New child-friendly Alexa features

New child-friendly Alexa features

"Alexa, what's in your future? ", Certainly Amazon Kids immediately. The world of voice commands has multiplied its applications over the years, becoming at the same time increasingly complex in an attempt to better meet the needs of its users. Amazon made its debut in this area back in 2015 with the support of the English language and therefore with the contents in Italian in 2018. Now it's the turn of Amazon Kids, previewed at Gardaland a few days ago and available in the next few weeks free of charge for all users who use Echo devices with Alexa integration.

The Winx game is one of the many entertainment possibilities offered by Kids

The idea is to take advantage of the voice interface to create an environment suitable for children (3-12 years). A world on the one hand safe with features that limit the operation of the little ones giving parents more control, on the other with content worthy of interest for this age group, dedicated skills and educational programs to ensure that children can have fun and learn, even together with adults. Given the familiarity that this type of audience has with smart devices, the fact that children have a lot of fun using them and that, moreover, having learned to interact with voice commands in the first years of life, compared to some adults with more preconceptions, they consider them a comfortable and reliable way, the idea of ​​Amazon and its applications in our opinion are not at all strange. "It is proposed as a service aimed at enriching the experience of use of children and their parents. In fact, if used correctly, technology can play a positive role in the daily life of families and parents, who wish to be increasingly present in their children's digital discovery path. Amazon provides the tools to help them do this ", says Gianmaria Visconti, Amazon Alexa Italia Country Manager.

Kids provides parents with a series of tools such as the Parent Dashboard to manage access levels and view the activities, settings to limit the time of use and the availability of a filter to block music tracks with explicit content. The system also prevents any type of voice purchase thus avoiding incurring involuntary expenses, one or more devices are supported, it is also possible to dedicate one to the use of the child. To start, the parent must approve the child's profile through the Alexa app to which a voice profile and a Visual ID can then be associated.

Even the 44 Cats are the protagonists of the Amazon Kids Skills

Interesting and level the offer regarding the contents, it is possible to ask Alexa questions about science, mathematics, grammar, definitions or any another topic of the many that arouses the curiosity of young users, for example: "Alexa, what is the remote past of cooking?".

The little ones can also listen to goodnight nursery rhymes through the skill developed by Giunti Editore, play Trivial Pursuit with their family, listen to the sounds of Vocine Vocione, learn the times tables with DeAgostini Scuola or try their hand at Clem Quiz .

Even with regard to entertainment, there is no lack of choice, thanks to the applications developed in collaboration with Rainbow including 44 Cats, Il Gioco delle Winx or Curiosando con lo Zecchino d'oro. Thanks to a collaboration with Sony Music also Let's Learn to Dance with Carolina, an experience for Carolina Benvenga fans eager to try their hand at singing and dancing with the funniest baby dances. There is no shortage of playlists designed for young music lovers: Disney Hits, Cartoon Characters, Buonanotte Piccolino and Pigiama Party, all available exclusively on Amazon Music.

Amazon Kids includes different levels of privacy protection, for example parental consent to enable the use of microphone and video camera or the ability to delete inappropriate voice recordings. Impossible not to consider how this world of new opportunities also offers the company a lot of new data to be processed on young users, but as even the most protective parents will have understood by now, it is difficult to keep children out of this digital world, the important thing is to accustom them right away to a conscious use of the vehicle and its risks, managing to seize the many opportunities, not just playful.

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