What are the most iconic weapons in video games?

What are the most iconic weapons in video games?

What makes a video game unforgettable? What ingredients project its legacy towards future generations, giving it immortality and making it rightfully enter our culture? We do not believe there is a precise answer to this question, but if we were to address the question in a purely analytical way, someone could reasonably say that looking at the Olympus of videogame mythology, this small pantheon is populated almost exclusively by great, memorable protagonists, capable of indelibly mark the history of our medium in the last 30 years.

The games of the God of War series, those of Zelda, Tomb Raider, Halo and Final Fantasy, without their historical protagonists, would not have today the given that instead they hold in the collective imagination, a symptom of how net of a good story and a gameplay that works, we still need great characters to trigger the spark.

What many forget, however, is that these extraordinary heroes have often had a prominent co-star alongside them, a traveling companion who has actively contributed to forging their success in the adventures they have lived.

Whether you've used them to kill a deity, rescue a princess in distress, split a very bad alien in two, or perform a spectacular fatality, video game weapons have always been there for us when we needed them, and some more than others have managed to ascend to myth as much as the characters who wielded them. In this article we will try to put together the most iconic weapons of video games, those that have been able to make history, in an unordered list that does not aspire to elect the best or to be even remotely all-encompassing. We are curious, have you used them all at least once?

Blades of Chaos (God of War)

The Blades of Chaos of Kratos Some weapons become iconic due to their unique peculiarities, others because they are the direct extension of the darkest and most frightening feelings of their owner. We speak of course of the Blades of Chaos of Kratos, forged by Hades himself and imbued with the same flames of the Underworld, violent executors of the bloodthirsty revenge of the Phantom of Sparta against the gods of Olympus. The twin swords of the God of War are so linked to him that even the new course of the series, inaugurated in 2018 by God of War, has not been able to give up their timeless charm. The dualism between Kratos and the Blades of Chaos is one of the few certainties of our tumultuous existences, also because there are still so many gods who have to taste their flavor. And according to what emerges from the trailers for God of War Ragnarök, we will be able to find ourselves challenging them in a few months, from November 9, 2022.

Crowbar (Half-Life)

pig, useful for any eventuality Also in this case, we are talking about an object inextricably linked to its owner, which has become the symbol of one of the most iconic characters in the history of video games, Gordon Freeman. We could not fail to include in our list the legendary crowbar used by the protagonist of the Half-Life series, with which many children became gamers while the new millennium loomed outside the window. The crowbar appears in both titles of the saga, but almost paradoxically its charm is in no way linked to its effectiveness on the field. Primarily used to break crates and other wooden objects and dispose of smaller enemies, Gordon Freeman's crowbar is proof that you don't have to be deadly to become an icon. It only takes a lot, a lot of character.

Lara Croft's double guns (Tomb Raider)

Lara Croft with her double guns Although someone has always tried to reduce the impact it had on the female representation in video games, accusing her of being a mere object at the service of male fantasies, no one can deny that the character of Lara Croft represents a true classic of the videogame medium. The heroine protagonist of the Tomb Raider series has the indisputable merit of making the video game more inclusive, and although the latest iterations of the franchise have inexplicably abandoned them, it was only right to pay homage to the figure of Lara Croft by including her legendary double pistols, faithful companions of a thousand adventures at the last grave. The most famous archaeologist in the world has always had them by her side since 1996, and although a new title in the series is not yet on the horizon, the hope is to be able to return sooner or later to play as Lara by holding her historic double pistols.

Greatsword of the Moon (Dark Souls)

The unique design of the Moonlight Greatsword For fans of the Dark Souls series, it is a long-time friend. For FromSoftware, a trademark that does not fail to appeal to any of its production. The Moonlight Greatsword (or Spadone della Luna, in the Italian localization) is a weapon that is present in the vast majority of the works developed by the Japanese studio, and probably the most famous of the entire souls-like genre. First appearing in Demon's Souls, it could be obtained in Dark Souls by cutting off the tail of Seath the Scaleless, and then appeared in Dark Souls 2 and Dark Souls 3 as a valuable ally for anyone with an Intelligence-based build. As expected, the Moonlight Greatsword also manifested itself in Elden Ring, as the final reward of one of the longest quests in the game. The Greatsword of the Moon symbolizes an entire genre, perhaps one of the most popular, and that's why we felt like including it among the many other weapons of the historic FromSoftware series.

Hidden Blade (Assassin's Creed )

Eivor and his peculiar approach to the hidden blade Twelve main video games, one protagonist. The hidden blade of Assassin's Creed is perhaps one of the best known weapons ever in the entire videogame universe, also due to the enormous popularity that the Ubisoft series has been able to conquer in its fifteen years of activity. Worn first by Altair, then by Ezio Auditore and later by the other iconic members of the sect of assassins, the hidden blade has accompanied us in the exploration of many different historical eras, becoming the symbol of an entire saga. The last time anyone wielded it we were in the 9th century English kingdoms as the Viking Eivor, and who knows what other stories the Hidden Blade may tell in the near future. What is certain is that he will always be by the side of his killer.

Fat Man (Fallout)

The Fat Man, before unleashing his destructive force Why in a world ravaged by after-effects of a nuclear conflict, would anyone still have to walk around with a shoulder catapult capable of launching portable tactical nuclear warheads? We do not know if it is this paradox that has made the Fat Man so popular with fans of the Fallout series, or if its success derives rather from the destructive potential of this portable Chernobyl. Perhaps the key to its success is linked to the fact that Fat Man embodies the perfect metaphor for the burning irony typical of Fallout, which pitted a disastrous world against its unscrupulous inhabitants. Appearing for the first time in the third installment, this weapon quickly became the mascot of the series and has been in the inventory of players ever since, ready to be pulled out when tackling something particularly big.

BFG 9000 (Doom)

The moment you get the BFG 9000 in Doom Eternal Sometimes the most iconic weapon in a video game isn't necessarily the most glamorous or distinctive, but only the one that hurts the most than all the others. And if we are talking about a series like that of Doom, the weapon in question must also be sufficiently brutal, perhaps able to literally tear apart any demon that has the misfortune to cross its path. The BFG 9000 responds perfectly to the description, with its destructive power that has made it the symbol of one of the most popular shooter sagas in circulation. Appearing for the first time in the original chapter, he escorted our marine in all the other iterations of the Doom series, earning a rightful place on this list.

Lancer (Gears of War)

The Lancer, with his razor-sharp chainsaw Insert a chainsaw as a bayonet into an assault rifle. One of the most successful design choices of the last two decades will probably have sounded ridiculous the first time anyone suggested it out loud. Fortunately, Cliff Bleszinski and his team were true visionaries, and thanks to them today we can find ourselves here talking to you about the Lancer, the weapon that personifies the bloodthirsty and gory spirit of the Gears of War series. It is difficult to explain to those who have never played it what it feels like to load a Locust with the Lancer in hand to tear it to shreds with the electric saw placed on the end of the rifle, nor what the thrill of doing the same thing can be. against a friend in the multiplayer section of the game. The sound of the Lancer has marked our endless afternoons of the Xbox 360 era, and for this reason we will never forget it.

Keyblade (Kingdom Hearts)

Sora, together with Goofy, Donald and his keyblade Even if you have never come close to a Kingdom Hearts, we could bet that you know perfectly well the blades at the heart of Square Enix's long-running series, the Keyblades. Over the years, Sora has wielded very different ones, but the blade is immediately recognizable and identifies a saga that has made the history of contemporary video games. Millions of kids have grown up with the adventures of Sora, Mickey, Goofy and Donald, and as a result we could not fail to include the Keyblade in this particular list.

Steel sword and sword Geralt's silver (The Witcher)

Geralt, with his inevitable swords What is a Witcher without his pair of swords? The video game series developed by CD Projekt RED led us to the discovery of the narrative universe described by the works of Andrzej Sapkowski, a world where fearsome monster hunters are recognized by the mutations on their body and by the omnipresent pair of swords that accompanies them. The video games of the series have been able to take this narrative element to transform it into a playful feature, giving the possibility to alternate different metals for different enemies: silver for monsters, steel for monsters ... humans. The iconic RPG series has been able to amass a huge following by redefining many of the canons of the genre, but it is only thanks to the Netflix TV series that even those unfamiliar with video games now know that the White Wolf always carries two blades.

Scorpion's Harpoon (Mortal Kombat)

Scorpion in a spectacular fatality with his harpoon Although the Mortal Kombat fighters are all more or less present in the videogame culture of those who do not consider themselves a fan of the historical fighting game series, figures like Scorpion and Sub-Zero are often defined as the cover characters of the entire franchise, thanks also to the style of their fatalities which is now recognizable by all. Between the two, Scorpion has shown an unwavering dedication to defeating enemies with his harpoon, a weapon he has been carrying since 1992, the franchise's debut year. Over three decades we've seen countless undead ninja fatalities, and now we couldn't imagine a Mortal Kombat without its classic harpoon.

Gravity Gun (Half-Life 2)

The Gravity Gun, faithful ally in Half-Life 2 Half-Life 2 is still remembered today as a timeless masterpiece with a unique charm, perhaps also due to the presence of the Gravity Gun, a unique novelty in the first-person shooter stage that allowed the player to interact with the surrounding environment to creatively eliminate the enemies that stood in front of him. The Gravity Gun has since been one of the cult weapons in the history of the video game, although we have never been able to use it again in a third chapter.

Buster Sword (Final Fantasy VII)

Cloud and the Buster Sword vs Sephirot We have to be honest, Final Fantasy VII would be the same masterpiece we remember today even if Cloud Strife had fought the whole game with a sword-shaped balloon. However, since an entire generation has experienced hardly quantifiable emotions struggling with the game developed by Square Enix, our imagination has been imprinted and now it would be impossible to recognize Cloud with anything other than his Buster Sword. Inherited from Zack, the sword has watched over the ex-SOLDIER during countless battles, and has risen to cult status at the same time the game has become one of the most beloved in the medium's history.

Energy Blade (Halo)

The Energy Blade always makes a difference in Halo Multiplayer Become one of the symbols of the epic lived by the Master Chief, the Energy Blade is just one of the many iconic weapons made famous by the Halo series. but certainly the most recognizable, the one that is immediately connected to the timeless charm of John-117. Useful for making its way through the Covenant like a hot knife in butter, the sword owes its popularity to the multiplayer sector of the series, in which the sound of a blade lighting up behind you meant only one thing: respawn.

Master Sword (Zelda)

Link and the Master Sword Ultima, perhaps because of its importance, Link's Master Sword, one of the most iconic weapons ever, when it comes to video games . Destined to be wielded only by the true heroes of Hyrule, the Master Sword is present in almost every chapter of the Zelda series, even if unlike many other weapons on the list the protagonist is often forced to pass very hard tests to be able to extract it from his pedestal and claim it once and for all. It is beautiful, recognizable and damn effective, also because it is often the real endgame weapon of the video games of which it is the protagonist. Link, without her, would be absolutely lost.

What do you think? Would you have included other weapons on this list? Tell us in the comments!

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