Genshin Impact: the best builds for the Traveler (Dendro)

Genshin Impact: the best builds for the Traveler (Dendro)

Genshin Impact

With the Genshin Impact Update 3.0 and the Sumeru region, the Dendro variant for the Hoyoverse action RPG protagonist (hereafter "the Traveler" for convenience) has been introduced, which is proving surprisingly good to create teams designed to exploit elemental reactions based on this element. In this guide we will talk about what we believe are the best builds for the Dendro Element Traveler, giving you an overview of his skills and tips for weapons, Artifacts and teams.

Overview and talent priority

Thanks to its kit of active and passive Talents, the Traveler Dendro is a perfect candidate for the role of sub DPS / Support of a team based on the new elemental reactions introduced together with the Sumeru region, in particular Quicken and Hyperbloom. She is one of the three Dendro element characters currently available in Genshin Impact. The alternatives are Collei, a 4-star archer who more or less can fill the same role, and Tighnari, a 5-star character more suitable for the role of main DPS.

In this sense the Traveler is enjoying great success: not only is it a very valid option but it is also completely free, with the possibility of unlocking all the Constellation bonuses by exploring Sumeru far and wide. Hard to say how the meta of Genshin Impact will change when the next Dendro characters from version 3.2 onwards arrive, but at present it is certainly worth adding the Traveler to the team, if only to facilitate the exploration of Sumeru and complete the new ones smoothly. challenges of the Abyss. Having said that, let's move on to analyze the salient points of his kit.

The strength of the Traveler Dendro kit is undoubtedly represented by the Elemental Burst "Surgent Manifestation", which generates a sort of lotus-shaped lamp, which constantly inflicts Dendro element damage to enemies at the within its range for 12 seconds (15 seconds with the level 2 Constellation).

This ability has good scaling, is great for triggering numerous elemental reactions and also gains additional effects when it comes into contact with other elements. With the Hydro the range expands considerably, while with the Electro the attack speed increases, increasing the overall number of hits. Finally, if the lamp comes into contact with the Pyro element it explodes causing AoE damage to the Dendro element. The latter effect is a double-edged sword, causing the ability to end regardless of time remaining. Keep in mind that the Elemental Burst changes shape only once for each single activation, so manage the rotation of your team accordingly based on the desired transformation.

Traveler's Elemental Burst also becomes even more useful thanks to the passive talent "Verdant Overgroth": every second after activation accumulates a point of the buff "Overflowing Lotuslight" which increases the Elemental Mastery of the active character on the field by 6 points, up to a total of 60 points. Summing up it is a fantastic off-field ability to support team damage, with a single, but important flaw, represented by the cost of 80 points of Energy which consequently require a high value of Energy Recharge.

There is little to say about the rest of the Traveler Dendro kit: the standard attacks have no particular characteristics, while the Elemental Skill consists of a single hit that causes more than decent Dendro damage in a small AoE range of facing the character. Speaking of Constellations, it is worth mentioning the level 6 bonus, which guarantees a 12% increase to the damage of the Dendro element and the element that triggers a transformation of the ability (therefore Hydro or Electro), and the level 1, which regenerates 3.5 points of Energy using the Elemental Skill and therefore slightly reduces the character's Energy Recharge requirements.

Regarding the order of priority in which to upgrade the Talents, we suggest that you focus on the 'Elemental Burst and later on the Elemental Skill. Standard attacks on the other hand are completely negligible.

Artifacts and statistics

As for the best Artifacts for the Traveler Dendro, you have more valid options. In general, one of the most popular is the "Deepwood Memories" set: with two pieces you get a 15% bonus to Dendro damage, with four instead the enemies hit by the Elemental Skill or Burst see their resistance to this element decrease by 30% for 8 seconds, even when the character is off the field. Not only does this set increase the Traveler's damage, but also that of another Dendro character in the team, such as Tighnari.

Alternatively there is the "Glided Dreams" set, which guarantees 80 points of Elemental Mastery with two pieces, while with four each time an elemental reaction is activated the character gets two different bonuses: 14% of More ATK for each character of the same element in the team and 50 Elemental Mastery points for each character of a different element.

If you haven't had time or way to farm one of the two new Sumeru sets yet, there are valid ones. pre-patch 3.0 alternatives. If you want to upgrade the damage of the Elemental Burst and increase the Energy Recharge of the Traveler we suggest four pieces "Emblem of Severed Fate", otherwise "Noblesse Oblige" is a great choice to upgrade the damage of the team if you have not assigned this set to another character.

Moving on to the main stats of the Artifacts, as previously mentioned for the Traveler Dendro a high Energy Recharge value is required to use its Elemental Burst at each rotation, in our opinion at least 200 %. Theoretically it is possible to lower this requirement if you have another Dendro or Raiden Shogun character on your team.

As for the "Sand" therefore the recommended choice is Energy Recharge, for the "Circlet" the classic Crit Rate and Crit DMG are fine, while for the "Goblet" the choice falls on a piece with Dendro DMG Bonus.

For secondary stats, the order of priority in our opinion is Crit Rate / DMG, ATK%, Elemental Mastery. If necessary, also invest in Energy Recharge if you fail to reach an acceptable level by combining "Sand" and weapon stats.


As for the best weapons for the Traveler Dendro, the he recommended option is the "Favonius Sword" due to the high cost of the Elemental Burst. It offers a 61.3% bonus to Energy Recharge and in addition critical hits have a chance (60 to 100% depending on the Refinement Rank) to generate elemental particles that recharge the Energy for the team. If you don't have this sword, the alternative is the "Sacrificial Sword": it offers the same bonus in terms of Energy Recharge, also hitting an enemy with the Elemental Skill there is a chance (from 40 to 80%) to reset the reload time of the skill.

Another very good weapon is Sumeru's new crafted sword "Sapwood Blade". It offers a 30.6% Energy Recharge bonus, practically half of the previous options, but the secondary effect grants a 60 - 120 Elemental Mastery buff for the whole team.

Last but not least the "Freedom Sworn" 5-star sword, provided you can accumulate enough Energy Recharge for the Traveler only with Artifacts. This weapon offers a 198-point bonus of Elemental Mastery and increases the damage of those who equip it by 10%. In addition, if the character triggers two elemental reactions, even when not on the battlefield, he activates a buff for the whole team that increases the damage of the standard attacks by 16% and the ATK by 20%.


The Traveler Dendro is an excellent sub DPS / Support to trigger elemental reactions, so it is a valid candidate for many types of different formations.

Here are some examples (and adapt them as such as better believe) of teams based on the new elemental reactions. In particular, the most popular ones at the moment are those Quicken and Hyperbloom. In the first case we recommend to insert at least two Electro characters and one Anemo with the "Viridescent Venerer" set to reduce the elemental resistances of the enemies. Alternatively you can use two Dendro and two Electro characters.

Quicken (Aggravate and Spread)

Raiden Shogun / Yae Miko / Keqing / Beidou Fischl Traveler (Dendro) Jean


Fischl / Raiden Shogun / Yae Miko / Keqing Sucrose / Kazuha Traveler (Dendro) Kuki Shinobu


Tighnari Fischl Traveler (Dendro) Kuki Shinobu


Ayato / Childe Fischl / Raiden Shogun Traveler (Dendro) Kuki Shinobu


Yae Miko / Raiden Shogun / Keqing Fischl / Raiden Shogun Traveler (Dendro) Kokomi

Bloom + Freeze

Ayaka / Ganyu Rosaria / Shenhe / Kaeya Traveler Kokomi

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