Thermal flasks | The best of 2022

Thermal flasks | The best of 2022

Thermal flasks are a very useful element to take with you, not only during a long walk or a trip, but also during a normal day. They are essential to be able to hydrate at all times, during training in the gym, while cycling, hiking in the mountains or at work, with our favorite drink or simple water kept at an optimal temperature. Moreover, and it is a fact that cannot be underestimated, they help us to eliminate plastic bottles and, consequently, to drastically reduce the production of waste.

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By purchasing one of the models featured in this article, you will be sure to take home a thermal bottle capable of keep your drinks fresh and thirst-quenching. In addition, to make the purchase as easy as possible, we have made sure that the suggested items are available on the main stores, so you will also have the maximum guarantee if there is a problem with shipping or any other type.

The best thermal bottles

Grsta Lars NYSØM Umi essential Super Sparrow Mameido


Let's start our selection with one of the best thermal bottles you can buy, suitable at any time and for every need. The Grsta bottle is equipped with an ultra-modern double-wall vacuum technology in 18/8 stainless steel, certified as suitable for contact with food, non-slip and scratch-resistant. The inner walls are made of 100% BPA-free and non-toxic food material, thus preventing this bottle from giving off harmful chemicals after long use. Equipped with a watertight bottle cap with a tight silicone seal ring, this bottle will keep your drinks cold for up to 24 hours and hot for up to 12 hours, while maintaining their flavor and quality.

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This is a 1 liter thermal bottle, characterized by the combination of design and functionality to form an unmistakable and particular line. The Lars NYSØM bottle is non-drip and has an ergonomic grip to prevent it from slipping out of your hand. Its external coating, in addition to being ecological, is resistant to shocks and scratches and does not produce condensation as it does not suffer the effects of thermal variations. The bottle is made of high quality 18/8 stainless steel and is BPA-free, as well as being an excellent eco-sustainable solution, it keeps the taste of your drinks unaltered. Perfectly suitable for water, fruit juices, smoothies, tea, coffee and carbonated drinks. Its double-walled vacuum insulation keeps drinks up to 12 hours hot and 24 hours cold.

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Umi is an Amazon brand licensed to third-party manufacturers, which creates and promotes a wide range of lifestyle products. This 500ml capacity insulated bottle features a slim design designed to fit into cup holders and be handy. Made of BPA-free stainless steel, the Umi essential bottle is equipped with a screw cap with a leak-proof hermetic closure, and a large nozzle with a diameter of 32 mm that allows you to insert ice cubes and drink easily without running the risk of spilling the drink on him. In the vacuum area, the copper was immersed to strengthen the insulation effect, thus reducing the transfer of temperature and preventing the influence of time on the drink. The surface is scratch and impact resistant and the inside is easy to clean with the complimentary brush. With the leak-proof airtight screw cap, it is very convenient to carry while traveling, working, studying, and relaxing.

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Super Sparrow

The Super Sparrow thermal bottle is made of very resistant stainless steel, free of BPA, toxins and other dangerous chemicals that could alter the taste of drinks and compromise your health. Whether you are camping, hiking, kayaking or climbing, the Super Sparrow has been designed to be the ideal solution to meet every hydration need. Unlike other water bottles, this bottle has a surface treated with a powder coating, designed to ensure a solid grip and prevent condensation from forming on the outside of the bottle. In addition, this thermal bottle has two interchangeable caps, both anti-leakage: the cap with ring allows you to attach the bottle to the backpack, during various outdoor activities, while the cap with integrated spout is ideal for sports activities, so you can drink without opening it. This insulated bottle maintains the temperature of cold drinks for up to 24 hours and that of hot drinks for up to 12 hours, without condensation or the quality of taste being altered.

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The thermal bottles of the German brand have a unique style and an elegance that is as simple as it is functional. Available in both 500ml and 750ml formats. The Mameido thermal bottle has a lacquered coating, which varies according to the various aesthetic and stylistic tastes. It is a bottle made of 18/8 stainless steel, certified as safe in contact with food, free of BPA and other substances harmful to health that alter the taste and quality of your drinks. The airtight screw cap prevents heat loss and is drip-free. It cleans easily with soap and water and can be washed directly in the dishwasher.

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How to choose the best thermal bottle?

Next having pointed out which are the best thermal bottles, we believe it is right and right to list the most important factors to consider during the purchase, in order to avoid the risk of taking home a solution that does not suit your needs. Fortunately, the factors to keep an eye on are few, but fundamental in order to guarantee maximum freshness. Thermal flasks are designed to maintain the temperature of a drink for several hours or days. It is not just a matter of keeping a hot drink warm, but also of keeping the water cold if it is a fresh drink.

Production material Diameter of the mouth Durability and hygiene Ease of opening and closing Thermal insulation Capacity

Production material

In order for a thermal bottle to keep the temperature unchanged for a long time, it is good to avoid an internal chamber made of plastic, which also can easily suffer wear. Better to opt for a bpa-free isothermal stainless steel bottle, as it is more resistant to even the most violent impacts and is easy to clean and sanitize. Another common material is aluminum, which is cheaper and lighter than steel and consequently also much less resistant than other products.

A thermal bottle has the shape of a common bottle and is generally made of metal, usually stainless steel or aluminum. Inside, however, unlike common water bottles, it has a double wall, in some cases even triple. The void between the various cavities inhibits the conduction of heat both towards the outside and towards the inside. In addition, this type of bottle is equipped with a vacuum seal to ensure thermal insulation for as long as possible. Some models are able to keep the temperature of the drink constant for up to 12 hours for hot drinks and up to 24 hours for cold ones, an ideal duration for those wishing to use it during an excursion, for example.

It is necessary to specify that on the market there are also specific models for hot or cold drinks, therefore it is necessary to pay attention to the technical specifications of the product before purchasing it.

Neck diameter

Also the neck mouth diameter is a factor not to be underestimated in choosing a good thermal bottle, as this is designed not only to facilitate the possibility of drinking in an easy way, but also to insert ice cubes without particular difficulties and to clean it easily in order to reach even the most hidden corners. The types of mouthpieces for a thermal flask are:

Snap action: the spout from which to drink or pour the liquid comes out, a perfect model for thermos coffee bottles, very often also equipped with a cap with additional screwing. By screwing: this is the standard opening, typical of water bottles and bottles. It is in fact the most practical and also the most effective solution;

Durability and hygiene

Thermal bottles easily face violent shocks and scratches, which is why it is of fundamental importance to choose one made with high quality materials, so that it can last a long time and accompany you in sports and days away from home for many years. It is equally important that it is easy to clean, in order to achieve the best possible hygiene. It must therefore have a wide enough mouth, so that it can reach even the most hidden corners, and possibly it must also be dishwasher safe.

Easy to open and close

To play a role fundamental in the choice of a thermal bottle of excellent quality and yield, is the presence of a hermetically sealed screw cap, in such a way as to keep the temperature constant for a long time and that the flavor remains unchanged over time.

Thermal insulation

Since we are talking about products that must maintain the temperature of the liquid inserted, evaluating the respective insulation capacity is more than important. This feature strictly depends on the number of cavities in the bottle wall and, obviously, storage times can vary greatly. Generally, when we talk about good quality thermal bottles like those included in our article, the average storage for a hot drink is about 10/12 hours while for cold ones it is even 24 hours. But, quickly and easily, how can you evaluate this information quickly and intuitively? The products are generally divided into water bottles with:

Double layer: in this case they are articles with two walls with an air gap capable of retaining the heat inside the bottle and preventing the external temperature you excessively influence the internal one; Triple layer: three-layer wall, therefore with double cavity and double vacuum, more effective than double-layer models for both cold and hot drinks. Obviously these bottles require a larger budget;


The capacity of the bottle, expressed in milliliters, lets you know how much drink you can take with you during the day. The standard generally varies between 500, 750, 1000 and even 1500ml. The difference in these products is not objective but strictly subjective, i.e. it depends on your specific needs and the type of use you want to make of them.

Obviously, having to stay only a few hours away from home, focus on a 500 ml model or 700ml may be a better idea as they are less heavy and therefore more easily transportable. The larger ones, on the other hand, are decidedly more bulky, but will allow you to carry more water or drinks with you to keep at the right temperature throughout the day.

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