Stranger Things, all the doubts that the fourth season has left us

Stranger Things, all the doubts that the fourth season has left us

Stranger Things

ATTENTION: spoilers on the ending of Stranger Things

It is difficult to have finished the fourth season of Stranger Things, whose last two final episodes were released on Netflix on June 1st, and not to have left emotionally devastated. To contribute to the final effect not only two very long episodes (perhaps at times exhausting) and full of dramatic events, but above all an epilogue that leaves no way out and immediately projects the mind to what will happen in the next cycle of episodes. The fifth and final season will arrive in fact at least in a year but we are already thinking about what will happen to the Hawkins kids.

The balance of the most recent events is, in fact, rather bittersweet: Eleven and the others are somehow managed to stop Vecna, literally setting him on fire and leaving him seriously injured, but at the same time he managed to claim his fourth victim, Max (actually in a coma thanks to the rescue of Eleven) and to open the portal that leads to the Upside Down in our reality; after the first cataclysms, Will, Mike, Jonathan, Hopper and Joyce got together the others but the moments to celebrate were very few: in fact, the strange dust typical of the Upside down begins to fall on Hawkins, while nature begins to dry up and on the horizon the black clouds and red flashes typical of that damned dimension gather.

It is Will, in particular, who feels the foreboding of what is imminent. But what will happen in the new episodes? It's early to say but let's start making some assumptions:

Max's fate ... As we saw in the last images of episode nine, Max is in a coma that the doctors think irreversible: even Eleven, trying to get in touch with her friend's mind, finds herself in an empty and dark dimension, leaving a glimpse of nothing good. Yet it's hard for a character who has been so central this season to be dismissed so easily. There are those who think that Max will return, even if significantly changed: the blue eyes seen after Vecna's attack suggest that she may have been blinded, but there are also those who think that her experience has left important marks, perhaps also some useful power to defeat the threats of the Upside down.

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… and that of Will The eloquent precedent in this sense is precisely that of Will who, after being kidnapped in the first season, has somehow always remained connected to the "hive mind" of the Upside Down. Even in these last moments we see him deeply troubled by the imminent threat and it is likely that his role will be precisely to anticipate what Vecna's moves will be in the real world. There are also those who think that his "sensitivity" to dark forces could be dangerous, going so far as to manipulate him further, perhaps putting him behind the group. For Will there is also all the unspoken of this season: many dialogues and small gestures make us think that the boy is trying to accept and communicate his homosexuality. Will he finally succeed in the epilogue?

The enigmatic characters In every season the authors of Stranger Things enjoy introducing new characters, and in any case we know that the appearance of new figures is never completely random. Will that happen in the next few episodes too? Many are still convinced that the school psychologist, Miss Kelley, still has a role to clarify, while there are those who wonder what the role of Mrs. Wheeler, the mother of Nancy and Mike, will be portrayed in some of the latest posters but the whose time on stage has been rather limited lately: should we expect great news (or sacrifices) from him? The same can be said of Vickie, Robin's flame, who is also destined to join the group. And what about Eddie Mudson? His demise was one of the dramatic peaks of this epilogue, but as in the case of the evil Billy, he may return in some form. Or at least we hope so.

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The "dust" As we understood in the revelations of chapter nine, Vecna ​​- immediately after being catapulted into the Upside Down by Eleven - became an "explorer" and came across a mysterious dust that he himself subjugated and to which he gave the form of the Mind Flayer we know so much. In this way Vecna ​​has become the absolute master of the hive mind that dominates all the creatures of the Upside Down, from the Demogorgons to the others. However, it remains to be clarified what this powder is, what nature it is, if it has a will of its own and above all if at a certain point it is not itself that dominates Vecna ​​and not vice versa. Surely Season 5 will have to clarify these points.

In Russia Speaking of dust, we saw an offshoot of this dust creature in Russia, when Joyce and Hopper found it in the Soviet base. At a certain point this frees itself and seems to take refuge in the Demogorgons and Democans present in the base (but what is the use? If the dust is usually independent of these creatures?). Ass lives those unclean creatures, however it is probable that the dust has somehow survived and that further threats to the peace of our characters may come from Russia.

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A time jump There is another thing we can expect for the fifth season: a time jump. In some interviews during the release of season four the creators, the Duffer brothers, made it quite clear: "Given the speed at which our young protagonists are growing we will certainly have to take a leap in time," said Ross Duffer: "Ideally we should have shot seasons 4 and 5 one after the other, but it wasn't possible." There will therefore be a small leap into the future and this will probably start things in medias res: it is possible that we will see resistance to the world of the Upside down already underway, in a world already largely devastated by the dark forces of Vecna.

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