with the ZStyle brand gaming chair, which represents the most expensive among those we have proposed, while remaining under the 100 euro threshold. Also in this case the height is adjustable, while the seat is fixed at the angle. The available colors are again 7: orange, blue, black, yellow, white, red and green.

The ZStyle gaming chair is covered in eco-leather in the central parts, while in the rest of the seat there is a material breathable that will ensure you do not sweat in the hottest seasons. In addition, it differs from the others because the wheels are coated with scratch-resistant rubber, protecting them not only from bumps, but also from any pets that intend to bite them. Finally, there is the usual upholstery in the seat and armrests to ensure maximum comfort.

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How to choose the best gaming chair under 100 euros

Finding the perfect gaming chair for your needs isn't always easy, especially when your budget isn't too substantial. The things to take into consideration and to carefully evaluate are in fact many and it is a moment to find yourself spending for a product that is not too good, which cannot satisfy those who are your own needs. So let's see together what are the characteristics not to be underestimated in choosing the best gaming chair under 100 euros.


We have chosen to focus on this list on the best gaming chairs under 100 euros for several reasons. It is in fact a price threshold, which in addition to being particularly significant given that it marks the landing on the three-digit numbers, is able to guarantee products of good quality. In fact, falling too far below this figure could mean being satisfied with gaming chairs that are not exactly convincing, capable of breaking after a few months of use or guaranteeing poor ergonomics. In short, for a good gaming chair, it would still be recommended to spend close to 100 euros even if your budget is limited, obviously with the right attention. Clearly, as with any kind of product, if you decide to spend more you will have a better chair, perhaps equipped with RGB lights or a cushion to support the lumbar area, or covered with materials other than the eco-leather present in the articles we recommended in this guide. In any case, the chairs we have proposed still represent a good solution that will allow you to sit at your desk all day without suffering from back pain and at the same time giving a pleasant appearance to your set-up; it will then be up to you to decide whether to upgrade in the future or not, by purchasing a product with a higher price.


The first aspect to consider when buying a gaming chair is certainly the one related to the materials that, in most cases, are divided into leather, PU leather or imitation leather and fabric. Leatherette gaming chairs are certainly easier to clean but, on the other hand, they offer less breathability than their fabric counterparts and, consequently, make you sweat much more easily, especially in summer. Furthermore, PU leather, in addition to being drastically cheaper, is a synthetic leather made of polyurethane and as such much less valuable than traditional leather. However, you won't have to worry too much about this last distinction: real leather products are, as you will imagine, really expensive and, alas, consequently impossible to find below a certain price threshold.


Although practically all good level gaming chairs have these features, it is still necessary to check if they allow you to change height and tilt the seat: two very comfortable features that shouldn't missing, not even in a gaming chair under 100 euros in price. As for the elbow rests, if present, they should at least be adjustable in height and, if necessary, also in the other dimensions.


Although they are not loved by everyone, it is It is always a good idea to ensure the presence of posture supports in the gaming chair. We are talking in particular of the one for the back, to be positioned on the lumbar area and which lightens the load on the spine, and of that for the head. Two accessories that absolutely must not be missing in a self-respecting gaming chair and that are able to prevent and avoid many small pains.

A headrest helps reduce the load on the cervical and rest the neck. There are different types and shapes, from the simple pillow to the more performing horseshoe-shaped one with an alcove for the neck. If you already have a chair do not worry because you can also buy it separately, which can be comfortably placed on any chair.


It is certainly not a feature of the first importance as the previous ones, but why settle for a design that doesn't suit you 100%? Elegant, showy, sober and tamarre: the beauty of these products is that they are designed to satisfy every type of palate. Whatever your favorite style, in short, it will not be difficult to satisfy you, even if you stay under the 100 euro price.

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