The Nintendo Collar x Malice game becomes an anime

The Nintendo Collar x Malice game becomes an anime

The Nintendo Collar x Malice game will be adapted into an anime movie. To make the announcement, through a promotional teaser, the Otomate brand of Idea Factory which also announces the release period.

The teaser of the anime adaptation of the game for Nintendo Collar x Malice

The anime adaptation of the game will be released in the course of 2023. So for now we don't have a precise date nor have any further information about the staff and cast been released.

About the Nintendo Collar x Malice game

Collar x Malice follows the protagonist, novice police officer Ichika Hoshino, who works in the Shinjuku Special Crime Prevention Department. Plagued by a series of violent incidents known as the "X-Day Incident", Hoshino is attacked by an unknown assailant and equipped with a poisoned collar. He now has to work with a group of five-man former police officers to investigate the X-Day incident linked to a dangerous organization called Adonis. Hoshino must find a way to free himself from the collar, otherwise he will die.

Here is the official plot:

A dangerous shadow organization launches a campaign of violence and terror in the Shinjuku district, pushing society on the verge of chaos. As a young police officer tasked with restoring order, you will become the target of an attack and find yourself with a poisonous collar attached to your neck. Just when time is running out and all seems lost, five mysterious strangers will appear to help you in your search for the truth.

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