From the stop to the Fornero law to the minimums, the parties are moving on pensions

From the stop to the Fornero law to the minimums, the parties are moving on pensions

From the stop to the Fornero law to the minimums

In Italy 23.7% of the population is over 65 years old. Among the countries of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), only Japan with 28.9% surpasses Italy in percentage of the retired population or so. Calculator in hand, in Italy there are 14 million voters who are coveted by all political parties. For this reason, the issue of pensions is perpetually at the center of the public debate and is a pivot of the political proposal in view of the elections on 25 September.

This year the topic is also extremely topical because, after the temporary derogations of Quota 100 and Quota 102, if nothing changes in time from January 1, 2023, the Fornero law returns. Between 2023 and 2025, INPS explained, it will be necessary to wait until 67 for old-age pensions, but reading the party programs it seems that the minimum requirements may change again, with more than transversal majorities.

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Who wants to abolish the Fornero law The parties most barricading on pensions are Lega, Movimento 5 Stelle and the Popular Union of the former mayor of Naples, Luigi De Magistris. For the Carroccio, "the profound need for a pension review in Italy is a need that can no longer be postponed". The principle, which had inspired Quota 100, is that "delaying access to retirement creates repercussions on young people and the entire labor market, slows down the generational change". After the vote, this is the promise of the leaguers, the aim is "to reform and upset the entire national pension sector for the better. This is the goal we have in mind: we must overcome the Fornero law with Quota 41", allowing workers to go in early retirement with 41 years of contributions. "For women, one year of notional contributions is added for each child, with the right to an old-age pension that accrues at 63 (now 67) of age and at least 20 years of contributions ", Says the League.

The 5 Star Movement, which between the lines proposes to have internships recognized for retirement purposes, asks to avoid" the return to the Fornero law, by expanding the categories of heavy work and wearisome and through flexible exit mechanisms. "In the points program, the party led by Giuseppe Conte proposes systems to help" all those young people with intermittent careers who struggle to have a pension ne "and relaunches the idea of ​​an" early retirement for working mothers ". In an interview with Money, Conte explained in detail that he wanted to "allow workers who are in the mixed system to leave at 63, immediately receiving the contribution part, to which the salary will be added upon reaching the age of 67".

People's Union of De Magistris instead calls without beating around the bush "the abolition of the Fornero law in order to reach the retirement age of 60 years or 35 years of contributions, with a ceiling for high pensions that weigh heavily on spending pension ".

The most nuanced positions on pensions The League was unable to transfer its detailed proposal into the coalition program. In the 15 points of the center-right, in fact, the pensions chapter provides only "flexibility in leaving the world of work and access to retirement, favoring generational turnover".

The Democratic Party also starts from the concept of flexibility: "We want to favor greater flexibility in access to retirement, starting from 63 years of age, to be achieved within the current contribution regime and in line with the medium and long-term balance of the social security system ". For the dem, "a guarantee pension should also be introduced for the new generations, which immediately allocates the resources necessary to guarantee a decent pension for those with discontinuous and precarious working careers". + Europe, which presents itself with the Democratic Party in a coalition, opens up to flexibility on leaving, before the age of 67, "as long as with a pension in line with the contributions paid, net of the exceptions provided for by the legislation". Furthermore, the party founded by Emma Bonino calls for "reforming the pension system by improving its sustainability in the medium to long term and countering short-sighted financial choices that create irresponsible debt and fall on the next generations".

Minimum pension: a thousand euros for everyone As for the abolition of the Fornero law, even to raise the minimum pensions to a thousand euros, a more than large majority could already be found in Parliament on 26 September. It has not yet been done because bringing all minimum pensions to a thousand euros would cost 31.2 billion euros, according to the calculations of the Public Accounts Observatory of the Catholic University, founded by Professor Carlo Cottarelli now a candidate with the Democratic Party.

The founder of the center-right, Silvio Berlusconi, launched the proposal at the opening of the electoral campaign. "In our program - he wrote on social media - there is an increase in pensions, all pensions, to at least a thousand euros". And in the common program of the center-right there is precisely “the raising of minimum, social and disability pensions”, with the symbolic figure confirmed several times by the other leaders of the coalition. But even further to the left in the hemicycle there are many who are sensitive to the issue: the 5 Star Movement has ensured that it wants to "raise" all checks, more clearly the other parties that draw from the same electoral basin. Up by De Magistris calls for an increase in minimum pensions to one thousand euros per month "and the introduction for future pensions of a maximum pension and accumulation of pensions at 5 thousand euros per month". And if there is no indication from the Democratic Party on the merits, the coalition allies of the Italian Left-Green Europe are as clear as the sun of their symbol: "The minimum pension - they write - should not be less than 1,000 euros". \

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