Jabra Elite 5, the middle ground | Test and review

Jabra Elite 5, the middle ground | Test and review

Jabra Elite 5

Jabra closes the circle and presents the True Wireless Jabra Elite 5 earphones, one year after the presentation of the Elite 3 and Elite 7, which also inaugurated a new nomenclature. Currently, before the presentation of the Elite 5, the Jabra line also included the Elite 4 Active and Elite 7 Active, models designed for those who do a lot of sport.

The Elite 5 are positioned exactly where the name suggests, therefore between the Elite 4 and the Elite 7, and this involves taking some functions from the lower-end model and some from the higher-end model: up to 28 hours of battery, adjustable hybrid ANC, 6 microphones, IP55 certification, multipoint Bluetooth, 6mm driver, Qualcomm aptX and AAC and SBC codecs.

Although they should represent a middle ground, they are actually much closer to the Elite 7, with which they share practically everything, except the slightly lower battery life and the IP55 certification, which makes them waterproof without being able to immerse them in water. | ); }

How they are made

They are in-ear models, like all the others, and to insert them in the ears just place the cap and make a small rotation. The shape and size are such as to secure them safely and offer a good occlusion of the ear canal, better than many other models. Obviously the ease of insertion and the "compatibility" with your ear is very subjective and can change according to the shape and size of the ear, personally they are the earphones with which I am best and with which I can have a closure of the duct auditory with a single gesture, without having to adjust them further.

In the package there are three caps of different sizes. Be careful because the attachment system is very solid and you will have to grab the cap well at the base to detach it, if you do not want to risk damaging it.

Audio quality

The audio performance is very good, and even these Elite 5 are aptX compatible, adaptability that is missing on the 7 series. Once again I must reiterate that by now the audio quality of the earphones it has reached such a level, that it will satisfy most people and that only those with trained ears will be able to notice such differences that they will be disappointed by the sonic performance of products from a certain price range to rise.

The Elite 5 fall within the earphones that offer a good audio performance, are balanced enough and fast to adapt to all musical genres. They reproduce sustained bass without becoming too invasive, a good medium-high, and perhaps suffer a little in the medium-low, especially in those tracks that are not made to enhance the voices. Net of this detail, you will be satisfied with the qualitative yield of these earphones.

Even more so if you make a lot of audio calls, your interlocutor's voice will be heard loud and clear and the six microphones do a good job of capturing your voice and eliminating ambient noise. All the people we called during the test confirmed that our voice was "loud and clear".

ANC quality

It is possible to calibrate the intervention level of the noise cancellation, a useful function for example if you want to use them for sports, if you want to isolate yourself, but not too much. For everyone else, the highest level is usually what you will use.

The cancellation of low and homogeneous frequencies is very good, even the noise of an air conditioner a few meters away is practically canceled. The noise of a fan one and a half meters away is reduced by 70/80%. With the mid-bass they are able to intervene, reducing noise even by 50% of their intensity, although obviously it depends a lot on the type of noise. In any case, thanks also to the good passive isolation, the ANC performances are above average.


Jabra talks about 7 hours of autonomy and the possibility of recharging the earphones three times thanks to the case. They are values ​​close to reality, you may not reach the full seven hours, but you will get very close.


Jabra is positioned in a range that allows it to be preferred to many other models. The price of 150 euros is lower than that of many top of the range, and slightly higher than all the high-end models of smartphone manufacturers. It does so with a complete product, which also offers aptX compatibility, a good level of noise cancellation, good audio quality, the possibility of dual Bluetooth connection and autonomy in line with the high-end products on the market. In addition, it offers excellent ergonomics of use that makes these earphones easily wearable and usable in any situation, even when doing sports.

It is difficult to find serious shortcomings in these Elite 5, which are also preferred to the 7 series models. In short, if you are looking for a pair of earphones to use in any situation with excellent quality, consider these Jabra Elite 5. Precisely because they are a very balanced product with no particular shortcomings, at a fair price; we give our award to the Elite 5.

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