ICSA Labs Secure SD-W certification to Aruba EdgeConnect Enterprise

ICSA Labs Secure SD-W certification to Aruba EdgeConnect Enterprise

Aruba announces that the Aruba EdgeConnect Enterprise SD-WAN platform has received ICSA labs Secure SD-WAN certification following a rigorous assessment process, becoming the first SD-WAN solution on the market to achieve qualification.

ICSA Labs carries out independent testing and certification of IT products and network devices for security and healthcare, measuring the compliance, reliability and performance of the world's leading technology vendors.

"Our ICSA Labs Secure SD-WAN certification includes rigorous testing of SD-WAN security and functionality to ensure that the product is secure and that it correctly applies homogeneous policies on functions relating to both the WAN and the security ", says Jack Walsh, security programs manager at ICSA Labs.

“As in firewall tests, ICSA Labs verifies that Secure SD-WAN components are stateful, that they are not susceptible to normal Denial-of-Service attacks, that they are invulnerable to known threats and that each of them correctly applies the security policy that has been configured ".| ); }

Aruba EdgeConnect Enterprise SD-WAN implements comprehensive security services in campus, branch, data center and cloud environments with Next Generation Firewall, IDS / IPS and DDoS detection and neutralization capabilities.

With these new features, EdgeConnect replaces the obsolete and difficult to manage physical firewalls present in branch areas, guaranteeing uniform security to all users anywhere on the network from any device and regardless of where the applications reside.

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Aruba EdgeConnect SD-WAN, when combined with solutions such as ClearPass and Aruba Central NetConductor, implements dynamic segmentation and access control based on roles and identities, essential elements for a Zero Trust approach and complementary to SASE architectures.

EdgeConnect SD-WAN faces the challenges complex security that companies experience when migrating business applications to the cloud and extending the use of IoT devices.

Since IoT devices cannot run VPN clients or ZTNA agents, the SASE architecture must be accompanied by a Zero Trust framework that integrates the visibility, authentication and authorization of users and devices.

"HPE Aruba is very proud to be to be the first company on the SD-WAN market to achieve ICSA Labs Secure SD-WAN certification, ”comments Damon Ennis, vice president of Engineering at HPE Aruba.

“It offers our customers authoritative and independent proof of the completeness of the native SD-WAN and advanced security capabilities with which EdgeConnect Enterprise connects and protects the network from the edge to the cloud over the WAN”.

"The new features strengthen our security proposals by providing flexibility and trust to our customers who want to implement security controls in branch environments and across the WAN as part of the network and security transformation along the path to SASE" .

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