The government's plan to save gas in the winter in 4 points

The government's plan to save gas in the winter in 4 points

The Italian gas consumption rationing plan is officially ready. After the anticipations of the last few weeks, on Tuesday 6 September the Ministry of Ecological Transition (MITE) presented the National Plan for the containment of natural gas consumption, a 15-page document in which various measures designed to allow Italy to cope are enumerated. the potential total interruption of gas supplies by Russia and the autumn energy crisis. Il Mite specifies how essential it is to start immediately.

"In order to reduce the risks associated with a potential total interruption of flows from Russia during the coming winter and to respond to European requests in terms of reducing consumption for the period 2022-2023, measures should be implemented immediately of containment of national gas consumption ", is what is read in the document.

The points:

Reduced heating Return to coal Behavioral measures 83% storage Reduced heating A reduction of 1 degree for building heating. Consequently, for buildings used for industrial, craft and similar activities, the maximum limit will be 17 degrees, with a degree of tolerance of two degrees, while for all the others the maximum will be 19. Restrictions also on the duration of heating, which will be reduced by 15 days as regards the start-up period - postponing the start date by 8 days and bringing the year end date forward by 7 days - and by one hour a day. The so-called "sensitive users", ie hospitals and nursing homes, are exempt from these measures. These measures would allow a saving of 3.2 billion cubic meters of gas.

Going back to coal The aim is also to boost the production of electricity with fuels other than gas, in particular coal and bio-liquids. According to the ministry's estimates, maximizing coal and fuel oil production would save 1.8 billion cubic meters of gas by March 31, 2023. Adding more efficient use of bio-liquids would raise that figure to 2.1 billion. .

Behavioral measures There is talk of awareness campaigns that can be implemented through an awareness campaign through the Presidency of the Council in order to suggest a series of virtuous behaviors that can also contribute to limiting energy consumption with reduction of user bill costs and positive impacts also on the environment. There is talk of reducing the duration of showers, lowering the heat after boiling when cooking, paying attention to the times and loads of dishwashers and washing machines and reducing the hours of switching on of the bulbs. Il Mite estimates that these measures could result in a saving of 2.7 billion cubic meters of gas. This saving would increase to 2.9 billion if awareness campaigns were also launched that provide for an initial investment by the user, such as the replacement of air conditioners with more efficient models, the installation of thermal solar panels to produce hot water or the replacement of traditional bulbs with led ones.

Storage at 83% The objective set in March to reach a storage level of natural gas of 90% by winter has been confirmed, also thanks to the measures introduced in recent months aimed at encouraging operators to perfect their storage activities. The document states that "the set of these interventions, legislative and regulatory, and the response of the operators involved have made it possible to reach a storage level of approximately 83% by 1 September 2022. This value, in line with the coverage target of 90% and even higher, is essential to have the safety margins of the gas system and face the next winter ".

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