Streaming Accessories | The best of 2022

Streaming Accessories | The best of 2022

For several years now, with the explosion of Twitch, many have tried their hand at this streaming service, in an attempt to win and devote themselves exclusively to live coverage on the purple platform. However, starting a career overnight is not easy, as it requires a lot of equipment and technical knowledge. And last but not least a good internet connection, specifically an upload capable of exceeding 10MB. That said, let's start right away and see what are the best streaming accessories to equip to start streaming.

Before proceeding, you can also take a look at our specific guides dedicated to the best Ring Lights, Camcorders for streaming and the best Green Screens. While if you need advice just to take your first steps in the world of Twitch, here is the definitive guide to streaming.

Accessories for streaming, the best

Microphone: Yeti and Fifine (SUPER DISCOUNT) Pop Filter StreamCam Microphone Support (SUPER DISCOUNT) Green Screen Game Capture Light Set

YETI, the best Microphone for streaming

Let's start from the beginning , with a fundamental purchase for any user who wants to approach the world of online entertainment. Even if you have a small budget, the suggestion is to direct it in greater forces towards the purchase of a new microphone. Your voice is in fact essential: it is important not to be accompanied by noises such as rustling or the like.

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