Try it, Seat Mó 125: the perfect ally for getting around the city

Try it, Seat Mó 125: the perfect ally for getting around the city

Try it, Seat Mó 125

Electric scooters are undoubtedly one of the most interesting modern mobility solutions among those we have seen arriving on the market in recent years: compact, quick and light, they are perfect allies for moving around city traffic efficiently and economically and make us also save a lot of time thanks to easy parking. With a view to entering a completely new market, the Seat brand has decided to offer a 100% electric scooter dedicated to the city: it is called Seat Mó 125 and in recent days we have had the opportunity to test it in the scorching heat of Milan.

The name must not be misleading: the wording '125' is only used to quickly understand the power offered by the little Mó, able to whiz through city traffic thanks to the 7 kW electric motor of power. Mounted on the rear wheel, the Mó engine can reach 9 kW as peak power, and reaches a maximum speed of 100 km / h in the driving mode called 'Sport', the one that unlocks the full power available. As we all know, electric motors are able to offer considerable torque, and the Mó is no exception: 240 Nm of torque at the wheel, with a shot from 0 to 50 km / h which is covered in 3.9 seconds, a fact that aligns the Mó with 300cc displacement scooters.| ); }

Seat Mó 125's equipment is sufficiently essential but functional: on the handlebar we find a digital display that gives us all the most important information about the vehicle's status, such as the charge left in the battery, the estimated range, the driving speed and the temperature of the battery pack - the display performs its function quite well, even if I personally found the display hard to read when hit by direct sun, I would have liked to have found a more readable solution in any situation.

Still on the handlebar, slightly hidden near the fingers of the left hand, we find a real gem: a small green button activates reverse gear, a function that we have rarely found on two-wheeled vehicles (and when we found it it was on a much more powerful and heavier electric motorcycle such as the Energica Eva EsseEsse 9 RS) which makes maneuvers in the strait much easier to perform. For safety reasons, reverse only works when the button is pressed and as soon as you let go the scooter moves forward again - an intelligent system that makes the Mó even more versatile.

There are no others special surprises on the handlebar, equipped with the classic controls dedicated to starting the engine (which makes a 'beep' to warn us that the drive is now active), the lights, the horn and the indicators; the latter are particularly annoying, because once activated they emit a sound that is very reminiscent of trucks reversing - good idea of ​​having sound arrows, bad sound chosen.

We now come to the Seat Mó 125's highlight, the battery: it is removable, as it is on many competing products, but in this case the battery is designed to be extracted directly from the left side of the scooter, and is equipped with practical wheels and a removable handle (like that of a trolley suitcase) for transport . The entire battery pack exceeds 40 kg in weight, but thanks to this solution it is easily transportable as long as you do not have to face many steps. To remove the battery, simply place the Mó on the central stand (it also has the side), open the saddle pad, release the battery using the dedicated release (which could be better indicated) and remove the battery from the side. Obviously, recharging can also take place with the battery still mounted, by opening the dedicated flap which is instead located on the right side of the scooter: it will take between 6 and 8 hours for a complete recharge via a home socket.

Aesthetically, the Seat Mó 125 is simple but modern, designed with an attractive line thanks to the round LED headlight that recalls the round LED integrated on the exposed side of the battery. The two-tone livery gives a dynamic and young note to the Mo, which on the streets of Milan has shown that it knows how to juggle traffic at its best, thanks to the low center of gravity offered by the battery positioned in the center of the scooter, as close to the ground as possible. >
The brakes do not shine but perform their function without problems; once they have learned how to make the most of regenerative braking they will still be used little, except when traveling in two. The suspensions can be improved, sufficient to drive safely but not excellent in absorbing the roughness of the city asphalt; the single rear shock absorber shows its limits when carrying a passenger.

Seat Mó 125 is available in Italy at the list price of € 6,750.

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